Top 25 EPs of 2011

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EP’s are great, and this year there were a ton of great ones. This was the hardest catagory to get in order (except the #1 spot which was the runaround winner, and maybe the best all around record of the year).


  1. Rational Anthem: Bread Line
  2. Night Birds: Midnight Movies
  3. The Fucking Cops: Fuck You Up With Some Truth
  4. Cell Mates: Shoulda Kept That Quarter!
  5. The Slow Death: Turnstile Comix #1
  6. Chixdiggit!: Safeways Here We Come
  7. Teenage Bottlerocket: Mutilate Me
  8. Dead Ringer: Enjoy The Ride
  9. The Typos: The Typos
  10. The Zits: Summer Pop Dreams EP
  11. Clint Maul: Great Dividing EP
  12. The Shirks: Cry Cry Cry
  13. Saturday Night Karaoke: Duh!
  14. The Copyrights: Crutches
  15. Post Teens: This A.D.D.iction
  16. Clint Maul: Break Open Your Heart EP
  17. Strait A’s: You Make A Better Door Than A Girlfriend EP
  18. Grave Digger: The Ballad Of Mary
  19. The Haverchucks: The Haverchucks
  20. The Quarantines: Zombie Army
  21. Scum Again: Scum Again
  22. Saturday Night Karaoke: Blah!
  23. The Defectives: Boredom and Bad Dreams EP
  24. Rawhide: Branded For Life
  25. Broadcaster: Joyride EP

REVIEW: Rawhide: Branded For Life

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Patac Records brings us this ass kicking rock EP from Sweden’s Rawhide. This is the band’s first 7″, you can get the record, or if you prefer the digital version for whatever price you want. Whatever you choose I highly recommend you get your hands on this. The band has obvious influences of Motorhead, Turbonegro and Zeke. It’s hard fast rock n roll that edges real close to metal but has a lot of punk thrown in too. I imagine Lemmy drinking southern comfort and listening to something like this before he goes on stage to rip through his brand of rock n roll.

‘Out of Track’ You get about a minute and a half of an intro here, but I don’t mind because it’s a pretty great tone setting one with some sweet guitar work. Once the song kicks in it does exactly that, kicks you right in the gut with bold fast rock n fuckin roll. It’s almost a horror punk song, but I couldn’t box it in like that.
‘Branded For Life’ A very fucking heavy Motorhead like intro, past that though it’s very much like an in your face punk song.
‘Through My Eyes’ This might be the best written song on the EP, though that could be because this has the most lyrics of any song. Where the first two songs had some great punk-like repeating course making up most of the song, this is pure metal rock greatness.
‘Sanitarium Blues’ Closing out the EP is the best song; these guys really know how to put things together. This thing goes from great to better all the way through. This is probably the most Motorhead song of them all; I could see the band covering this song without missing a beat.

1. Out of Track
2. Branded For Life
3. Through My Eyes
4. Sanitarium Blues


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