In 1996 there was a TV series called Neverwhere, later it was adapted into a book by Neil Gaiman. Gaiman had a hand in the series with the help of Lenny Henry and Director Dewi Humphreys. However this isn’t about the series, we’re looking at the book here. Here we follow Richard Mayhew, a normal average guy in London, he’s got a good job, a good apartment, and a fiancee. Then one day he comes across a girl named Door, she’s badly injured and is in need of help, from there his life is never the same again. He gets sucked into an entirely new world, the London Underground where he’s being chased by assassins, and running into con-men, monsters, angels and talking rats. All of this crazy fantasy world is centered around a murder mystery. It’s a pretty damn good read, I tore through this book pretty quickly, it grabs your attention and holds on until the end. If you’re into the fantasy/mystery thing or you’re just looking for something new you could do worse than reading this.

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