REVIEW: Crow Bait: Three Tickle Guys

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CoverCrow Bait is a band comprised of members of Iron Chic, Sister Kisser and some other bands, as you might imagine they sound a lot like those bands. These are some of the best bands in that ‘Latterman sound that’s way better than Latterman ever was’ category so I think it’s safe to say that Crow Bait is pretty fucking good. Scratch that, they’re pretty fucking great. If you have any doubts throw on ‘Three Tickle Guys’ and listen, after these five songs if you’re not convinced that this band is something special you ain’t right in the head. The band has some great dudes in it so it’s no surprise that a lot of great labels are involved in this as well, the great part about that is you can get this from a ton of places. Make sure you do because if you don’t own this you’re fucking up bad.

1. Tragic Fall
2. Callin’ Yer Bluff
3. Dizzy Spells
4. Outbound
5. Breathing Days

Get it from Drunken Sailor Records HERE

Get it from Dirt Cult Records HERE

Get it from Solidarity Recordings HERE

Get it from Lost Cat Records HERE

Get it from ADD Records HERE

Get it from Eager Beaver Records HERE

Get it from Dead Broke Records HERE

REVIEW: Rumspringer/Sister Kisser split

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RumsisterTwo great bands that we not only haven’t heard from in a while but still haven’t heard anywhere near enough of. Sister Kisser has a Latterman/Iron Chic type of pop punk and they knock it out of the park with what they do. Their two songs on here are, as I assumed, fucking awesome. The first song ‘Bear Blood’ is my favorite of their two but ‘Contain and Refrain’ is no slouch either. ‘Bear Blood’ is faster and has more energy while ‘Contain and Refrain’ is more of a laid back song, seems to have a little Weezer thrown in too. Rumspringer is simply one of the best bands going today and they flex their muscles and remind everyone why that is with their two songs. I’m not sure which one of these Rumspringer songs I like better; they can both fit among the band’s best stuff. This split is one of the best I’ve heard all year, maybe the best. If you like good punk/pop punk you need this record, if you don’t have it by now you’re fucking up.

Sister Kisser
1. Bear Blood
2. Contain and Refrain

1. It’s Been a While….
2. …and It’ll be a While

Get it from Dead Broke Rekerds HERE

Top 10 Splits of 2012

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1. Rumspringer/Sister Kisser
2. Peeple Watchin’/Nona
3. Masked Intruder/The Turkletons
4. The Headies/The Boys Club: Imposters
5. Jetty Boys/The Boys Club
6. Mikey Erg/Alex Kerns
7. Dan Vapid and the Cheats/The Jetty Boys
8. The Credentials/Steelhorse
9. Direct Hit!/The Haverchucks
10. Dead North/Strong City



Releases Worth Getting November 13, 2012

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collection
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
The Incredible Mel Brooks: An Irresistible Collection Of Unhinged Comedy
Pixar Short Films Collection 2
Scooby-Doo Where Are You: Complete Series

Bad Brains: Into The Future
AC/DC: Live at River Plate
Billy Raygun: Billy Raygun LP
Wide Angles- “Smile More” LP
Make It Plain / Deep Pockets- Split 7” EP
Rumspringer/Sister Kisser
The Zits: Bubblegum Days

Top Movies and Music of the first half of 2012

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I was going to space this out and post it through the week, but fuck it, I’ve got a lot of reviews that need posting. So here’s the top movies and music for the first half of 2012!

Top 10 Movies – First half of 2012:

1. The Raid: Redemption
2. The Grey
3. 21 Jumpstreet
4. The Cabin in the Woods
5. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
6. Jeff Who Lives at Home
7. Haywire
8. The Woman in Black
9. Men In Black 3
10. The Dictator

Top 15 Albums – First half of 2012:

1. John K. Samson: Provincial
2. Rational Anthem: Sensitivity Training
3. Sick Sick Birds: Gates of Home
4. Like Bats: Midwest Nothing
5. Teenage Bubblegums: Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Pray For Tomorrow
6. The Hextalls: Rock You To Sleep
7. Gentleman Jesse: Leaving Atlanta
8. Delay: Rushing Ceremony
9. Mean Jeans: On Mars
10. Fear of Lipstick: Seasons
11. Mud Morganfield: Son of the Seventh Son
12. The 20Belows: Late Nights
13. Accept: Stalingrad
14. Batfoot!: Brain Dead
15. The Headies: Meta-Pop

Top 10 EPs – First half of 2012:

1. Mixtapes: Somewhere In Trinsic
2. Prabu Pramayougha: YA!
3. Irish Handcuffs: Stubbs
4. Keystone Kids: things Get Shaky
5. The Bat Bites: Take It, It’s Free EP
6. The Zits: Breakout
7. Crimes: Fluffy EP
8. Muncie Girls: Same Titles
9. American Lies: Listen, That’s Disco!
10. Masked Intruder: First Offense

Top 5 Splits – First half of 2012:

1. Sister Kisser/Rumspringer
2. Dan Vapid and the Cheats/Jetty Boys
3. The Headies/The Boys Club – Imposters
4. Mikey Erg/Alex Kerns
5. Unfun/Muhammad Ali

Top 5 Singles – First half of 2012:

1. Big Eyes: Back From The Moon
2. Smokejumper: Bear Attack
3. House Boat” 21st Century Breakroom
4. Be My Doppelganger: You’re Always Right & Downtown
5. Smokejumper: Saturday Night Bonfire Beach Party

Top 15 Splits of 2011

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I love split records, you get two bands for the price of one. There’s a lot of really great records on this list.


  1. Jetty Boys/Be My Doppelganger
  2. Direct Hit/Tit Patrol
  3. Candy Hearts/Sister Kisser
  4. Billy Raygun/Lipstick Homicide
  5. Spraynard/Sundials
  6. Iron Chic/Pacer
  7. Dopamines/Dear Landlord
  8. The Queers & Killtime
  9. Caffiends/Rock N Roll Television
  10. Prozacs/No Intention
  11. Shang-A-Lang/Rumspringer
  12. The Wild/Run, Forever
  13. Wax Phantom/Criminal Culture
  14. Unwelcome Guests/255’s
  15. Teenage Gluesniffers/Geoff Useless

Releases Worth Getting July 12, 2011

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Nightlights: So It Goes
Dead Ringer: Enjoy The Ride
Candy Hearts/Sister Kisser
Rhapsody of Fire: From Chaos to Eternity
Iced Earth: Festival of the Wicked

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