REVIEW: Teenage Gluesniffers: Chinese Demography

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Teenage Gluesniffers are back at it, this time with a seven song EP. There were some great helping hands on this record members of Low Dèrive can be heard on backups and Chris Fogal from the Gamits’ mastered all the tracks. If you haven’t heard this band by now this is a perfect time to jump on board, these guys just keep getting better and this is just further proof of that. All of these songs are top notch; though personally I think ‘Back from Pasalacqua’ is my favorite. If I’m telling people to check out some pop punk bands you can bet Teenage Gluesniffers is high on that list, recently I put them on a mix I made for a girl, though if I could do it again I’d replace it with a song from this. These seven songs are fast (but not too fast), tight and super catchy. I’ve just been listening to this on repeat for the past hour or so, it’s really fucking great. You can get it September 8th for digital download the band’s Bandcamp page If you’re one of those tape weirdos Teenage Gluesniffers is doing a limited number of tapes that you can pick up, personally though I’m hoping for a record release somewhere down the line, any label would be a goofball to pass on this. If you dig pop punk you’ve got to check out Chinese Demography. And if this band ever tours America I’ll be there for sure.

1. Reinventing Mao Tse-tung
2. Sick Of You
3. Everytime
4. For You
5. My Inferno
6. Back from Pasalacqua
7. Bad Reputation

Releases Worth Getting September 11, 2012

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Grave Digger: Clash of the Gods
Lewis Black: In God We Rust
Apathy: Vol. 3-Fire Walk With Me:It’s the Bootleg Muthaf-K
Apathy: Alien Tongue
Teenage Gluesniffers: Chinese Demography
Dude Jams/Pure Graft split

Killer Klowns From Outer Space
30 Rock: Season Six
Thank You Les
Hammer House Of Horror – The Complete Series

REVIEW: Geoff Useless/Teenage Gluesniffers

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Here’s a split record that I was very excited to hear. Two great sides, three covers, one original. The fact that it only has one original song is a little odd, but that’s alright because there isn’t a weak point on this record. The first side is Geoff Useless, both of Geoff’s songs are covers, the first one is a Pinkerton Thugs song and the second a Green Day one. I’m not really familiar with the Pinkerton Thugs, but I do know I like this song a lot. The second song is a cover of Green Day’s ‘86’; Geoff has a great spin on this song and really owns it. Both of these are great but I think I like the first one just a bit more. The Teenage Gluesniffers also have a Green Day cover; they do ‘Church on Sunday’ its a little closer to the original than Geoff Useless’ is. But before that we’re treated to what I think is the best song on the record, and the only original. Teenage Gluesniffers’ ‘Smell of Summer’. It’s a fast catchy pop punk song, everything I love about this style of music. As far as Green Day covers go, both bands do a different version of the songs, but I’ve got to rate them evenly. But since Teenage Gluesniffers has the best song on the record I’ve got to give them the win for this one, though Geoff Useless had a great offering. If you’re looking to pick this up you have plenty of options, this record came to be thanks to four labels, Lost Youth Records, Making Believe Records, Teen Punks Records, and Knowhere Records. Any pop punk fans should be scooping this record up, it brings Portsmouth, NH and Milan, Italy a little bit closer through the power of pop punk.

Geoff Useless:
1. Scrawny Fuck
2. 86

Teenage Gluesniffers
1. Smell of Summer
2. Church on Sunday

Top 15 Splits of 2011

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I love split records, you get two bands for the price of one. There’s a lot of really great records on this list.


  1. Jetty Boys/Be My Doppelganger
  2. Direct Hit/Tit Patrol
  3. Candy Hearts/Sister Kisser
  4. Billy Raygun/Lipstick Homicide
  5. Spraynard/Sundials
  6. Iron Chic/Pacer
  7. Dopamines/Dear Landlord
  8. The Queers & Killtime
  9. Caffiends/Rock N Roll Television
  10. Prozacs/No Intention
  11. Shang-A-Lang/Rumspringer
  12. The Wild/Run, Forever
  13. Wax Phantom/Criminal Culture
  14. Unwelcome Guests/255’s
  15. Teenage Gluesniffers/Geoff Useless

REVIEW: Italian Idiot: The First Italian Tribute to Green Day

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Making Believe Records and Da Kila Records team up for the first Italian Tribute to Green Day. Now from the title I assume you know what the album is. We’ve got nineteen Green Day songs covered by different Italian bands. This tribute album is fucking great; almost every song is top notch. This might actually now my favorite tribute album of all time. If you’re a Green Day fan this is a must own, and I’d even say if you’re not a Green Day fan still check it out, you might find something on here that you dig.

