REVIEW: Obsessor: Obsession

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Sporting a badass cover that looks like an evil sketch that came from H.P. Lovecraft’s mind we have this single from Obsessor. They’re a metal band from Richmond, VA; they’re here to play dirty punk metal for you. Fans of Direct Control, Government Warning, Wasted Time, and Municipal Waste be on alert for this one.

‘Obsession’ I’m not sure how they fit a three minute song into this span of time when the band is playing as fast as they are. This fucking thrash metal punk song would normally be the type of thing you’d expect to be under a minute and a half but the band keeps it going and we thank you for that. That’s more time to party and run around like the idiots we all are.
‘Underwold’ The vocals seem deeper on this one, which aren’t quite as good but everything else is in place for a fucking great song. More badass riffs and playing at a hundred miles an hour. There’s plenty of song here to wave your fist in the air and sing along with all the other fucking metal heads.

1. Obsession
2. Underwold


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I was pretty stoked to hear this split, I wasn’t familiar with A.N.S. but last year I saw Ramming Speed on tour. I didn’t know who they were at the time but they blew almost everyone else away they were so fucking good. This split starts out with A.N.S. who I was stoked to find out are a fucking quality thrash band. All four of their songs are incredible, this band deserves your attention and if they don’t get it with these songs you may be dead. Ramming Speed made up the other side of this split as I said I happened to catch them at a show, they were incredible and brought it like no one else. Going a hundred and ten miles an hour through their entire set I had to buy some albums right after it ended. This is the first thing I’ve heard from them since that time. Their side of the split isn’t quite as great as some of their albums but it’s still damn good. Three songs that blast through you in about ten minutes. Both sides of this record are fucking awesome though I think A.N.S. may have actually won this one by a hair. Fans of stuff like Municipal Waste, C.O.C., S.O.D., or Nuclear Assault, hell if you’re a fan of thrash in any form you should add this one to your list right now. Out on Tankcrimes!

‘Pine’s Perdition’ This beast opens up with a fucking awesome and fast punk thrash tune, it feels like you’re listening to a coke OD.
‘The Quest Lives On’ From the last song to this one the speed keeps up, this one even starts out faster. This might be even better than the opener.
‘Can’t Let This Go’ This is the backdrop for a party with too much drinking and too much fun. We’ve got an example of skate thrash at its finest right here.
‘Roehrs’ War’ This song is a pretty great metal song, I’m a fan of long metal songs but I do think this goes on a few minutes too long.
‘Betrayed’ Right out of the gate Ramming Speed is in your face going hard and fast. A fucking brutal beat down of a song that doesn’t let up till the end. This song is pretty good but I was actually a little underwhelmed. It seems to be more concentrated on being brutal than good.
‘Last Drop / Dogmatic Horde’ A.N.S. had their eight minute song, Ramming Speeds longest gets to just four minutes, but it’s probably about twenty times faster than the one twice as long. This song kicks a lot of ass from start to finish though.
‘Perdition’ Best Ramming Speed song on the split, this is what I was hoping for the entire time. An incredible piece of thrash that will fill any metal head’s black heart with joy.

1. Pine’s Perdition
2. The Quest Lives On
3. Can’t Let This Go
4. Roehrs’ War

Ramming Speed:
5. Betrayed
6. Last Drop / Dogmatic Horde
7. Perdition

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