REVIEW: Teenage Softies/Stolen Parts – Split

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Kiss of Death Records brings out a split that I’m very excited about. Two pretty new bands that I’ve been very impressed with even with that little I’ve heard from them. Teenage Softies, a while back I came across their demo, it’s great. But then I didn’t hear anything from them, I had thought they broken up until they came around on tour. They’re a great band live, if you get the chance check them out. But besides that demo they have nothing out until now. (If I’m wrong about that someone correct me because I need it.) Stolen Parts has a 7” out, it’s pretty great as well, but like the Teenage Softies they’re very lacking in the release department so with the combination of two great bands that need more stuff out and both of their styles I’d think that would make for a great split. Luckily Kiss of Death thought the same, this record fucking rules, don’t pass it up.

‘Gold Teeth’ A short one, starts out with female vocals then cuts in with some evil sounding cookie monster shit. They alternate, it’s so great. You could say it’s some of that ‘gruff pop punk’ but I’d be willing to bet you haven’t heard it like this before.
‘Left In Waiting’ This one is way more mellow, stars off reminding me of a Muffs song. It’s catchy as fuck though. Female vocals taking most of the work again here, but the low male parts aren’t gone. Best song on the record.
‘Second Coming’ This so reminds me of a fucking Jawbreaker song. The sound, the lyrics, everything. It’s like the lost tape. Second best song on the record.
‘782’ This is a little more like the stuff I’m use to hearing from the band. Still great, just a little more punk than the previous song. Still catchy pop punk, it’s a damn quality song.

Teenage Softies:
1. Gold Teeth
2. Left In Waiting
Stolen Parts:
1. Second Coming
2. 782


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I’ve been really lazy when it comes to news lately. So here’s stuff that I’ve missed posting.

The Pillowfights have recorded a couple of Christmas songs, an original and a classic cover. You can get them on their bandcamp –
The Boys Club – EGBDF 7″ is now out on Hang Up Records –
Teenage Softies/Stolen Parts – Split 7″ is now out on Kiss of Death Records –
Timeshares/Captain, We’re Sinking – Split 7” is now out on Kiss of Death Records –
Dead Mechanical – Single Series Volume 52 is out now on Art of the Underground –
The Young Leaves – Single Series Volume 53 is out now on Art of the Underground –
Chixdiggit! - Safeways Here We Come EP out in February on Fat Wreck Chords –
Rational Anthem new 7″ will be out in March on Traffic Street Records –
For Christmas Smokejumper is offering their S/T album for name your price download at their bandcamp –
Stoned at Heart – Party Tracks Vol. 1 is now out on CD on It’s Alive Records –
Lemuria – Pebble LP will be out January 11th on Bridge 9 Records, you can pre-order this at the Bridge 9 site –
Deep Sleep – Turn Me Off LP will be out January 25th on Grave Mistake Records –
House Boat has recorded a new album that will be out on Traffic Street Records –
The Credentials – Goocher LP should be out in April
Pulley is going to be recording a new LP in January
Manowar have rerecorded Battle Hymns

The Nico Blues have made a music video; you can check it out on their site –

Break ups!:
Super shitty news – Full of Fancy is breaking up. Their last show is March 4, 2011 at Asbury Lanes in NJ

Hold Tight! is putting together an East Coast tour in March.


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