REVIEW: Souls of Mischief: Montezuma’s Revenge

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Most fans of good hip hop know the Souls of Mischief, and most of their fans always eagerly await their next release, well here it is. Most fans will agree that ’93 ’till Infinity’ was the group’s best release, this may never be topped but this by no means means that they aren’t still putting out quality albums, ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ is a perfect example of this. Souls of Mischief is on top of their game here, track after track of good beats, good flow and good times. There’s not a bad track on this thing, which isn’t too common in music today.  While this might not be 93 this one won’t be out-of-place in your collection, go get it.

1. Intro
2. Won!
3. Postal
4. Tour Stories
5. Skit
6. Proper Aim
7. You Got It
8. Hiero HQ
9. Poets Skit
10. Poets
11. Mr. Freeman Skit
12. Fourmation
13. Dead Man Walkin
14. For Real Y’all
15. Lickity Split
16. Home Game
18. Lalala

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Releases worth getting Dec 1, 2009

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