Rational Anthem: Spooky Ghost Ectoplasm Tour!

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Touring to Fest and back with The Murderburgers! Most of these dates are in the works, and we’ll post the info as we get it!
15 Minneapolis MN – @ Charlie Siren House

16 Madison WI

17 Chicago IL – @ Township

18 Bloomington IN – @ Wash-Out

19 Cincinnati OH

20 Columbus OH – @ Carabar

21 NYC – @ Tobacco Road

22 NYC – TBA

23 Philladelphia PA – @ Creep Records

24 Baltimore MD – @ Sidebar

25 Richmond VA

26 NC

27 Atlanta GA

28 Tallahassee FL

29 Tampa FL – Ybor Pre Fest2 @ New World Brewery 6:00PM (Rational Anthem)

30 Tampa FL – Ybor Pre Fest2 @ New World Brewery 8:30PM (The Murderburgers)

31 Gainesville / FEST13

1 Gainesville / FEST13 @ Durty Nelly’s 3:00PM (Rational Anthem)

2 Gainesville / FEST13 @ Loosey’s 1:00AM (The Murderburgers)

3 Sarasota FL

4 Sarasota FL

5 Orlando FL @ The Peacock Room

6 St.Augustine FL @ Nobby’s

7 Athens GA @ Caledonia Lounge

8 St. Louis MO @ Fubar

9 Normal IL

11 Cedar Falls IA @ Octopus College Hill




Top Music the first half of 2014

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Top 10 Albums – First half of 2014:

1. Rational Anthem: Emotinally Unavaiable
2. BraceFace: BraceFace
3. Candy Hearts: All The Ways You Let Me Down
4. Now People: Love, Sex, Death & the Weather
5. Zero Boys: Monkey
6. Caffiends: S/T
7. Unwelcome Guests: Wavering
8. Johnny Cash: Out Among The Stars
9. Exmortus: Slave to the Sword
10. Banner Pilot: Souvenir
Top 10 EPs – First half of 2014:

1. The Turkletons: Fur Frontal
2. Neighborhood Brats: Total Dementia
3. Beach Slang: Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?
4. Unfun: Shores of Lake Erie
5. The Sci-Fi Nightmares: Hold On To Your Heart
6. Maiden Mars: Goth Through This EP
7. Invitational: Composite
8. Night Birds: Monster Surf
9. Clint Maul: Sow EP
10. Iron Reagan: Spoiled Identity ep

Best split (hasn’t been many yet) – First half of 2014:

1. Trashkanistan/The Quarantines

Top 5 Demos – First half of 2014:

1. Lucifer’s Hammer: Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXIII)
2. The Rushmore Inciodent: Demo 2014
3. Earth Girls: Demo 2014
4. SLEEVES: Sex is Stupid
5. Fucko: Demo

Tours Dates: Frank Turner, Candy Hearts, Wringer, Night Birds, Rational Anthem

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Frank Turner
MAY 27 Higher Ground Burlington, VT
MAY 30 Bijou Theatre Knoxville, TN
JUNE 01 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC
JUNE 02 The Music Farm Charleston, SC
JUNE 04 9:30 Club Washington, DC
Candy Hearts
March 28 Greensboro, NC Greene Street Club
March 29 Vienna, VA Jammin’ Java
March 30 Lancaster, PA Chameleon Club
April 1 Hamden, CT The Space
April 2 Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall
April 3 New York, NY Highland Ballroom
April 4 Clifton Park, NY Upstate Concert Hall
April 5 Haverhill, MA Anchors Up

April 17th Bowling Green, OH
April 18th Lansing, MI
April 19th Chicago, IL
April 20th Eau Claire, WI
April 21st Minneapolis, MN
April 22nd Iowa City, IA
April 23rd Champaign, IL

Night Birds
Wed. May 21st
Sacramento, CA
@ The Blue Lamp
(1400Alhambra Blvd)
8pm / $10 Presale at bluelampsacramento.com / $12 @ the door
FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1375614296047024/
Thu. May 22nd
San Francisco, CA
@ Fat Warehouse (EARLY SHOW)
(2196 Palou Ave)

Thu. May 22nd
San Francisco, CA
@ Thee Parkside
(1600 17th Ave)
9PM / $13
TICKETS: http://holdmyticket.com/event/167019
FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1404673173128147/
Fri. May 23rd
Santa Ana, CA
@ The Observatory
(3503 S. Harbor Ave)
TICKETS: http://www.observatoryoc.com/
7PM / $25
Sat. May 24th
Las Vegas, NV
@ Country Saloon
Sun. May 25th
Los Angeles, CA
@ E7th
7PM / $8
FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/728642753834991/

