REVIEW: Masked Intruder/Dan Vapid and the Cheats: The Wedding 7”

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CoverSolidarity Recordings took a page from It’s Alive Records book and put out a split record to celebrate the wedding of Randy and Valerie. We’ve got a two song split featuring Masked Intruder and Dan Vapid and the Cheats. Both songs are pretty long by pop punk standards being over three minutes each. Masked Intruder’s song is very unMasked Intruder like in that it’s not about robbing or stalking anyone, or really breaking any laws in general. It is however a nice pop punk song about Valerie getting married. Dan Vapid and the Cheats song is even better than Masked Intruder’s, which could be because it’s more like one of their songs would sound like. You can never go wrong with a pop punk band that has its roots secured in the 90’s. This record is pretty great, I wouldn’t say the songs are must own but your record collection will be better off for having this in it. Jump on it quick, the first pressing went in the blink of an eye.

1. Valerie is Getting Married (Masked Intruder)
2. Randy’s Getting Married (Dan Vapid and the Cheats)

REVIEW: Crow Bait: Three Tickle Guys

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CoverCrow Bait is a band comprised of members of Iron Chic, Sister Kisser and some other bands, as you might imagine they sound a lot like those bands. These are some of the best bands in that ‘Latterman sound that’s way better than Latterman ever was’ category so I think it’s safe to say that Crow Bait is pretty fucking good. Scratch that, they’re pretty fucking great. If you have any doubts throw on ‘Three Tickle Guys’ and listen, after these five songs if you’re not convinced that this band is something special you ain’t right in the head. The band has some great dudes in it so it’s no surprise that a lot of great labels are involved in this as well, the great part about that is you can get this from a ton of places. Make sure you do because if you don’t own this you’re fucking up bad.

1. Tragic Fall
2. Callin’ Yer Bluff
3. Dizzy Spells
4. Outbound
5. Breathing Days

Get it from Drunken Sailor Records HERE

Get it from Dirt Cult Records HERE

Get it from Solidarity Recordings HERE

Get it from Lost Cat Records HERE

Get it from ADD Records HERE

Get it from Eager Beaver Records HERE

Get it from Dead Broke Records HERE

REVIEW: The Wild/Run, Forever!

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Here comes a split from Atlanta’s The Wild and Pittsburgh’s Run, Forever! It’s a great clash of styles that complements each other perfectly to make one great record. The Wild gives you a couple of great folk style harmonica driven songs. Instead of these songs being you’re standard ‘punk folk’ which we get a lot of now a day’s they’re very much like a Billy Joel or Bob Dylan song. Run, Forever’s side of this is a couple of pop punk songs, totally different from the A side but the two sides work really well together. This isn’t the best I’ve heard from Run, Forever but they’re both two good songs. The first song on this record makes it worth the price alone, but luckily all four songs are pretty good. You can get the 7″ record out on Solidarity Recordings.

‘Street Names’ This song is pretty great, it’s actually the best thing I’ve heard from The Wild. The harmonica makes me want to listen to Piano Man. It’s a very easy going tune that’s a great lounge about song. This is the best song on the record right here.
‘To Be Content’ This song has some more kick to it, more bass and guitar driven than the previous. It’s got more rock fused with the folk but that soothing harmonica is still there showing you how to hang out and enjoy things.
‘Silver Screens’ A pretty standard pop punk tune, it’s not a bad thing but it just doesn’t wow me either. This isn’t a Ramones-core style of pop punk; it’s more of a mainstream style, but one that’s not bad.
‘Young Pioneers’ The second song here is better than the first, it’s fleshed out more and has a little more of a power pop sound to it. This is the best song on this side of the record.

The Wild:
1. Street Names
2. To Be Content

Run, Forever:
3. Silver Screens
4. Young Pioneers


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