Suburban Home Records has the strong hold on this market still, here they put out a split between ALL and Drag the River front man Chad Price and Rocky Votolato. Chad brings two acoustic songs to the table, and Rocky does the same. Both sides of the record mirror each other really well, a fan of either or just good country in general should be keeping an eye out for this.

‘This Cross’ A slow crawling acoustic song, not Chad’s best but it’s still pretty good.
‘Silver Trees’ Another slow acoustic number but this one is much better, this is pure country bliss right here.
‘Transparent’ This song’s ok, much like Chad’s it’s a slow acoustic song, kinda puts you to sleep but because it’s relaxing not boring.
‘Best & Worst’ This song is great! Again mirroring Chad with making the second song awesome. Also an awesome acoustic country song.

1. This Cross (Chad Price)
2. Silver Trees (Chad Price)
3. Transparent (Rocky Votolato)
4. Best & Worst (Rocky Votolato)

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