Night Birds Tour Dates

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8/21 – Trenton, NJ @ Millhill Basement w/ IRON REAGAN
9/5 – Philly, PA @ Union Transfer w/ BUZZCOCKS
9/20 – Lancaster, PA @ ABAG w/ WHIFF, TIGHT FITS
10/4 – Balt, MD @ Ottobar (U+N Fest) w/ SCREAMING FEMALES
*10/18 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes w/ AGENT ORANGE
10/30 – Tampa, FL @ Orpheum (PRE FEST) w/ LESS THAN JAKE
10/31 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest
*11/1 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest

* = All surf instrumental set, AKA, KILLER WAVES set.

Wringer Tour Dates

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July 28th – Bloomington, IN @ Kim and Alison’s basement w/ DIRECT HIT!,Guerilla Poubelle,Tiny Teeth
August 4th – TBA Anywhere between Bloomington and New Jersey(Shoot us messages ya’ll)
August 5th – Trenton, NJ @ Millhill
August 6th – Brooklyn, NY @ TBA
August 7th – Coram, NY @  O’Brien’s w/Warm Needles & more
August 8th – Boston, MA @ O’Briens Pub w/The New Warden
August 9th – Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar w/ The Headies, Dewtons, + Way more
August 10th – Columbus, OH @ Bourbon St
August 13 – Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop

REVIEW: Temporal Sluts/The Leeches: Shitville Confidential

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sluts-leechesTemporal Sluts and The Leeches have teamed up for a split release on One Chord Wonder Records. Both of these bands are ones that I’m not familiar with coming into this. Temporal Sluts throws three fast punk songs at you. They’re a band that play the type of stuff that everyone that’s old probably now says they listened to in high school. The Leeches side is some more straight up punk rock but they’ve got more of a snotty attitude to go with it. The Leeches last two songs ‘Who Do You Think We Are?’ and ‘You Drink Too Much’ are the best on the record. I didn’t care for ‘Who Do You Think We Are?’ at first but by the midway point of the song it had won me over. And ‘You Drink Too Much’ like one of those skate bands from the 90’s where the songs are just fast and catchy.




Temporal Sluts:

1. No Go Condition

2. This Is Rock’n’Roll

3. Dead People Are Dead

The Leeches:

4. Here For The Tricks

5. Who Do You Think We Are?a

6. You Drink Too Much

Get it from One Chord Wonder Records HERE

REVIEW: Beach Slang: Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?

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Beach SlangEvery few years there seems to be the new band that everybody loses their minds over. This year there seems to be two bands doing that, Earth Girls and Beach Slang. Both great bands and seem to have the stuff to be around. But this is clearly about Beach Slang so let’s talk about them. If you like Mega City Four, Jawbreaker or Superchunk you should be listening to Beach Slang. It’s as simple as that. They’ve got all the great power pop/punk/rock mix that makes those bands great and they do it just as well themselves. Beach Slang isn’t some carbon copy Xerox band though; they’ve got their own thing going. In a time where everybody posts what they’re jamming to on Facebook it’s pretty evident that Beach Slang is a hit, either that or I just hang out with people that have impeccable taste because just about everyone seems to be rocking this band. When you hear one or two people talking up a band you might check it out but Beach Slang seem to be growing a nice little following in a very short period of time and I’ll say that these people know what the fuck is up. This is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard this year and it still gets pretty constant rotation. It’s the kind of record where you get bummed that it’s only four songs, but then it’s cool because you realize you can just listen to it on repeat. Don’t sleep on this one or you’ll miss out on some great stuff.

