Weekly Label Profile: Recess Records

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Name: Recess Records
Lifespan: 1989-current
Web Site: http://www.recessrecords.com/
Notable Releases/Bands: Beatnik Termites, Ben Weasel, The Dwarves, F.Y.P.,I Spy, Propagandhi, Screeching Weasel, Toys That Kill
Info: Started in 1989 in California by Todd Congelliere to put out F.Y.P. records Recess Records has done pretty well for itself since then. They’ve gone from being run out of a bedroom to an apartment to a real warehouse. They’ve put out your small bands that most people don’t know to legends like Screeching Weasel. And are showing no signs of slowing down the punk rock.

REVIEW: Chinese Telephones/Dear Landlord – Split

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ctdl1dlctThe curse of the Chinese Telephones continues, or starts, I’m not sure if this was their first or second split. Anyway what I mean is here we have a split record. One side the Chinese Telephones, the other side Dear Landlord. The Chinese Telephones side is great, but often gets overlooked because the Dear Landlord side is simply better. The bright side of this is you get a split with two really good bands on it here. Two songs from each equals four good pop tunes. A split release between Recess Records and It’s Alive Records you should seek this out. Dear Landlord has very few releases – this and another split with Off With Their Heads, this is a shame really because they’re really good. I hope to see more from these guys, its rumored they’re coming out with a full length album, and hopefully that sees the light of day sometime soon. As for the Chinese Telephones they’re split at this point, done like so many other pop punk bands the past two years. They had a hand full of things out and one full album. They’re pretty underrated, however really overrated in some circles. They’re a solid catchy band who would be better off if they were still together. You’ll be happy if you have this record, the Telephones stuff is really good and the Landlord stuff is really great.

1. Three To The Beach
2. I’m Not Sayin Get Er Done…
3. All Right
4. Prescription Pills And Medical Bills

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