‘Maria’ A song that was unreleased until the International Superhits album and here to start things off with it are theNasty Cats, I figured they’d be a good fit for this since they seem to have very heavy Green Day influences. Simply put, this is one of the best Green Day covers I’ve ever heard.
‘Church On Sunday’ Teenage Gluesniffers are another band who I’ve been really stoked on lately. They don’t have a big Green Day sound, more of a bubblegum pop punk band butthey’re great. They’re covering a song from my favorite album, Warning. I love the way this thing sounds, it takes the pop punk side of Green Day and cranks it waaaay up.
‘Words I Might Have Ate’ Succo Marcio turns back time a bit with a song off of Kerplunk!This one took a little bit to grow on me, but that only took about two seconds. This does a great job of mixing more of the Green Day sound with pop punk, and it’s got some killer guitar work.
‘Waiting’ Again we go back to the best (for my money) album, Warning. Acid Colourtakes a step in a really weird direction. I’m not sure if I like this cover or not, it’s like a synth power pop version. But I think I might like it, though I’m not too big on the ending.
‘Good Riddance’ Cani Pazzi steps in to cover one of Green Day’s bigger songs off of Nimrod.This is punched up with more energy than the original and it works really well. This was one of the songs where Green Day mellowed out to record but Cani Pazzi has added the punk rock back into it.
‘Ha Ha You’re Dead’ Not released until the Shenanigans compilation album Killtime is in with a great cover of ‘Ha Ha You’re Dead’. This sounds a lot like Green Day, these guys do a killer job with this cover.
‘She’ Another one of the Green Day mega songs, off of their most recognized album, Dookie. Face Off takes a crack at itand knocks it out of the park. This is pretty much a perfect cover, I saw Iron Chic cover this song, but I think Face Off does an even better job.
‘Uptight’ We go back to Nimrod for the next cover, and doing it is another super pop punk band I’ve been into recently, Teenage Bubblegums.Dual female and male vocals add a totally new take to the song. They manage to keep the song the same and turn it into something totally different at the same time, this is an amazing cover.
‘Basket Case’ Back to Dookie with another giant hit for the band, I’d say this is arguably Green Day’s best known song and Rivelardes are brave enough to step up to the challenge of covering it. From the first five seconds it’s clear that they had nothing to worry about, this is a flawless cover that any Green Day fan would be happy with.
‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ Now what I think is the biggest challenge, as much as I like the band I’ve always thought ‘American Idiot’ was their one, completely terrible album. But Nadia Lanfranconi is here to give some credit to this awful song. This sounds like something that would be in a Disney movie, it’s really a nice version of the song (way better than the original).
‘F.O.D.’ Back to the super hits and back to Dookie, Frozen Brains is here to cover this classic song.They bring a good version to the song but it doesn’t quite stand out as much as I was hoping for. Still though, they do a real good job with it.
‘Going To Pasalaqua’ Hangers are up next with the first cover from 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours album. They bring a high energy pop punk version of this song that I dig a lot.
‘Westbound Sign’ Another first, Kill That Girl (another band that I enjoy a lot) is here with the first entry from the Insomniac album. They do an incredible pop punk version of the song, everything about this song I like a lot. The background vocals really pop too.
‘Brain Stew’ Back to back Insomniac entries, Hot Dog in the mix now to cover another one of the top tier Green Day hits. It’s almost a garage rock version of the song, which I think fits this perfectly, I don’t think there’s a lot of Green Day songs that would match up with this style as well as this one.
‘Hitchin’ A Ride’ Plutonio 113 takes us back to the Nimrod album; their twist on this song is a good one. It’s subtle but enough to notice and works well with this song more of a straight rock version of the song than the original.
‘One For The Razorbacks’ Going back to Kerplunk for the first time in a while Flowers does a cover that I don’t think I’m too into. I think it’s mainly the vocals. It’s not too bad, but stands out as weak when it’s alongside the rest of this album.
‘Coming Clean’ Biffers bring us back to the Dookie album this song suffers from the same thing as the last one; I’m just not feeling the vocals. Though the band is mostly on point with this one.
‘Welcome To Paradise’ More Dookie with this next one, if Basket Case isn’t Green Day’s most recognized song then My Burning Wings is covering it right now. This is great, though it sounds like it was recorded in a basement, which I’m still not sure is a great thing or something that really hurts it. Either way this is a fantastic cover.
‘Rest’ Allex N July takes us way back to 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours one more time to close out this compilation album. An acoustic version of the song, that doesn’t really work. It’s pretty decent but not that great.

