SHOWS I SEEN: The Dwarves – October 29th 20?? – Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

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Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

Wednesday October 29th 20??

Reptilian Records presents:


The Dwarves – This was the first time I ever saw the Dwarves and the best time. A lot of it had to do with the crowd filled with old punk rockers totally enjoying the show and stopping douches from being douches. There’s few things I’ve experienced at a show more satisfying than hearing an entire place filled with people singing along to ‘You Gotta Burn’. Though a bunch of douche bag kids doing spin kicks on the floor only to be overtaken by a title wave of old punk rockers moshing and circle pitting was pretty close.

The A.K.A.’s – This was the only time I saw the A.K.A.’s and that’s a shame because they were really good. They had a kind of strange and totally fun sound. They had a lot of great energy on stage too; I immediately bought their album after they played. Sadly it would be their only really great album release.

The Goons – The Goons were the weak link of this show, they weren’t bad but they just weren’t up to the standard of everyone else here. The only real problem was that the Goons were just super generic punk. They were good at what they did; I’d just heard it a billion times before.

The Means – The Means were incredible. I had no idea who these guys were before but after seeing them I bought everything they’d released. They were only second to the Dwarves on this show. They had a weird punk/hardcore/tiny bit of screamo thing going. I’d never heard a band like them, and still haven’t to this day. They were great on stage too, they played really well and even had a few jokes that made me laugh. Sadly this was the only time I saw them. Check these guys out if you haven’t, they’re still really great.

Top 25 Albums of 2011

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Albums this year was pretty tough, there are some good ones that were left off. Speaking of ones left off there are some releases that were not included. Some of the reasons were if they were compilations, covers and live material. While there has been some great stuff this year put out that matches this I don’t think it’d be fair. There are even one or two things I left off of here because it was mostly compilation, or previously released material. So if you think I missed something, think about that first…then violently disagree with me.



  1. Motorhead: The World Is Yours
  2. House Boat: The Thorns of Life
  3. Alestorm: Back Through Time
  4. Deep Sleep: Turn Me Off
  5. Sundials: Never Settle
  6. Raphael Saadiq: Stone Rollin’
  7. Night Birds: The Other Side of Darkness
  8. Rendondo Beat: Meet Rendondo Beat
  9. Samiam: Trips
  10. Alice Cooper: Welcome 2 My Nightmare
  11. Dude Jams: How To Abuse Everything
  12. Wizard: …Of Wariwulfs And Bluotvarwes
  13. Power Quest: Blood Alliance
  14. Joss Stone: LP1
  15. Timeshares: Bearable
  16. Mind Spiders: Mind Spiders
  17. The Underground Railroad to Candyland: Knows Your Sins
  18. The Dwarves: Are Born Again
  19. The Slow Death: Born Ugly Got Worse
  20. Spraynard: Funtitled
  21. The Carmines: Older, Fatter, Wider
  22. Brickmower: Under The Sink
  23. Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers: Rare Bird Alert
  24. Young Mountain: Billion Times Around
  25. The Barreracudas: Nocturnal Missions

Weekly Label Profile: Sympathy For The Record Industry

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Name: Sympathy For The Record Industry
Lifespan: 1988-Current
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Melvins, Mummies, Supersuckers, The Muffs, The Dwarves, Bad Religion, Roky Erickson, Man Or Astroman?, The’s, The Chubbies, The Eyeliners, The White Stripes, The Excessories, The (International) Noise Conspiracy
Sympathy For The Record Industry is really an amazing label. It’s been going for about 30 years and has always been a one-man operation, that alone is pretty impressive but add to that that they’ve got close to 800 releases and it’s pretty mind blowing. Mostly known as a punk label, but really that’s painting them in a corner that they do not belong in, Sympathy For The Record Industry is a very diverse label. Where else are you going to find records put out for both the White Stripes and the Dwarves? If you’re a record nerd chances are you’ve got more than a few of theirs in your collection. The label isn’t as active as it use to be but hopefully that changes sometime soon.

REVIEW: My First Time: A Collection of First Punk Show Stories

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My First time is a collection of stories of people’s first punk shows. This book has its ups and downs; it really depends on who is writing the story. Some of these are really great, but then there are some that are pretty shitty and boring. Then there’s a few that don’t even tell of the show. Compiled by Chris Duncan this originally started out as a zine, or part of one. At some point it fell to AK Press who put it out as a book instead. Weighing in at 181 pages all the stories average about three pages each so it won’t be killing you to read them. Because of the short stories, or chapters it makes for a pretty quick read too. I always find it interesting to read about this type of thing, kind of a small part or a window to an autobiography, or just talk of the scene at the time. Here’s a small quick taste of what you’ll get.

