SHOWS I SEEN: The Queers/Hard-Ons – October 4th 2006 – Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

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Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

October 4th, 2006

Paper Dragons – One of the great locals at the time, they had a killer set, this band is so great and they showed every reason why that is true that night.
Toys That Kill – I’d never seen Toys That Kill before; I’d always been a big F.Y.P. fan but hadn’t had a chance to check out TTK yet. They were pretty fucking great, it was one of the best new bands that I’d seen in a long time, immediately purchased an album after the set.
Hard-Ons – I have two regrets from this night, one was just not being quite as into the hard-ons as I am now. I liked them at the time but not as much as I do now. And two was not buying a Hard-Ons shirt, that’s a life regret. As far as the set, you’d think being on a pop punk show they’d come up and play a bunch of pop punk songs. Nope, they came up, took their shirts off and rammed through a set consisting of almost entirely thrash songs. It was pretty incredible; most of the crowd had no idea what to even make of what they were seeing on stage. The only thing that was a bit much was the twelve minute version of ‘Suck n Swallow’ that went on for too long. Besides that it was simply incredible.
Queers – This is still maybe the best time I’ve ever seen The Queers. They brought it like nothing else. The set was super amazingly fun; they even played their MTX cover. It was Todd’s (from Toys That Kill) birthday, they had him come up and sing Kicked Out of the Webelos and gave him cake.

Insubordination Fest Line-up

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Insubordination Fest Pre-Show
June 24th

The Ottobar
2549 N. Howard Street
Baltimore MD 21218

MC Chris
Automatics, The
Charlie Brown
Dirt Bike Annie

Insubordination Fest 2010
June 25th and 26th

407 E Saratoga St
Baltimore, MD 21202

American Steel
Baracuda McMurder
Be My Doppelganger
Beatnik Termites
Blacklist Royals
Black Wine
Chinese Telephones
Dead Mechanical
Dear Landlord
Flamingo Nosebleed
Impulse International
Jetty Boys
Kepi Ghoulie and Friends
Less Than Jake
Max Levine Ensemble
Methadones (Playing “21st Century Power Pop Riot” in it’s entirety)
Night Birds
Noise By Numbers
Off With Their Heads
Smoking Popes
Teenage Bottlerocket
Varsity Weirdos

Canada Invasion at the Insubordination Fest 2010
Presented by Merman Records
Friday June 25th

Sonar, Second Stage

Old Wives
Roman Line

There are still a few bands TBA, I will update this list as they are confirmed.

REVIEW: The Riptides: Tales From Planet Earth

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Asian Man Records brings us the new Riptides album. New classic pop punk, this will fit in on your shelf very nicely between your Queers albums and your Steinways records. They’ve got a sound that instantly hooked me and I think this is their best album to date. Awesome cover and even better sounds. If you’re a fan of pop punk don’t wait to go get this record.

1. Hung Up
2. She Gets Around
3. I Go Mental
4. Omega Man
5. Dial M For Murder
6. Two Minute Penalty
7. Stranger in the House
8. Shell Shock
9. I Can’t Have A Merry Christmas
10. Call Me
11. Tattletale
12. Shit Outta Luck

Get it from Asian Man Records HERE

Get Tales from Planet Earth from Amazon HERE


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