metalpark1986 Jeff Krulik and John Heyn brought us a video documentary about heavy metal fans, in a parking lot. Running at only fifteen minutes and filmed at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland on May 31 before a Judas Priest concert with Dokken opening. Bootlegged for years we finally have a DVD release here, a short running time it will supply you with hours of entertainment with great friends like Zebraman. Metal heads of the 80’s were a great group of people, slightly redneck, white trash, drunk or drugged up and always rocking the fashion of 1986 this has a large cult following for a reason. Can’t bring yourself to drop the money for a fifteen minute DVD? That’s ok; it’s got features that will make it worth your while. We’ve got outtakes, Commentary, Interviews, they go and seek out some of the metal fans that were in the original documentary and we’ve also got ‘sequels’ including, but limited to, Neil Diamond parking lot and monster truck parking lot. This also has a really cool feature, I guess it could be considered an interview, where they seek out one metal head and he just takes us to his basement and shows off his mega sweet metal collection. I highly recommend picking this up, you won’t regret it.

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