Tours Dates: Frank Turner, Candy Hearts, Wringer, Night Birds, Rational Anthem

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Frank Turner
MAY 27 Higher Ground Burlington, VT
MAY 30 Bijou Theatre Knoxville, TN
JUNE 01 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC
JUNE 02 The Music Farm Charleston, SC
JUNE 04 9:30 Club Washington, DC
Candy Hearts
March 28 Greensboro, NC Greene Street Club
March 29 Vienna, VA Jammin’ Java
March 30 Lancaster, PA Chameleon Club
April 1 Hamden, CT The Space
April 2 Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall
April 3 New York, NY Highland Ballroom
April 4 Clifton Park, NY Upstate Concert Hall
April 5 Haverhill, MA Anchors Up

April 17th Bowling Green, OH
April 18th Lansing, MI
April 19th Chicago, IL
April 20th Eau Claire, WI
April 21st Minneapolis, MN
April 22nd Iowa City, IA
April 23rd Champaign, IL

Night Birds
Wed. May 21st
Sacramento, CA
@ The Blue Lamp
(1400Alhambra Blvd)
8pm / $10 Presale at / $12 @ the door
Thu. May 22nd
San Francisco, CA
@ Fat Warehouse (EARLY SHOW)
(2196 Palou Ave)

Thu. May 22nd
San Francisco, CA
@ Thee Parkside
(1600 17th Ave)
9PM / $13
Fri. May 23rd
Santa Ana, CA
@ The Observatory
(3503 S. Harbor Ave)
7PM / $25
Sat. May 24th
Las Vegas, NV
@ Country Saloon
Sun. May 25th
Los Angeles, CA
@ E7th
7PM / $8

Rational Anthem

Alright punkers, here are the tentative dates of our summer tour. If you wanna help us out and book one of these you can hit us up on the ol Facebook or
15 Iowa City IA
16 Chicago IL
17 Ft. Wayne IN
18 Columbus OH
19 Cleveland OH
20 Rochester NY
21 Boston MA
22 NYC
23 NYC
24 New Brunswick NJ
25 Atlantic City NJ
26 Philadelphia PA
27Baltimore MD
28 Richmond VA
29 Huntington WV
30 Cincinnati OH
1 Indianapolis IN
2 Dekalb IL
3 Madison WI
4 Cedar Falls IA
5 Kansas City MO
6 Denver CO
7 Green River WY
8 Boise ID
9 Seattle WA
10 Olympia WA
11 Portland OR
12 OFF
13 San Francisco CA
14 Oakland CA
15 Los Angeles CA
16 San Pedro CA
17 Riverside CA
18 San Diego CA
19 Pomona Ca @ VLHS
20 Phoenix AZ
21 Flag Staff AZ
22 Albuquerque NM
23 Las Cruces NM
24 OFF
25 San Antonio TX
26 Austin TX
27 Denton TX
28 Dallas TX
29 Huston TX
30 New Orleans LA
31 Tallahassee FL
1 Atlanta GA
2 Chattanooga TN
3 Nashville TN
4 Carbondale IL
5 St. Louis MO
6 Iowa City IA

SHOWS I SEEN: BraceFace/Beatnik Termites/The Dewtons/Trashkanistan (last show!) – March 7, 2014 – The Sidebar – Baltimore, MD

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The Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
Friday, March 7, 2014

This is being written while still covered in beer and sweat and the hangover starting to set in. All thanks to the following:

Trashkanistan – Possibly the most fun band Baltimore has to offer…and now they’re gone. If you say you didn’t have fun seeing Trashkanistan at any point, my only guess would be that you were in a coma at that time. Though even in a coma I’d have to assume you’d have a blast seeing this band. Always fun beyond expectations with a song catalog that’s pretty much hit after hit they went out there for their last show and again showed how great of a band they are/were. This is the most fun I’ve had since Insub Fest, it was a fucking blast. If you missed this set tonight you missed an incredible time. I’ll miss this band a bunch but if you’ve gotta go it may as well be after a set like this.

The Dewtons – The Dewtons are always pretty fun to see. They’re not my favorite band but they’ve got some good songs and always a lot of energy so I guess really there’s not much more you can ask from a band.

