Punk and metal fans of fast angry music sit up and take note, this split is for you. We’ve got Rampant Decay and Insult together for almost nine minutes and nine songs blazing out your speakers. Rampant Decay gets three of the nine on here, but they’re also much longer than the Insult songs. Insult is with us for six of the tracks. Rampant Decay dishes up a dose of hardcore, black metal crust and thrash mixed into a blender that crosses these genres into one savage milkshake of anger. Insult takes more of a straight punk/thrash approach to things. Personally I dig the Insult side way more (not to say the Rampant Decay side isn’t good, because it is!), it’s just more up my alley. High speed songs blasting through your brain in less than a minute’s time, with one exception. This shit is awesome. If you dig fast music you should be looking into this split.

Rampant Decay:
1. Apocalyterian
2. Pigshit
3. I Wish All My Friends Were Dead

1. Get Killed
2. Hate your Face
3. Sheople
4. Blabbermouth
5. Shitbag
6. Diddler On Parole