REVIEW: Old Wives/The Blendours

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CoverEccentric Pop Records bring us all this great split from Old Wives and The Blendours two great bands that don’t have a ton of stuff out there yet. This is a prefect split for the two of them; hopefully soon you’ll be hearing way more of both bands. The Blendours side is super-fast and poppy. Basically I imagine this is what a sugar rush would sound like if it was recorded in music form. It reminds me of a lot of the really good pop punk bands from the 90’s too. The Old Wives is insanely early Green Day sounding, you might thing Lookout Records had a hand in this one after listening to that side. Every single song is really fucking good. The first song ‘The Grown Up, The Fuck Up’ is worth the price of the record alone. Make sure you hit up Eccentric Pop Records or one of the bands to get this record as soon as you can.

The Blendours
1. Molly E.
2. Artifical Meat
3. B-L-E-N-D-O-U-R-S
4. Teenage Drag Queen
5. Johnny’s Goin’ Nuts
6. Blind Date
7. Hump Me to Sleep
8. Paralyzed
9. I Hope You Die

Old Wives
10. The Grown Up, The Fuck Up
11. Sucks To Grow Up
12. Here We Go Again
13. Squash That Bug
14. Its All Over Here
15. Better Without Me

Get it from Eccentric Pop Records HERE

REVIEW: Wringer: Bullfighter

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CoverWringer is here with their first album, and what a debut it is. This is the best debut album that I’ve heard in quite some time. I knew this band was good, I even said when they finally release an album it’s going to be great, but I didn’t expect this. This is definitely one of the best albums to come out this year, and this year has had some ridiculously good albums come out. If you like pop punk and you haven’t listened to Bullfighter you are really fucking up. Right from the first few seconds of the album you can hear that this is going to be something special. It’s not the longest album (only nine songs) but they make them all count. If you like pop punk, there’s really no excuse for not having this album.

1. ¡Encierro!
2. Hello, Nurse!
3. Mammoth Cave pt. II
4. American Grandstand
5. Never, Again
6. Closed Book
7. Blue & Black
8. 15 Minutes In Denton
9. Eazy-E Had Nights Like This

Get it from Wringer HERE

Get it from Smellhound Records HERE

REVIEW: Masked Intruder: Under The Mistletoe

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CoverEveryone’s favorite criminal band Masked Intruder spread some Christmas cheer by releasing a holiday 7″ record. It’s just two songs but as you can guess they’re great ones. ‘Under The Mistletoe’ is your standard pop punk theme of being oh so lonely, it’s a pretty good one but not their best. The second ‘Silent Night’ isn’t the cover that I (and I assume most other people) were expecting, though it will bring the famous song to mind. This one however is a big improvement on its counterpart with the same name. Masked Intruder has come for Christmas with one decent song and one really good one, I recommend you pick it up or they’ll break in and steal your money anyway, you may as well get something for it. And if that isn’t enough, it’s another great cover by Liz Prince!

1. Under The Mistletoe
2. Silent Night

REVIEW: The Last Chucks/The Evil Eye

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conjoined-cover-hiresI wasn’t sure until not long ago if The Last Chucks were still a band, they had one awesome album then that was the last I’d heard of them. Luckily Diner Junkie records read my mind and put out a split. I say split but it’s actually called ‘Conjoined’, I guess they wanted a unity thing going on for these tunes. The band on the other side, ‘The Evil Eye, I hadn’t heard but I’m always up for hearing new stuff. Both of The Evil Eye’s songs are fucking great. They sound kind of like Weezer at their peak if you slowed them down. Their second song is a lot more power pop than the first one, though I do think I like the first one better. It doesn’t really matter though because both of them are top notch, I’ll be searching for more stuff from this band as soon as I get done writing this. As for The Last Chucks they released ‘Zombie High’ about ten years ago, and I believe this is the only follow up to that album. While I’d be lying if I said these songs were what I expected The Last Chucks songs to sound like, or if I said they’re as good as the ‘Zombie High’ stuff, it’d also be a lie to say I’m not into them. Basically these two songs are much slower than I expected, and really must less generic pop punk sounding than I expected. In some people’s eyes that’s a great thing, in others it’s not, I’m going to go somewhere in the middle. If you heard these it’s a sure thing that they won’t sound like the other two hundred pop punk bands you’ve listened to this week, but no one is going to be moshing to these tunes either. Two good, though not great songs from The Last Chucks and two really good songs from The Evil Eye make up one great split that is shooting high up on my top list for the year.

