This EP is the debut release from Rejectioneers. They’ve got it up for free download at their bandcamp site, and I’ve gotta say chances are its well worth your time. It’s a good debut effort, they’ve for five pretty good indie songs, people who are into Jimmy Eat world, Nada Surf and some of the later Ataris (after they were great but before they started to be awful) stuff should be into this. The songs are pretty well written and have some good energy behind them, though I could really do without the intermission track, but still four out of five isn’t bad. So yeah, give these guys a chance, I can’t guarantee you’ll like them but there’s a fair chance that you will, what have you got to lose, it’s free.

1. Murderers
2. Get So Mad
3. Buried Treasure (intermission)
4. Wake Up
5. When It’s Over