REVIEW: Young Adult

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Young Adult, the new movie Written by Diablo Cody (writer of Juno) and directed by Jason Reitman (Director of Juno and Thank You For Smoking). With these credentials, and the fact that it has Patton Oswalt it was a sure thing that I was going to see this movie. Little did I know that would not be the best use of my time. The movie centers around Mavis Gary (played by Charlize Theron), a woman that writes Young Adult books. Her life is pretty much a wreck; her career isn’t going much better than that. She’s a mess of a person that’s pretty much still acting like a dumb teenager. Her old boyfriend has a baby so of course she decides to go back to her home state to try and break up his marriage and get with him. Ninety percent of this movie is pretty painful to watch, it’s filled with such awkward scenes you want to turn away from the screen. And not like in that uncomfortable funny awkward, just that ‘ugh why am I watching this’ awkward. Basically the only people in the movie I didn’t hate were Matt (Patton Oswalt) and his sister Sandra (Collette Wolfe), the rest of them, ugh they could fall into the ocean and the world would be better off. Sandra doesn’t have much screen time in the movie, in fact I think she’s only seen four times, and three of them being for less than a minute. Matt however has a decent amount of screen time, which is good because he’s really the only semi-saving grace of the film. Almost every scene with Matt is a great one, Patton Oswalt really is not only a great comedian but a great actor and it shows here. Plus on a nerd side of things every scene he’s in is like a nerdgasum of ‘spot the cool things in the background’. From the punk band shirts and stickers to the comic posters and figures I kind of feel like they told Patton to just show up in whatever he was wearing and they went and filmed in his real house. I know I felt a connection with this sad bitter nerdy drunken person. Let’s get a spinoff show of him and forget the rest of the movie.

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Releases worth getting Jan 12, 2010



Big Fan
Billy Jack [Blu-ray]
The Simpsons: The Complete Twentieth Season


Charlie Parker: Complete Royal Roost Live Recordings On Savoy Vol 4
Bo Diddley: Have Guitar Will Tour (Slim)
Van Morrison: T.B. Sheets (Original Recording Remastered)
Doom: Gazzillion Ear (Vinyl)
Uncle Tupelo: Anodyne (Vinyl LP)

REVIEW: Observe and Report

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observereportWriter and director Jody Hill, known most recently for the series Eastbound & Down brings us a cop-ish movie starring Seth Rogen, whom we all know from almost every funny movie in the past two years. We’ve also got a couple of cameo appearances by Danny McBride and Patton Oswalt. Seth Rogen is the head of security at a local mall, a pervert flasher is running lose, mall security is trying to handle the situation but the real police are eventually called in and the two do not work well together. Throughout this we find that Seth not actually wanted to be a police officer instead of a mall security guard but he is also bipolar. This combination provides for some strange and sometimes straight up mean comedy, this I am a fan of. During much of the movie the audience I saw this with sat silent or horrified while me and a few others laughed heartily. This movie is hilarious but don’t plan on taking your kids and expecting them not to have a lot of questions about it. However if you found yourself laughing at Robin Williams wheedling a knife and yelling “PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH” in One Hour Photo you can buy your ticket to Observe and Report with no reservations.

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