Student Bodies is tagged as the world’s first comedy horror movie, I didn’t put in enough effort to research whether or not this was true. If this is true then the movie is pretty impressive seeing as there was nothing to build on. It’s a great prototype for movies like it, and by prototype I mean I wouldn’t throw this around as my final product but it has solid building blocks. There are a lot of gags in here that work very well, like the killer’s silly self narration, or the on-screen body count. But I go back to the term of prototype again because, there’s nothing in there that’s really laugh out loud hilarious, or really even that funny, just some things that you’ll see and think ‘oh that’s pretty funny’. You won’t find a star-studded cast or crew here but that doesn’t matter if things are done right, and I don’t think this film suffers from that. In the movie we’ve got heavy doses of Prom Night/Halloween/Friday the 13th mixed in to spoof off of and serves as the structure. There’s a high school where couples start getting murdered, the one thing they have in common is they always seem to do dying when they’re sexing it up. And of course there’s a mystery of who the killer is which makes a nice twist. If you’re a super fan of spoof movies you might want to check this out, but I wouldn’t go to great lengths searching it out and expecting some sort of super horror comedy, because you will be let down. I think it serves a better purpose of a piece of history, like a window into things to come.

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