Rational Anthem


Alright punkers, here are the tentative dates of our summer tour. If you wanna help us out and book one of these you can hit us up on the ol Facebook or Rational_anthem@hotmail.com.
15 Iowa City IA
16 Chicago IL
17 Ft. Wayne IN
18 Columbus OH
19 Cleveland OH
20 Rochester NY
21 Boston MA
22 NYC
23 NYC
24 New Brunswick NJ
25 Atlantic City NJ
26 Philadelphia PA
27Baltimore MD
28 Richmond VA
29 Huntington WV
30 Cincinnati OH
1 Indianapolis IN
2 Dekalb IL
3 Madison WI
4 Cedar Falls IA
5 Kansas City MO
6 Denver CO
7 Green River WY
8 Boise ID
9 Seattle WA
10 Olympia WA
11 Portland OR
12 OFF
13 San Francisco CA
14 Oakland CA
15 Los Angeles CA
16 San Pedro CA
17 Riverside CA
18 San Diego CA
19 Pomona Ca @ VLHS
20 Phoenix AZ
21 Flag Staff AZ
22 Albuquerque NM
23 Las Cruces NM
24 OFF
25 San Antonio TX
26 Austin TX
27 Denton TX
28 Dallas TX
29 Huston TX
30 New Orleans LA
31 Tallahassee FL
1 Atlanta GA
2 Chattanooga TN
3 Nashville TN
4 Carbondale IL
5 St. Louis MO
6 Iowa City IA

Top 30 Albums of 2013

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So this may have been the hardest year since I started to rank these albums. 1-3 are all separated by a space so small you need a microscope to see it. Before that though Some collections that came out this year that fucking rule and you should buy but I didn’t count because they’re not actual albums.

Kent State: The Wrong Side of History
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence: Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
Copyrights shits fucked, Isotopes: The First Four Seasons

Also The Headies: ‘Meta-Pop’ finally came out on record this year, again I decided not to double dip this year so it’s not on the list but it’s beyond incredible.

1. Rational Anthem: Whatevermind
2. Lipstick Homicide: Out Utero
3. Motorhead: Aftershock
4. R.A. The Rugged Man: Legends Never Die
5. What-A-Nights: What-A-Nights LP
6. Paper Dragons: Die To Please
7. Dead Mechanical: OK Night
8. Wringer: Bullfighter
9. The Slow Death: No Heaven
10. Radioactivity: Radioactivity
10. Iron Chic: The Constant One
12. Dead Uncles: Stock Characters
13, Night Birds: Born To Die In Suburbia
14. Big Eyes: Almost Famous
15. Harmonica Shah: Havin’ Nothin’ Don’t Bother Me
16. Iron Reagan: Worse Than Dead
17. Peeple Watchin': Somethin’ Ta Tell Ya
18. Dead North: Teenagers
19. Hit Reset: Ruin My Life
20. Rough Kids: The State I’m In
21. Rumspringer: Stay Afloat
22. Kinder Words: I’ve Seen Them Given
23. Sugar Stems: Can’t Wait
24. Broadway Calls: Comfort/Distraction
25. Running Wild: Resilient
26. Vacation: Candy Waves
27. The Jons: In The Hold and out of the Water!
28. Superchunk: I Hate Music
29. Sinclair: Sinclair
30. Crusades: Perhaps You Deliver this Judgment with Greater Fear than I Receive It

Rational Anthem, the first band with back to back #1 albums


SHOWS I SEEN: Insubordination Fest 2013 – June 27th-29th 2013 – The Ottobar

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The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
June 27th-29th 2013
Insub Fest 2013
I saw most of the bands, if they’re not listed I either missed them or just drank too much to remember.


Steinways – A super fun set by the Steinways as always. I’m glad they did a reunion for Insub fest this year. This was my favorite set of the night.

Mikey Erg! – Not quite as good as some of the other Mikey Erg sets I’ve seen, not as many Ergs songs as normal and no Psyched to Die ones, but it was still really good. He covered ‘Sweet Iron Lady’, it was pretty fucking great.

Houseboat – It’s a bit unfair to compare Houseboat’s set this year to their one last year but for some reason I have to. This year’s set wasn’t as good but 2012’s would have been hard to top anyway. That’s alright though Houseboat still brought a great set that was pretty fun.

Team Stray – I don’t really remember much of this set, I blame the alcohol.

Slow Death – I also don’t remember much of this set for the same reason.

Rational Anthem – Rational Anthem was fucking awesome as always, they were just about the best set of the night (Steinways beat them by just a hair). Everyone should see this band a million times.

Young Rochelles and the Quarantines I missed despite wanting to see them again.

Trashkanistan – Trash was awesome as always, I wish there were more people drunkenly singing along but there were a few up there. Shit was fun.

Flamingo Nosebleed and the Meeps I also missed despite really wanting to see Flamingo Nosebleed.

Hellstroms – I came in a little late but I think I only missed like two songs. Hellstroms were awesome, I’d say they were a great opener to Insub but there really should have been more people watching. They covered ‘Fist Fight in the Parking Lot’; it was one of the highlights of the weekend.


Dog Party – Dog Party was pretty decent, though I was unaware of how young they were so I’ll upgrade it to they’re really good.

Dead North – First time I’ve Seen Dead North and they were pretty great. They played all the songs I was hoping for too.

