The Cottage Records brings us this 7” record from Weak Teeth. This self titled piece of vinyl kicks a whole lotta ass in a short amount of time. Less than nine minutes is all this five song EP needs to blast through your speakers. I’ll be the first to admit that I hate most new hardcore that comes around today, but Weak Teeth takes me back to high school, when there was a lot of screamo based hardcore, now most of that shit sucked but there were some real good bands in there too. If this record came out back then Weak Teeth would be one of the great bands. They come in hard and fast and don’t let up until the very end and not the end of the song until the end of the EP. Most of the songs are pretty short, one of them isn’t even a minute long but they’re fast hard hitting and fucking hardcore. With this record playing you can feel a pit around you, even if it’s just in your head. If you’re a fan of things like The Exploder, Pg. 99 (pageninetynine), or Charm City Suicides this band will most likely quench your hardcore thirst.

1. Welcome To Mensa
2. Facebath
3. You Have Selected No
4. September 30th
5. …And They Shall Inherit The Ear