1. Filthy Luck
2. Kids
3. Get Lost
4. Punk Or Lust

Get it from Dead Broke Rekords HERE

Get it from Drunken Sailor Records HERE

Top Music the first half of 2014

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Top 10 Albums – First half of 2014:

1. Rational Anthem: Emotinally Unavaiable
2. BraceFace: BraceFace
3. Candy Hearts: All The Ways You Let Me Down
4. Now People: Love, Sex, Death & the Weather
5. Zero Boys: Monkey
6. Caffiends: S/T
7. Unwelcome Guests: Wavering
8. Johnny Cash: Out Among The Stars
9. Exmortus: Slave to the Sword
10. Banner Pilot: Souvenir
Top 10 EPs – First half of 2014:

1. The Turkletons: Fur Frontal
2. Neighborhood Brats: Total Dementia
3. Beach Slang: Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?
4. Unfun: Shores of Lake Erie
5. The Sci-Fi Nightmares: Hold On To Your Heart
6. Maiden Mars: Goth Through This EP
7. Invitational: Composite
8. Night Birds: Monster Surf
9. Clint Maul: Sow EP
10. Iron Reagan: Spoiled Identity ep

Best split (hasn’t been many yet) – First half of 2014:

1. Trashkanistan/The Quarantines

Top 5 Demos – First half of 2014:

1. Lucifer’s Hammer: Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXIII)
2. The Rushmore Inciodent: Demo 2014
3. Earth Girls: Demo 2014
4. SLEEVES: Sex is Stupid
5. Fucko: Demo

SHOWS I SEEN: Mean Jeans – June 8th 2012 – Golden West Cafe – Baltimore, MD

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Golden West Cafe – Baltimore, MD
June 8th, 2012
Mean Jeans Golden West
I came to this show for two reasons, first, The Firecrackers. And second, to check out some of the bands playing Insub Fest that I hadn’t seen before. It turned out to be a great night. With a whole lot of new great bands.

The Shirks – I like The Shirks and I’ve seen them a few times, they’ve been great every time but tonight they were just off. They weren’t bad, they sounded fun but they just didn’t seem to have that energy they normally do.
Murder – The band was admittedly a little drunk, but that’s ok because that appears to just be party fuel for this band. They always bring it live and this might have been the best Murder set I’ve seen.
Hollywood – I missed the Hollywood set.
Mean Jeans – Second time I’ve seen Mean Jeans and they totally destroyed it. It was fun as hell, I thought the floor was going to break through there were so many people jumping around. There was a few minutes of down time with a broken guitar but that didn’t stop the fun. Pretty early in the set I was covered in beer and sweat and it stayed that way the rest of the night. It was one of the most fun times I’ve had in a while.

SHOWS I SEEN: BLANK – 20th Anniversary Show!!! – April 28 2012 – The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

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The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
Saturday, April 28, 2012


BLANK – 20th Anniversary Show!!!

Baltimore has a lot of great bands going today, but for me the foundation that Baltimore had great bands started with Cross My Heart, and Blank, two great bands featuring Ryan Shelkett. These were the first bands that really opened my eyes to the fact that Baltimore has great local talent. Many bands quickly followed but I think things would be very different for me if I hadn’t started listening to stuff like this when I did. I never got to see Blank, they were a little before my show going time so I was really excited at this second chance on the band’s 20th anniversary.

Office of Future Plans - I started to get worried when I saw the band setting up with a cello, and honestly I wasn’t really into the first song. But it didn’t take long for this band to win me over; the second song was great along with almost all of the rest of their set. I hope to be seeing more of these guys.
Murder – I’ve seen Murder a couple times now, they’re locals with a real hard edge and they pull it off really well. This band has so much power when they play you don’t have a choice except to enjoy it.
Blank - My first, and I assume only time seeing Blank was pretty great. I don’t know how much they practiced leading up to this but they sounded phenomenal. I couldn’t have asked for a better set, they had lots of energy, they were pretty tight and it was a great set list. They played for a pretty good amount of time but I could have stayed and watched that set all night. Unfortunately I can’t recommend seeing them because you won’t get a chance to, but if you like melodic poppy punk do yourself a giant favor and check out Blank. They still hold up many years later.

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