Andrew Scott - The general insanity of the show, thinking the floor was going to cave in and everyone is going to die.

Andy Shoup – Amping himself up to stage dive only to chicken out…then later find out Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks told the story of how he almost broke his neck stage diving and asked everyone not to when Andy went for a piss break.

Jillian Lauren – Her friend Jackie sweeping her into the punk rock world when gone she had for a visit. Then later at the show getting knocked out in the pit, by a random flying foot. Only to be rescued by the boy who knocked her out, and instantly fall for him when she regained consciousness.

Jamie Reilly – This is a real heart breaker, Jamie got tickets, and got the older girl he was crushing on to agree to take him/go on a date. Then she gets grounded. Finally getting to the show then gets mistaken for an acid holder.

Blag Dahlia (the Dwarves) – One of my favorites even though this really has nothing to do with the show. A show he couldn’t get into so instead he and a friend sit on the curb, smoked weed and drink. Then with a walk to the liquor store an argument ensues with a drunken girl and her asshole boyfriend.

Anna Brown – Doing acid, then because she can’t go home tripping she goes to Gilman. There she finds a cute boy and plays some basketball and gets welcomed to the punk community.

Russ Rankin (Good Riddance) – Generally talks about the amazingness of the Gilman community.

David Boisineau – This motherfucker, this fucking motherfucker saw the Descendents when he was 11! Goddamn!

Sto Cinders – The sorted tale of underage drinking, and seeing Sick of it All at the 9:30 club in DC.

Joe Queer (The Queers) – The tale of the show is sort of glazed over here, we mostly get a great story of him and wimpy doing acid and tripping while trying to drive home.

Get My First Time: A Collection of First Punk Show Stories from Amazon HERE


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After reading Nina you realize just how much of a fucked up vile human being Blag Dahlia is. However that is, of course, the reason we all love him. For those of you that do not know this is the same Blag Dahlia of the punk band the Dwarves, and if you think the Dwarves lyrics are too tame for you a little while back Blag started a venture into book writing. His first book, Armed to the Teeth With Lipstick, was more of a seedy sci-fi detective story, but Nina takes a totally different direction. Nina is the story of a teenage girl who has no remorse and makes no apologies for her actions. There’s plenty of sex in this book, but the drugs and rock n roll is lacking. Instead you get more sex, death, and a lot of cold-bloodedness. While I did like Blag’s first book better this one does have a fucked up charm to it. Only 110 pages and short chapters (which I’m a personal fan of) you should be able to breeze through it pretty quickly then take some time to let everything you just read sink in.

Get Nina from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Candy Now: Candy Now

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Blag Dahlia, punk rock legend from the Dwarves, you might not think he has a softer side after ‘Blood Guts and Pussy’ or maybe after reading his books about doing drugs on mars but if you heard his single ‘Metrosexual Man’ you know he has more of a goofy side. Now with Candy Now we get yet another Blag. Together with Angelina Moysov Candy Now is born, more of a pop/lounge band than anything else. Some Dwarves fans might not be into it but there’s nothing bad about this album. Filled with fun, catchy songs featuring Blag and Angelina on vocals, makes for a great combo. Any fans of bubblegum rock be on the lookout for this one, its sugar sweet.
1. Everloving You
2. Alice
3. Bachelorette
4. Take Me to Your Leader [Greedy Bros Remix]
5. Waiting Here for You
6. On Your Side
7. Revolving
8. When You Were Mine
9. I Think Your Boyfriend’s Dead and I Love You
10. Do What You Wanna
11. He Who Laughs Last
12. Bitch I Love You

Get Candy Now from Amazon HERE

Weekly Label Profile: Recess Records

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Name: Recess Records
Lifespan: 1989-current
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Beatnik Termites, Ben Weasel, The Dwarves, F.Y.P.,I Spy, Propagandhi, Screeching Weasel, Toys That Kill
Info: Started in 1989 in California by Todd Congelliere to put out F.Y.P. records Recess Records has done pretty well for itself since then. They’ve gone from being run out of a bedroom to an apartment to a real warehouse. They’ve put out your small bands that most people don’t know to legends like Screeching Weasel. And are showing no signs of slowing down the punk rock.

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