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Pam Grier is a well known sexy action star of the 70’s, and while Coffy wasn’t her first role it is probably the one she’s best known for. If a movie is going to be your big hit you could do much worse than having it be Coffy, this movie has everything a great 70’s flick needs. It’s got drugs, pimps, nudity, Pam walking around shooting people with a shotgun, it’s a brilliant mix. Coffy is a nurse whose younger sister gets involved in drugs on top of that a friend of hers is one of the good cops in the city, he gets brutally beaten because he won’t go on the take. Finally Coffy is fed up and decides to take matters into her own hands. One by one hunting down the dope pushers responsible and taking them out. It’s a goddamn brilliant revenge movie, this is required viewing for anyone that likes 70’s action movies. As you may expect it’s got a pretty fucking awesome soundtrack too.

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REVIEW: Foxy Brown

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Coffy was a pretty good success in 1973; the following year came a sequel, Foxy Brown. We’ve got Jack Hill as the returning writer and director and in our star role it is once again Pam Grier. Because the studio was afraid of being in the sequel business in the time it was made this isn’t ‘Coffy 2′, the names and title are different. But we’ve got the same dope pusher killing woman we all love back for some more revenge. This time around her own brother has her boyfriend killed for ratting out some bad dudes. So Foxy goes on her focused frenzy of revenge out to take down as many dealers as possible. While I do like Coffy more, Foxy Brown is not a movie to be missed. It’s got that same down and dirty mean streak that you’d associate with these movies and rates as ones of the best in the genre.

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