The Evil Eye:
1. Vicious Circle
2. This Will Never Last

The Last Chucks:
3. Sentimental Drunks
4. Someone To Bring You Light

Get it from Diner Junkie Records HERE

REVIEW: The Quarantines/Trashkanistan

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a1262457248_2One of the splits that I was looking forward to this year is the one between two great Baltimore bands The Quarantines and Trashkanistan. Sadly The Quarantines are breaking up and it looks like Trashkanistan is going to be a mostly inactive band. But I guess if you’ve got out you may as well put out another great release while you can. The Quarantines start this with ‘Robot Girl’ a song that was on one of their other EP’s, but it’s also one of their best songs. Though this does seem to be a re-recorded or a live version. Their other song is a cover of the Lillingtons’ ‘Robots in my Dreams’, not only is it a great cover but it fits right in as a Quarantines song. If I wasn’t a Lillingtons fan I would have never guessed it was a cover. Trashkanistan’s side has three songs, first is ‘Lexington’ and it’s fucking great. Following that is ‘Time & Date’ which is possibly better than their first song, I’m so bummed Trashkanistan is kinda but not really breaking up because I’d love to be singing along to this one at their shows. This is one of my favorite Trashkanistan songs now. Finally they’ve got ‘Milly’ a really good song, though it took a little bit to grow on me, it’s a solid ender.

The Quarantines:
1. Robot Girl
2. Robots in My Dreams (Lillingtons)

1. Lexington
2. Time & Date
3. Milly

Get it from The Quarantines HERE

REVIEW: The Capitalist Kids/Tight Bros

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TOX20largeToxic Pop Records brings us this great split between to incredible newer pop punk bands. First up is the Capitalist Kids with two of their songs and a cover. Their two songs are fast catchy and just all around great. Pretty much the stuff we’ve come to expect from this band. The third song is a Bee Gees cover. I’ve never been a big Bee Gees fan but their version of this song is pretty good. Tight Bros don’t waste any time with their side, they’re kicking ass right out of the gate with ‘Little Bird’ which is just as good as if not better than anything on their incredible LP. Their second song ‘Markers’ as a bit of a weird flow to it but it’s still really great, it fits them perfectly, with other bands they might have been able to pull that one off. And just when you think they’re done Tight Bros finishes you off with ‘Relocate Me’ a song which is almost as good as ‘Little Bird’. Their side of the record is simply incredible. I like Capitalist Kids a lot and their side is great, but Tight Bros simply owns this split. I recommend you pick it up as soon as possible.

The Capitalist Kids
1. Special Looks
2. What Have You Got To Hide
3. Claustrophobia (Bee Gees)

Tight Bros
4. Little Bird
5. Markers
6. Relocate Me

Get it from Toxic Pop Records HERE

SHOWS I SEEN: Teenage Bottlerocket/The Queers/Masked Intruder/Whiff– March 1st 2013 – The Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD

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The Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD
Friday, March 1st, 2012

Teenage Bottlerocket - Teenage Bottlerocket is a band I’ve seen a bunch now too, I was surprised they were headlining over the Queers but I guess they’re switching off on this tour. Their set was one of the best ones I’ve seen from them in a while too. They played some Lillingtons stuff and that SACK song that they covered (Headbanger) so I was pretty happy with the set.

The Queers - I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the Queers sets during this tour basically saying they’re not very good. I’m not sure what the hell those people are talking about because the Queers were great on this night. I’ve seen the Queers a ton of times now and this was in the top part of that list, their set was the most fun I had the entire night.

Masked Intruder - This was my first time seeing Masked Intruder, I’ve been listening to their stuff since it first came out. They were pretty good, it was a really fun set, and they even had their parole officer with them. There was sadly no ‘Heart Shaped Guitar’ but even without that it was a real good set.

Whiff - I’ve seen Whiff a good number of times now, they’re a local band and they’re pretty fucking great. It’s apparent that they just keep getting better and better because this may have been the best Whiff set I’ve seen yet. I really want these guys to release an album because I’ve listened to the 7″ they have out a ton already and need more. Musically Whiff’s set may have

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