REVIEW: Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All

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FILMAGE_movie_coverOne of my personally most anticipated documentaries of all time, Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All. If you haven’t guessed by the title it’s the story of the bands Descendents and ALL. Deedle Lacour and Matt Riggle decided this was something that needed to be documented, and it seems everyone has agreed with them. It’s got a great cast of interviewees including Bill Stevenson, Milo Auckerman, Karl Alvarez, Stephen Egerton, Tony Lombardo, Frank Navetta, Doug Carrion, Ray Cooper, Dave Smalley, Scott Reynolds, Chad Price, David Grohl, Keith Morris, Greg Graffin, and Joey Cape just to name a few. It goes pretty in depth with everything, it covers before the bands were formed, how they were formed, the different eras and into present day. It also focuses on each member for a good amount of time. Even if you know a lot about both of these bands you’re still going to come out of this having learned much more. This is a brilliantly done documentary that covers just about everything you could want it to. This is one of the best music documentaries I’ve ever seen. If you’re a fan of the Descendents, ALL or just punk rock or music in general Filmage needs to be on your ‘to see’ list.

SHOWS I SEEN: Scott Reynolds – August 3th 2011 – Golden West Café – Baltimore, MD

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Golden West Café – Baltimore, MD

Wednesday, August 3th 2011

 Scott Reynolds Golden West

Scott Reynolds – Scott Reynolds, one of my favorite people in music ever. He brought his acoustic guitar to the Golden West and played ALL, Pavers and Goodbye Harry songs and it was incredible. I actually wrote him a couple days later and told him this was one of the greatest performances I’d ever seen in all my years of going to shows and that is a solid fact. If I could relive this set every day I’d do it and it would be the greatest life anyone has ever had.

Deep Sleep – One of Baltimore’s best band ever also played this show, both opening bands you’d think might be a little odd to be on a bill with Scott Reynolds but if you know Deep Sleep and have listened to the records you know there’s a ton of ALL influence in their music. Their set as always was great, these guys know how to play and always bring it when they perform.

Brain Flannel – The band’s name is actually Brian and some symbol they made up but this is how it’s pronounced. Their records are fucking great and they were almost as good in person. They were a great opening set for this show.


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Scott Reynolds has started the Kickstarter for his album, make this happen because I need to hear this! Lots of awesome rewards!


Scott Reynolds’ Pre-kickstarter Introduction Kickass Mega-vid


I already posted this on the Facebook page and on twitter but, what the fuck, everyone needs to get behind this!!/scottwreynolds

Help Scott Reynolds Make an Album

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It will be amazing because he’s Scott F’N Reynolds and he makes some of the best music in the universe. Get ready to kickstart this shit, because I need to hear it be a thing!

The Super Karate Tour (Scott Reynolds/Fred Mascherino)

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Scott Reynolds (ALL, Pavers, Goodbye Harry) and Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday) are heading on a small east coast tour in August with Toy Cannons.

  • Friday 3rd: Washington, DC – Comet Ping Pong
  • Saturday 4th (afternoon show): Baltimore, MD – Charm City Art Space
  • Saturday 4th: Newark, DE – Mojo Main
  • Sunday 5th: Philadelphia – Kung Fu Necktie
  • Tuesday 7th: Cambridge, MA – Middle East
  • Wednesday 8th: Asbury Park, NJ – Asbury Lanes
  • Friday 10th: Brooklyn, NY – Don Pedro
  • Saturday 11th: Reading, PA – Reverb

More dates may be added, check for more details!

Weekly Band Profile: The Bonesaw Romance

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Name: The Bonesaw Romance
From: Buffalo
Web Site:
Lifespan: 2006-Current
Genre: Rock
Best Release/Only: Self titled
Punk rocker and all around great dude Scott Reynolds has many projects, all of them are great. this one he teamed up with Aaron Ratajczak, Nick Gonzalez and Jay Galvin to form this hard rock band. Described by himself as “Black Sabbath and Black Flag” sound, the album is full of sweet solos, angry bass lines and fun lyrics, as you might guess from the band’s song ‘Much Mega Douche Fuck’. The album is great hard rock fun and even features a cover of ‘Fire’. Good stuff, too bad they and released this album than pretty much disappeared, I hope to see them resurface sometime, and play a gig near me.

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