Paper Dragons – I’m so glad this band decided to get back together. Their set was fucking great and I think they impressed a lot of people there.

Direct Hit – I only caught part of their set but what I saw was pretty fun.

Sick Sick Birds – My favorite Baltimore band, they had a great set as always, I think a lot of people took notice to them as well.

Dead Mechanical – Dead Mechanical is a band that out of town folks seem to love. There was a decent amount of people for this one and they played a quality set like they always do.

Night Birds – Night Birds are one of those bands that you can’t resist partying when they play. They’re always incredible and just destroy whatever is in front of them. This set was no exception, and then they went and closed it with a Ramones cover for good measure.

Kepi Ghoulie – There’s always one set that I expect to just be alright and they totally just blow me away, this year Kepi was that set. I’ve seen Kepi play every year and it’s always alright but this was so much fun. There were balloons, a sharkcam and a big ol party, but it wasn’t too much over the top which had been a problem in the past. This was my favorite set of the weekend.

Copyrights – As always the Copyrights were fun. I was so beat by the time they played I was just going to stand on the sidelines and observe. That only lasted about 1/3 of the set or so then I had to get in and go up front.


Danny Vapid & The Cheats – I wasn’t super excited for this set just because they were such a disappointment last year. Luckily I guess they were aware of that fact and fixed things this year. They totally brought it and I couldn’t have been happier, finally a really good Danny Vapid & The Cheats set!

Beatnik Termites – Not a big crowd to watch the Termites, but that’s nothing new (for some reason). The people that were up there were enjoying it though. They had what I’d call and average Beatnik Termites set. Personally I was hoping for more Bubblecore songs.

Candy Hearts – A solid set by the Candy Hearts, no one got hurt this time that I’m aware of so that’s a plus.

Lipstick Homicide – Personally Lipstick Homicide was the real headliner of Saturday. They killed it as always and there were plenty of people partying when they played. This is also a band you need to see a billion times. I think it goes without saying they were the best set of the night.

City Mouse – I was pretty pissed that I missed City Mouse last year so I made sure I caught them this year. They had a pretty solid set, not a ton of people were at the Ottobar yet but the ones that were seemed pretty stoked.

Marshmallows – Even though they weren’t actually the opener for Saturday (I missed Schroeder & The Brillo-Pod) I’m going to say they were a great opener for Saturday. They played a good set; I think they were even better than last time.

SHOWS I SEEN: Steinways/Lipstick Homicide/Team Stray/Rational Anthem – June 26, 2013 – The Gutter

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The Gutter – Brooklyn, NY
Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Steinways – I’m not sure when the last time the Steinways played was but they’re not a band anymore. I’m going to assume this was their first show in a while, even if it wasn’t they were still great. They fucked up a minimal amount of times and the set was fun. I’d say they played a lot of great songs, but really all of the Steinways songs are great. This got me stoked for Insub Fest!

Lipstick Homicide – Lipstick Homicide played all of my favorite songs and they complete tore shit up. Their set was fucking perfect!

Team Stray – I’d never seen Team Stray before but have listened to them a lot. This wasn’t quite what I expected but they were still pretty fun.

Rational Anthem – Rational Anthem were fucking awesome as always, they closed with Imaginary Girlfriend and played Cool Story so I was happy for the night. Previous to this I had a horrible day in New York; their set made it all worth it.

The Gloomy Ones – I missed a good chunk of the Gloomy Ones set but what I caught I didn’t really care for.

REVIEW: Rational Anthem: Whatevermind

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CoverIf I were to say that Rational Anthem released an album that’s even better than ‘Sensitivity Training’ would you believe me? I probably wouldn’t, but after countless times listening to ‘Whatevermind’ that’s the conclusion that I’ve come to. From ‘NINailed It’ to ‘Sleep Talking’ there’s a very good chance that this album has better songs than whatever you’re listening to right now. Don’t believe me? Just listen to ‘Imaginary Girlfriend’ and try to tell me it’s not the best song you’ve heard all year. The first time I heard this album it became the only think I listed to for two weeks, just on repeat over and over without even wanting to hear anything else. Rational Anthem is the best band that you haven’t heard, and if you have heard them then chances are you’re already listening to this album. If you like stuff like Dear Landlord, Banner Pilot, Like Bats and the Dopamines and haven’t heard this yet that needs to change immediately. ‘Whatevermind’ is out on Rad Girlfriend, Kiss of Death, John WIlkes Booth, and Bloated Kat Records. Don’t screw around, this is the must own album of 2013.

1. NINailed It
2. Darnit
3. First World Complaints
4. Wendy Pefferkorn
5. Sucks to Suck
6. Strangerguy69
7. 717 Orange Ave.
8. Shameover
9. Imaginary Girlfriend
10. Wasted Ambition
11. 25 Years
12. Sleep Talking

Get it from Rational Anthem HERE

Get it from John Wilkes Booth Records HERE

Get it from Bloated Kat Records HERE

Get it from Rad Girlfriend Records HERE

Get it from Kiss of Death Records HERE

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