1. Nasty Cats – Maria
2. Teenage Gluesniffers – Church On Sunday
3. Succo Marcio – Words I Might Have Ate
4. Acid Colour – Waiting
5. Cani Pazzi – Good Riddance
6. Killtime – Ha Ha You’re Dead
7. Face Off – She
8. Teenage Bubblegums – Uptight
9. Rivelardes – Basket Case
10. Nadia Lanfranconi – Wake Me Up When September Ends
11. Frozen Brains – F.O.D.
12. Hangers – Going To Pasalaqua
13. Kill That Girl – Westbound Sign
14. Hot Dog – Brain Stew
15. Plutonio 113 – Hitchin’ A Ride
16. Flowers – One For The Razorbacks
17. Biffers – Coming Clean
18. My Burning Wings – Welcome To Paradise
19. Allex N July – Rest

Get it from Making Believe Records HERE

Weekly Label Profile: No Breaks Records

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Name: No Breaks Records
Lifespan: 2008-Current
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Full of Fancy, Jizz Kids, Los Di Maggios, New Creases, Prozacs, Sass Dragons, Teenage Gluesniffers, Jonesin’
No Breaks may not be the biggest label around but they’re one of the best places to get some great pop punk bands. They’ve put out great stuff like Full of Fancy, New Creases, Prozacs and Teenage Gluesniffers. It’s a pretty good lineup without all sounding the same, plus if you’ve already got their stuff the No Breaks Records site has one of the coolest distros around. Search through it, I dare you not to find something you’ve been looking for, they will have it. Plus it’s ran by a pretty rad dude, get out there and support No Breaks!

REVIEW: Teenage Gluesniffers: Nervous Breakdown

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Mind Rot Records is here to release the Teenage Gluesniffers album Nervous Breakdown. They’re from Milan, Italy, I’ve been listening to a lot of punk from Italy lately and this is some of the best, if not the best, that I’ve heard recently. This album is a lot of fun but it’s not just fun filler, start to finish it’s great song after great song. One of the best pop punk albums I’ve heard all year. We’ve got song about everything stress, hate, remembering old times, burning things, going crazy, pop punk, being a loser, love. Everything you need for your punk rock life.

‘Nervous Breakdown’ Not a Black Flag cover, instead the intro to this great pop punk album in the form of a great song. This might not be a Black Flag cover but much like their song this is about being under too much stress and pressure.
‘Down in the Ground’ This song is full of some hate, but it sounds so good. The nice melody against the hateful lyrics rules.
‘Back to the 90’s’ The nostalgia song, wanting to go back to times were better, more fun, more real, the 90’s. This album just keeps getting better and this song continues that trend.
‘I Wanna Be a Pyro’ Picking up speed, and talking about the fun of burning things. I mean really, you know fire is cool, Teenage Gluesniffers just sing what you’re thinking.
‘No Time To Say Goodbye’ This one is a little depressing if you listen to the lyrics, but if you ignore them it sounds all happy. Either way you want to go about it it’s going to be a good jam.
‘Under The Stairs’ An odd crazy song, about crazy. There’s something under the stairs…or is there?
‘(I Need A) Brainwash’ Maybe a continuation of the previous song, sometimes you just need a brainwash to wash everything away. Another instant pop punk classic.
‘I Wrote A Cool Song About Pop Punk (I Bet You Didn’t)’ Ha! A great little song (thirty seconds) about pop punk, really seems to be an anti-pop punk song.
‘Losers Parade’ Another super fast song, almost too quick to keep up with. As you might guess about losers, assholes, jerks, etc.
‘Sick Sad World’ The world sucks sometimes and you wanna get away, that’s basically what we’ve got here.
‘Our Last Valentine’s day’ Slowest song on here, almost an acoustic speed, but it kicks it up some after the intro. We’ve also got guest female vocals here, which I’m always a fan of. An awesome punk duet.

1. Nervous Breakdown
2. Down in the Ground
3. Back to the 90’s
4. I Wanna Be a Pyro
5. No Time To Say Goodbye
6. Under The Stairs
7. (I Need A) Brainwash
8. I Wrote A Cool Song About Pop Punk (I Bet You Didn’t)
9. Losers Parade
10. Sick Sad World
11. Our Last Valentine’s day


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