Punk legends Propagandhi is here with Sacrifice to do a split on War is Music. Many people now a days are claiming Propagandhi is more metal than they are punk, which is fine with me, however this does nothing but reinforce that way of thinking. But I’ll take Propagandhi however I can get it so I’m pretty stoked for this. As for Sacrifice they’re a band I’m ok with, they’ve already established themselves and this is a pretty good thing they’ve got going on this disc. My main complaint about this split is the lack of material here; with the two bands here we only get two songs. I don’t know about you but as fans of the bands I need more than one song from them! And on top of that they aren’t even new songs, both bands do cover songs. Sacrifice seemly has the worst thing going here because they’re covering a Rush song. I know most people won’t agree here but basically Rush sucks. However Sacrifice does an awesome job covering this song, it pretty much rules. Big ups to Sacrifice for turning this one around. Now Propagandhi is covering Corrosion of Conformity, I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear this because both bands rule a lot. This more or less sounds how you’d expect, it sounds like Propagandhi doing a CoC song, and by that I mean it’s pretty goddamn awesome. I did however think Propagandhi would metal up the guitar work a little more than they did. Last mention here is the album cover, it is metal as fuck. If someone described the owl featured album cover I wouldn’t think much of it but seeing it, fuck! It looks like a power metal album cover, I’d totally blindly buy this just based on album cover.

1. Sacrifice: “Anthem” (Rush)
2. Propagandhi: “Technocracy” (Corrosion of Conformity)

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