Beatnik Termites – It was really fucking weird seeing a basically completely new lineup from Beatnik Termites. The only one I recognize now is Pat. But that’s not too bad because they still sound great. It’s always fun seeing the Beatnik Termites, and if I ever say different punch me in the face.

BraceFace – I’ve seen BraceFace a bunch of times. They’re one of the better Baltimore bands and they’re really fucking good. And even with that this was still one of; if not the best time I’ve seen them. Their songs are great and they put on a fun show, there’s not much more you can ask for. Though I guess if you’re going to be a jerk and demand more, there’s always th

Wringer Tour Dates

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March 10th – Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn w/The Shell Corporation, The Involuntarys, Greg Rekus

March 20th – Bloomington, IN @ Rhino’s(Club Cool) w/The Half Truths(TX), Choke Up(MA), Lee Corey Oswald(OR)
March 21st – Columbus, OH @ The 15th House w/Easy Pieces
March 22nd – Cleveland, OH @ The Dag House w/Ultra Ultra
April 17 – Bowling Green, OH @ BLV House w/Shitty Neighbors
April 18 – Lansing MI @ TBA
April 19 – Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen w/Costanza, Two Houses, Brickfight
April 20 – Eau Claire, WI @ Glassworks Playhouse w/Arms Aloft
April 21 – Minneapolis, MN @ Memory Lanes w/Arms Aloft (Maybe?)
April 22 – Iowa City, IA @ TBA
April 23 – Champaign, IL @ Thee Deathtower
May 1st – Greenville, SC @ The Radio Room
May 2nd – Durham, NC @ DTFH Fest IV
May 3rd – Durham, NC @ DTFH Fest IV
May 4th – HELP! VA or anywhere really
May 5th – Newark, DE @ TBA w/The Headies
May 6th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project
June 19th – Bloomington, IN @ Rhino’s Plan-It X Fest Pre-show w/Martin

REVIEW: Isotopes: The First Four Seasons

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CoverDo you listen to the best baseball themed band of all time? Have you been meaning to check the Isotopes out but haven’t had a chance yet? Have you never heard of the Isotopes but like Baseball and punk? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you’re in luck! Isotopes have released ‘The First Four Seasons’ it’s a compilation of the Isotopes first four EPs (all of which are not out of print) plus some unreleased tracks, oh and they’re all remastered! This is the perfect collection for anyone worth a damn. Its sixteen great punk songs about baseball, what more can a person ask for? I love the Isotopes, and you should to. If you haven’t already purchased The First Four Season you should right now! Isotopes are Hall of Fame bound for sure!

1. Heatseeker
2. Operation: Vamos
3. Ballad Of Rey Ordonez
4. Just To Bring You Home
5. Around The Horn
6. Rule 21
7. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
8. You Gotta Freeze
9. Suicide Squeeze
10. Poison In The Clubhouse
11. Infield Fly
12. Goodnight Havana
13. First Day Of Spring Training
14. Tigerblood
15. Suicide Squeeze (Previously Unreleased Version)
16. Curse Of Jim Eisenreich

Get it from The Isotopes HERE

REVIEW: Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All

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FILMAGE_movie_coverOne of my personally most anticipated documentaries of all time, Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All. If you haven’t guessed by the title it’s the story of the bands Descendents and ALL. Deedle Lacour and Matt Riggle decided this was something that needed to be documented, and it seems everyone has agreed with them. It’s got a great cast of interviewees including Bill Stevenson, Milo Auckerman, Karl Alvarez, Stephen Egerton, Tony Lombardo, Frank Navetta, Doug Carrion, Ray Cooper, Dave Smalley, Scott Reynolds, Chad Price, David Grohl, Keith Morris, Greg Graffin, and Joey Cape just to name a few. It goes pretty in depth with everything, it covers before the bands were formed, how they were formed, the different eras and into present day. It also focuses on each member for a good amount of time. Even if you know a lot about both of these bands you’re still going to come out of this having learned much more. This is a brilliantly done documentary that covers just about everything you could want it to. This is one of the best music documentaries I’ve ever seen. If you’re a fan of the Descendents, ALL or just punk rock or music in general Filmage needs to be on your ‘to see’ list.

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