REVIEW: What Happened?: This Is Our Life

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CoverAnother great John Wilkes Booth Records release, this one took me totally by surprise I basically bought it because John Wilkes Booth has a pretty good track record for their releases what I got pretty much just blew me away. ‘This Is Our Life’ is an incredible pop punk EP with five great songs, more than a few of which remind me of Jawbreaker, but with more pop injected into them. These songs just get better and better as you go on, except for maybe the first track because that’s just the best one on here. If you like pop punk in the vein of Jawbreaker don’t fuck up and miss out on this one.

1. My Favorite Sound
2. Reading
3. I Trusted Andy Koufman
4. Every Jacket Is Two Jackets
5. Gamorrean Guards

REVIEW: Tiny Fighting Trees: Bath Salts

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CoverTiny Fighting Trees is now on Hiatus but before they left they dropped this EP, and it’s quite excellent. The band released and album not long ago, it was really good but this EP is head and shoulders above it. It’s got a sound that’s a combination pop punk and 90’s punk. The first song ‘Those Skull Bong Rules Earth! Punks Are Mysterious’ isn’t even a minute long but it gets stuck in my head all the time. The second song ‘Hey, Butthole!’ is maybe the true gem of the EP, this song alone makes me really bummed that the band is calling it quits, but hopefully that’s just a ‘for now’ deal. ‘Apologies to Plow United’ there’s no mistaking where some of the band’s influences come from; they do an ace job of nailing it too. The last song ‘Puke Angel Pt. 4′ ends it a little bit weak but it’s still a pretty good song, it just doesn’t quite hit the heights of the rest of this thing. If you like the 90’s punk/pop punk check out the ‘Bath Salts’ EP, you can snag it from their bandcamp.




  1. Those Skull Bong Rules Earth! Punks Are Mysterious
  2. Hey, Butthole!
  3. Apologies to Plow United
  4. Puke Angel Pt. 4

Get it from Tiny Fighting Trees HERE

REVIEW: Not Yet!: It’s A Small World, Alcohol

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CoverThis is Not Yet!’s first release, and it’s a pretty damn impressive one. You get pop punk in the vein of Rational Anthem, Dear Landlord and Off With Their Heads. The only bad thing I can say about this is its only four songs, way less than I want. Every one of these songs are great, they’re written well and played just as good. The man behind the band Jose, is a pretty great dude and I think it really comes through listening to these songs. I’d already rank Not Yet! up pretty high on the list of currently running pop punk bands, and as you may know that’s a tough list to get highly ranked on. You can get the CD from SP Records and if you’re a sick fuck that likes tapes John Wilkes Booth Records has them too. If you like pop punk such as the above mentioned bands then don’t sleep on Not Yet!

1. East Bay Breeze
2. Pointless
3. Cincinnati Agony
4. Westbound Sign

Get it from Not Yet! HERE

REVIEW: V/A: Sea Creatures No. 1

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sea_creaturesThis is the first compilation/four band split 7″ in a series from Merman Records. If the first volume is a good indication this should be a great series, however this did come out a while ago and I haven’t seen a second one, hopefully we get one soon. We’ve got bands from all over here New Brunswick and Toronto are represented on Side A, LA and the Windy City on the B. Before we even start on the music that’s in this thing you’re going to notice the cover, it’s pretty great artwork done by I fucking love the cover art for this. Two of these bands I’m real familiar with, the other two, not so much. The first one is one I know well, Fear of Lipstick they’ve got a fast catchy song pop punk that I think is the best one on this thing. The Roman Line is a band I hadn’t listened to too much of, this song is really good though. It reminds me of the Slow Death a little bit. Regal Beagle is the other band on here I know well, very Queers/Ramones type surf pop punk stuff. This song is no exception; it’s a surf pop party song, a lot of fun and pretty great. And closing out is The Neutron Bombs, a band that I don’t think I’d ever even heard before. They sound like a band that’s been around way longer than they have, like someone that should be touring with The Damned. The song they have on here is pretty decent, it’s my least favorite on this thing but it’s still really good. So through and through you’ve got four really great songs for one small price with a great package, you really can’t go wrong with this thing.




Side A

  1. Fear of Lipstick – Did Ya Know?
  2. The Roman Line – Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease


Side B

  1. Regal Beagle – Party Again
  2. The Neutron Bombs – Not Listening

Get it from Merman Records HERE

Rational Anthem: Spooky Ghost Ectoplasm Tour!

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Touring to Fest and back with The Murderburgers! Most of these dates are in the works, and we’ll post the info as we get it!
15 Minneapolis MN – @ Charlie Siren House

16 Madison WI

17 Chicago IL – @ Township

18 Bloomington IN – @ Wash-Out

19 Cincinnati OH

20 Columbus OH – @ Carabar

21 NYC – @ Tobacco Road

22 NYC – TBA

23 Philladelphia PA – @ Creep Records

24 Baltimore MD – @ Sidebar

25 Richmond VA

26 NC

27 Atlanta GA

28 Tallahassee FL

29 Tampa FL – Ybor Pre Fest2 @ New World Brewery 6:00PM (Rational Anthem)

30 Tampa FL – Ybor Pre Fest2 @ New World Brewery 8:30PM (The Murderburgers)

31 Gainesville / FEST13

1 Gainesville / FEST13 @ Durty Nelly’s 3:00PM (Rational Anthem)

2 Gainesville / FEST13 @ Loosey’s 1:00AM (The Murderburgers)

3 Sarasota FL

4 Sarasota FL

5 Orlando FL @ The Peacock Room

6 St.Augustine FL @ Nobby’s

7 Athens GA @ Caledonia Lounge

8 St. Louis MO @ Fubar

9 Normal IL

11 Cedar Falls IA @ Octopus College Hill

The Headies tour dates

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9/4 @ 15th HAUS Columbus, OH
w/Whiny and Jose Garza

9/5 @ The Brass Rail Fort Wayne, IN

9/6 @ the Next Level Sheboygan, WI
w/the Jetty Boys and Wringer

9/7 @ Hexagon Bar Minneapolis, MN
w/Dingus, Wringer, and Brain Caves

9/8 @ Octopus College Hill Cedar Falls, IA
w/Wringer, Fat Pat and the Butts

9/9 @ Blind Bob’s Bar Dayton, OH
w/the Trash

Night Birds Tour Dates

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8/21 – Trenton, NJ @ Millhill Basement w/ IRON REAGAN
9/5 – Philly, PA @ Union Transfer w/ BUZZCOCKS
9/20 – Lancaster, PA @ ABAG w/ WHIFF, TIGHT FITS
10/4 – Balt, MD @ Ottobar (U+N Fest) w/ SCREAMING FEMALES
*10/18 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Asbury Lanes w/ AGENT ORANGE
10/30 – Tampa, FL @ Orpheum (PRE FEST) w/ LESS THAN JAKE
10/31 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest
*11/1 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest

* = All surf instrumental set, AKA, KILLER WAVES set.

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