Well here’s the last part at our look at some of the new comics out there, this is the 2nd part of the DC comics line.


Grifter – Another book that I tried to like, I’ve never been a big fan of Grifter but I’ve tried to be which I think might be part of the problem. It seems like a good premise but I just can’t bring myself to care, I’m not sure what’s missing here but I think it’s just the entertainment in general that’s missing.

Hawk And Dove – Not much to say here, Hawk And Dove is maybe the worst title that DC has going. It’s amazingly dumb and boring, I’ll be glad when it dies.

I, Vampire – As you might suspect this is a vampire book. DC might be cashing in on the whole vampire craze but if they are they’re doing it right. This book is dark and awesome and a great read. The art is great and so is the story. I thought this might be a lame ass true blood type of thing but instead it’s more of a run for your lives deal.

Justice League – I’ve never liked the super teams (Justice League, Avengers, etc), this book doesn’t change that at all. I really tried to get into it but I just couldn’t bring myself to care.

Justice League Dark – This is like the ‘mystical Justice League’, though it’s still just as boring as the real Justice League.

Justice League International – I’ve never been a fan of super-teams like Justice League and the Avengers but this one had Booster Gold so I was obligated to check it out. Turns out this book is pretty awesome. This team is assembled from the B and C list heroes (with the exception of Batman) and everything is turning out great. This book might make me rethink my views on super-teams.

Legion Lost and Legion Of Super-Heroes – I’m combining these two because it’s going to be short and sweet. I don’t give a fuck about either of these comics.

Men Of War – DC’s war title, I really liked the first issue, it looked like it was going to be one of the best relaunch titles, and too bad issue two dropped the ball pretty badly. From there it continued to spiral down, but there’s an upside, the past two issues have been pretty cool so we might be in for a good title after all.

Mister Terrific – I thought giving Blue Beetle his own title was stupid until I saw Mister Terrific had one, again, a waste of a book.

Nightwing – Not much has changed with Nightwing in the reboot, actually nothing really has and that’s part of what makes this great. If it ain’t broke…ya know. Anyway, Dick Grayson fighting crime, it’s cool.

O.M.A.C. – O.M.A.C. seems like a book that Image would have put out in the 90’s. It’s over the top but not very interesting. After a few issues I cared so little I had to stop reading.

Red Hood And The Outlaws – Jason Todd has been awesome since coming back from the dead so I figured a title with him as the primary guy would be pretty great. The first few issues were exactly that. However the recent two went into a bit of a slump but I have hope that it’ll come back to its greatness, I really like this one.

Red Lanterns – When the different Lantern corps came to be I hate all that up, when I saw the Red Lanterns got their own title I was happy. It seemed like this was going to be a great one, but it got boring pretty fast. I guess you can only take so much rage all the time before it becomes ho hum.

Resurrection Man – Maybe the most enjoyable surprise the DC relaunch had to offer. Resurrection man comes back to live with a new power each time he dies. It’s pretty fucking fantastic.

Static Shock – Static Shock has a weird little nitch. He’s like a kid’s super hero that is alright for everyone to like. I think that’s part of the problem with the book, it tries to appeal to everyone at once. I like it but it’s been on a down slide from the first issue, it needs to do something to pull out of the nose dive fast. I recommend either going kid friendly and just making it a super fun book or turn it dark and go with the adult side (personally I think kid friendly would work better for this).

Stormwatch – Couldn’t get into this one at all. It just seemed dead on the pages.

Suicide Squad – I think the thing most people noticed about this before it launched with the fucked up stupid looking version of Harley Quinn that is featured (hate for DC relaunch rising). I figured this was going to be an awful title, but as it turns out it’s pretty decent. It’s not amazing but I find myself hooked into it pretty quickly.

Superboy – Maybe the worst relaunch that DC did. Superboy is pretty much unreadable, there’s not one good or even decent thing I can say about this title. The only reason I haven’t stopped reading is my super fanboyness of all things related to Superman, but that may come to an end soon.

Supergirl – They fucked up Superman in Action Comics and fucked up Superboy in his own title, luckily they got at least one of the Super-family right. Supergirl has been a great comic, she’s new to Earth, she’s confused and scared and trusts no one but it’s still the Supergirl we know and love. I’m glad this is around.

Superman – After reading Action Comics I considered not even reading Superman, but I couldn’t do that. This is pretty bad and annoying, lots of little changes but it’s nowhere near as bad as Action Comics. I don’t really like this book but I can hang with reading it.

Swamp Thing – Swamp Thing has been another spotlight of the DC relaunch, this book has been awesome. It reboots Swamp Thing but doesn’t throw the history in the trash. Every issue has been new and exciting. The story they’ve got going sucks you in pretty quick and the art is great.

Teen Titans – Teen Titans is a team I’ve always kind of liked but never really liked. This book doesn’t do much to change that. It’s a pretty good but it’s not the best thing out there. My biggest annoyance with this is it features Red Robin, I like Red Robin a lot, it’s awesome, but with the relaunch one of the changes was his suit, and I hate the new suit. It just reminds me how much I hate the whole relaunch every time I see it.

The Flash – The Flash like Aquaman is a guy that I liked as a kid but then gave up on. I was hoping this relaunch would bring me back to the world of the Flash much like Aquaman’s book did. Unfortunately this has the same problem that drove me away from the Flash in the first place, it’s just not entertaining. The title is pretty damn boring, I just recently gave up, and after four issues I couldn’t do it anymore.

The Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men – Firestorm is one that I liked a lot as a kid too, but I never stopped liking Firestorm, it seems that DC did though. When I saw he had his own title I was happy, and I stayed that way for a while. But it didn’t last. The book seems to be all over the place, it’s not that entertaining and doesn’t really seem to know where it’s going, it’s a shame too because it had a lot going for it.

The Savage Hawkman – Hawkman is a character I thought might benefit from the relaunch. It’s kind of been bitched lately and this could have been a chance to return to glory. Too bad this title seems like it flopped on its face. It seems to be a lot of cheesy action and a weak story. I stopped reading after a few issues much to my own dismay.

VooDoo – I had no idea what to expect out of VooDoo, turns out it’s pretty awesome. The government is tracking an alien on Earth. Parts of this are pretty brutal too, it seems like it’d make a great Sci-Fi movie. This book is another one of the great titles I didn’t see coming.

Wonder Woman – I never got into Wonder Woman, maybe because I’m a dude, I donno. Anyway the first issue of this was awesome; I was completely turned around on Wonder Woman. But then issue two came out and it seemed under whelming and issue three then four, basically it got real boring real fast. It’s a damn shame.


(Favorite DC titles Penguin, DC Universe Online Legends, All-Star Western, Batgirl, Batman, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, Green Lantern, Justice League International, Nightwing, Resurrection Man, Supergirl, Swamp Thing, VooDoo)