REVIEW: The Punchlines: It Ain’t Funny

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CoverSomewhere between stand-up comedy and pop punk band there is The Punchlines. Members of The Strait A’s/The Turkletons they got jokes and jokes and jokes. This 7″ has ten “songs” none of which I think are over a minute. They’re pretty much just one liners and simple jokes turned into songs. I’m not sure if you’d go and call this a gimmick band but if you want to I’ll allow it. The most important thing is that everything on here is pretty great. I can see how some soulless people may not be into this but as a fan of jokes and pop punk I’m totally down with this record. It’s out on Bloated Kat Records, as if any pop punk 7″ wouldn’t be. Go buy it; it’s cheaper than going to a comedy club, though there may still be a two drink minimum.

1. About Halfway
2. The Bartender Gives It To Her
3. Brooklyn, They’re Everywhere
4. None
5. He Turned His Car Into a Driveway
6. Make Me One With Everything
7. 40 Dollars (Why Do You Need 30 Dollars?) (Here’s Your 20 Dollars)
8. They Do It Together (But I Don’t Know How They Get Inside)
9. Scottie Poopin
10. Why The Big Pause?

Get it from Bloated Kat Records HERE

REVIEW: Candy Hearts: Miles & Interstates

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CoverCandy Hearts went big time and have joined Bridge Nine Records, for some reason B9 seems to be signing a number of pop punk bands recently, at least they’ve got some good taste. Miles & Interstates isn’t only a Bridge Nine endeavor though; Violently Happy Records also has a hand in this one. None of that should influence your decision to buy the record though; all that really matters is if you like the Candy Hearts. I’d be a little confused if your answer to that was no because they’ve got it all going, catchy great songs that you can listen to a thousand times and not get sick of them. Miles & Interstates is another example of that especially since this has the same song twice (basically). First we’ve got ‘Miles & Interstates’ you’re standard incredible catchy Candy Hearts song, it’s really fucking good guys. Then we get the acoustic version of ‘Miles & Interstates’ it’s also a really great version but after hearing the full band version it really sounds like it’s missing something. Still, it seems like all Candy Hearts songs would translate to acoustic very well and this is just an example of that. Finally closing out the short EP the band covers a Descendents song ‘Nothing With You’, the Descendents cover was a bit of a shock; honestly I expected it to be way better. It’s (mostly) acoustic and it’s pretty good but I was expecting some greatness, still it came out alright. Overall the Miles & Interstates EP is pretty good, personally I’d recommend listening to it backwards (B side first) because the normal version of Miles and Interstates is the best song by far on here but all of it is pretty solid.

1. Miles and Interstates
2. Miles and Interstates (Acoustic)
3. Nothing With You (Descendents Cover)

Get it from Candy Hearts HERE

Get it from Bridge Nine Records HERE

REVIEW: Old Wives/The Blendours

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CoverEccentric Pop Records bring us all this great split from Old Wives and The Blendours two great bands that don’t have a ton of stuff out there yet. This is a prefect split for the two of them; hopefully soon you’ll be hearing way more of both bands. The Blendours side is super-fast and poppy. Basically I imagine this is what a sugar rush would sound like if it was recorded in music form. It reminds me of a lot of the really good pop punk bands from the 90’s too. The Old Wives is insanely early Green Day sounding, you might thing Lookout Records had a hand in this one after listening to that side. Every single song is really fucking good. The first song ‘The Grown Up, The Fuck Up’ is worth the price of the record alone. Make sure you hit up Eccentric Pop Records or one of the bands to get this record as soon as you can.

The Blendours
1. Molly E.
2. Artifical Meat
3. B-L-E-N-D-O-U-R-S
4. Teenage Drag Queen
5. Johnny’s Goin’ Nuts
6. Blind Date
7. Hump Me to Sleep
8. Paralyzed
9. I Hope You Die

Old Wives
10. The Grown Up, The Fuck Up
11. Sucks To Grow Up
12. Here We Go Again
13. Squash That Bug
14. Its All Over Here
15. Better Without Me

Get it from Eccentric Pop Records HERE

REVIEW: Wringer: Bullfighter

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CoverWringer is here with their first album, and what a debut it is. This is the best debut album that I’ve heard in quite some time. I knew this band was good, I even said when they finally release an album it’s going to be great, but I didn’t expect this. This is definitely one of the best albums to come out this year, and this year has had some ridiculously good albums come out. If you like pop punk and you haven’t listened to Bullfighter you are really fucking up. Right from the first few seconds of the album you can hear that this is going to be something special. It’s not the longest album (only nine songs) but they make them all count. If you like pop punk, there’s really no excuse for not having this album.

1. ¡Encierro!
2. Hello, Nurse!
3. Mammoth Cave pt. II
4. American Grandstand
5. Never, Again
6. Closed Book
7. Blue & Black
8. 15 Minutes In Denton
9. Eazy-E Had Nights Like This

Get it from Wringer HERE

Get it from Smellhound Records HERE

REVIEW: Masked Intruder: Under The Mistletoe

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CoverEveryone’s favorite criminal band Masked Intruder spread some Christmas cheer by releasing a holiday 7″ record. It’s just two songs but as you can guess they’re great ones. ‘Under The Mistletoe’ is your standard pop punk theme of being oh so lonely, it’s a pretty good one but not their best. The second ‘Silent Night’ isn’t the cover that I (and I assume most other people) were expecting, though it will bring the famous song to mind. This one however is a big improvement on its counterpart with the same name. Masked Intruder has come for Christmas with one decent song and one really good one, I recommend you pick it up or they’ll break in and steal your money anyway, you may as well get something for it. And if that isn’t enough, it’s another great cover by Liz Prince!

1. Under The Mistletoe
2. Silent Night

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