Lookout Records 1987-2012

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One of the most predominate pop punk labels around has finally closed its doors this year after twenty five years of business. Lookout was started by Larry Livermore and David Hayes to released punk records, they didn’t strictly stick to that but it is still what they’re most known for. They’ve had many problems in the past with labels pulling their songs and Larry Livermore leaving the label but they still stand as maybe the best pop punk record label to ever exist. The label has released material by tons of noteworthy bands such as Alkaline Trio, Avail, The Bomb Bassets, The Crumbs, The Donnas, Dr. Frank, Even in Blackouts, The Eyeliners, Fifteen, Go Sailor, Green Day, The Groovie Ghoulies, The Hi-Fives, The Lillingtons, The Mopes, The Mr. T Experience, Operation Ivy, Pansy Division, Ben Weasel, Boris the Sprinkler, Born Against, Crimpshrine, Parasites, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Riverdales, Samiam, Screeching Weasel, Squirtgun, Sweet Baby, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Queers, Rancid, and The Zero Boys. If you like punk music at all chances are you know Lookout Records and even if you still don’t, you loved them at some point. Despite what has happened to the label in recent years it’s still a sad day now that they have finally closed up shop.

Top 25 Albums of 2011

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Albums this year was pretty tough, there are some good ones that were left off. Speaking of ones left off there are some releases that were not included. Some of the reasons were if they were compilations, covers and live material. While there has been some great stuff this year put out that matches this I don’t think it’d be fair. There are even one or two things I left off of here because it was mostly compilation, or previously released material. So if you think I missed something, think about that first…then violently disagree with me.



  1. Motorhead: The World Is Yours
  2. House Boat: The Thorns of Life
  3. Alestorm: Back Through Time
  4. Deep Sleep: Turn Me Off
  5. Sundials: Never Settle
  6. Raphael Saadiq: Stone Rollin’
  7. Night Birds: The Other Side of Darkness
  8. Rendondo Beat: Meet Rendondo Beat
  9. Samiam: Trips
  10. Alice Cooper: Welcome 2 My Nightmare
  11. Dude Jams: How To Abuse Everything
  12. Wizard: …Of Wariwulfs And Bluotvarwes
  13. Power Quest: Blood Alliance
  14. Joss Stone: LP1
  15. Timeshares: Bearable
  16. Mind Spiders: Mind Spiders
  17. The Underground Railroad to Candyland: Knows Your Sins
  18. The Dwarves: Are Born Again
  19. The Slow Death: Born Ugly Got Worse
  20. Spraynard: Funtitled
  21. The Carmines: Older, Fatter, Wider
  22. Brickmower: Under The Sink
  23. Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers: Rare Bird Alert
  24. Young Mountain: Billion Times Around
  25. The Barreracudas: Nocturnal Missions

SHOWS I SEEN: Celebrated Summer Turns Five – September 17th 2011 – The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

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The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Celebrated Summer Turns Five!!
My favorite record store ever turned five; they had an awesome show to celebrate! And cake! It was a full night of awesome bands that I’ve never seen before and fun.

SAMIAM – The first time I’ve seen Samiam, and they totally owned everything. When I wasn’t singing along I was in awe of what was going on in front of me. This is a great example of a band that’s been around many years and is still on top of the game. One of the best sets I’ve seen all year, they played everything I really wanted to hear, and it was incredible.

WALTER SCHREIFELS – Going into this I had no clue what to expect, it was pretty cool though. A single dude with a guitar folk type deal. The set was pretty good, not the best of this stuff I’ve seen but far from the worst.

MEAN JEANS – Never seen the Mean Jeans before but a big fan, I was stoked for this and they brought it. Super fun, high energy, they did not disappoint. I will be seeing the Mean Jeans if I ever get a chance again and again and again.

HOLLYWOOD – I’ve seen Hollywood a few times, they’re a decent band. I missed this set though, I’m sure it was good.

THE SHIRKS – Another band that I hadn’t seen that I was excited for. They opened the show and almost stole it. These dudes were so good they should have been playing right before Samiam instead of first band. If you get the chance to see them, don’t even think about it, just do it. Buy their records too.


DEEP SLEEP – Maybe their last East Coast show due to one member moving to the west coast. They brought it like they always do, high energy, tight performance. The sound upstairs isn’t the best but they made due. It was a good sized crowd and everybody seemed super into this. I hope I still get to see them many more times.

MURDER – Yet another band I’d never seen. Murder was really good though, high energy punk with the old timeless feel. The singer even felt the need to get up on the pool table and roll around; they couldn’t be contained by the beer soaked floor alone!

Releases Worth Getting September 6, 2011

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Community: The Complete Second Season
The Office: Season Seven
Parks & Recreation: Season 3
House II: The Second Story

Samiam: Trips

Weekly Label Profile: New Red Archives

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Name: New Red Archives
Lifespan: 1987-Current
Web Site: http://www.newredarchives.com/
Notable Releases/Bands: No Use for a Name, Reagan Youth, Samiam, Ultraman, UK Subs
Started in San Francisco they were an outlet for punk bands to have stuff on sweet colored vinyl. Today they’re still going strong but mostly in the form of CD releases, this doesn’t mean they’ve backed off and died, they’re still alive and kicking. They’ve released some legendary punk bands and some that are underrated as fuck that should be legendary. While they have put out some stuff that isn’t the greatest, their Samiam releases alone will keep them forever on my good side.


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