REVIEW: Prabu Pramayougha: WAH!

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CoverPrabu Pramayougha (formally of Saturday Night Karaoke) is back with another fucking great EP. Prabu has a great form of pop punk that’s equally as good as many of the best bands from the past ten years of pop punk, this one seems to have a little bit of a 90’s sound to it too though. Pretty simple songs that are catchy as fuck are going to have you listening to this a lot. There are the short songs (the first two, one of which being under thirty seconds) and the longer ones (the last two, the last one is over five minutes) and it all evens out. I hope the next release we get from Prabu Pramayougha is an album or at least a longer EP because I can’t get enough of this stuff.

1. Exp #48: How To Execute A Mushy Tune Abruptly
2. SSFLMD Numero Quatro
3. Keep On Dancing!
4. E.C.D.T.

Get it from Prabu Pramayougha HERE

REVIEW: Punxelated Photo Zine

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Simply put, this guy takes the best live band photos I’ve ever seen, they’re just fucking amazing. In 2012 Marc (the photographer) decided to put some of them together in a photo zine, I was stoked and picked it up at Insub Fest. This thing is pretty awesome; it’s twenty five or thirty pages of nice thick paper with these great full color photos. It’s got pictures from tons of bands Descendents, Hammerhead, Cock Sparrer, Municipal Waste, Propagandhi, Bad Religion, Hanson Brothers, The Queers, Punch, The Ergs!, The Dopamines, and Paint It Black just to name a few. Another great thing about this is Marc takes the time to write about what it’s like going to all these punk shows and taking photos at all of them. It’s a great combination of personal experience and great photos. If you like punk rock and enjoy looking at photos of said bands and even like to hear what it’s like being in the mix then you’ve got to check out Punxelated. I really hope there are more issues to come because this one is great. Coincidently I’m also wearing the Mikey Erg shirt featured in here as I write this.

Get it HERE

REVIEW: Saturday Night Karaoke: So I Can Write a Song About It + Bonus

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If you don’t know Saturday Night Karaoke, well you should get to know them. They’re a pretty good pop punk band from Indonesia. They’ve put out a few EP’s and so far all of them have been good. Here’s their first EP from back in 2008. The album cover is almost a one panel comic, which I think embodies pop punk pretty well.

‘Flaming Adolescent Passion on a Red Hair Chick From The Other Side Of The World’ Things start out with a song that has an amazingly long title but luckily it’s pretty good. Seems like the joining of The Ergs and Chixdiggit. As with many bands, and every pop punk band in the history of pop punk, it’s a song about a girl. This one on the internet, same ol’ story, new technology.
‘S.I.A.T.’ I could do without the harmonica at the beginning of this song. After that I can’t say that I can understand the lyrics but I definitely like the song.
‘Discipline Girl’ The recording quality on this is pretty bad but the song is pretty good. Reminds me of some of the faster Ataris stuff, back when they were still a good band, or some old Green Day. I miss most of the lyrics because of the recording which is a shame, because this sounds like a real good one.
‘Totally Ass’ I think the band was under the influence of some Angry Samoans for this one. It’s not great, but I wouldn’t call it bad either. Either way, it’s under a minute so you don’t get much time to know it.
‘It Took 18 Minutes to Write This One (crapcoustic)’ This song is fucking awesome, from the title I’m going to assume they weren’t too fond of this song but I think it’s the best one on the EP. An acoustic jam that could hang with many of the great acoustic pop punk songs around. Lyrically it reminds me very much of something Mikey Erg would do, it’s pretty incredible.

1. Flaming Adolescent Passion on a Red Hair Chick From The Other Side Of The World
2. S.I.A.T.
3. Discipline Girl
4. Totally Ass
5. It Took 18 Minutes to Write This One (crapcoustic)

Kind Of Like Smitten EP

I normally won’t review a cover album or in this case EP, but I figured this needed some recognition. Especially since it’s so damn good. It’s got a pretty stoked looking girl on the front and some pretty flawless versions of ergs songs inside, not to mention an original jam. Released back in April of 2011 on tape (ugh), luckily there were mp3’s too. Ergs fans get into it!!

‘First Song, Side One – A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part II’ I said some of these were pretty flawless and this is a great example. The band covers things here pretty well and the vocals even sound kind of like Mikey. Hell they’ve even got some clapping.
‘Kind Of Like Smitten’ This one doesn’t quite match up to the original as well, but that’s just because they did such a great job with the first song. This is another incredible cover, the vocals sound a little less Mikey-like but it’s Ergs enough for me.
‘Introducing Morissey’ My personal favorite Ergs song ever, and I like how the band added a live Ergs into onto it. I couldn’t have asked for a better cover here. Saturday Night Karaoke has proved they’re a band that can keep up with the best of em.
‘FM Year Sucks (Boredcoustic)’ Maybe it’s because this was in behind three Ergs covers but this song has kind of an Ergs to it. It’s acoustic, it starts out with happy birthday, it’s got a shaker in it, a little jazzy at times, but none of that is bad.

1. First Song, Side One – A Very Pretty Song For A Very Special Young Lady Part II
2. Kind Of Like Smitten
3. Introducing Morissey
4. FM Year Sucks (Boredcoustic)

SHOWS I SEEN: Celebrated Summer 2nd Anniversary Show – 10 Car Pile Up – Towson, MD

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10 Car Pile Up – Towson, MD

September 27th, 2008

Celebrated Summer 2nd Anniversary Show


This was pretty incredible, and I didn’t even get to see the whole thing. I’ve been going to shows for around fifteen years and this is one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Add to that this was an anniversary show for my favorite record store of all (Celebrated Summer Records) time AND the Ergs last Maryland show (they were breaking up and making their last rounds), there was a lot going on here. If you walked outside of the venue there was crowds of people lined up for blocks, if you saw the crowd and you were just passing by you had to be wondering what was going on, it looked more like Celebrated Summer fest! Now I mentioned that I left early, after the Ergs amazing fucking set we were wiped the fuck out, so much so that my buddy that I came with couldn’t go anymore so we had to roll out. I’m sure this show continued to be amazing (and was from what I heard) we missed Ruiner, Pulling Teeth, and Government Warning. That lineup alone would have made for an awesome hardcore show, so yeah, we fucked up. But even with that this was still incredible.


Brain Dead – These guys were pretty ok, I’d never seen them before or heard of them. Not the best band but they seemed like they were having fun.

Sick Fix – I’d heard a ton of good things about Sick Fix but had never heard them before. Unfortunately I wasn’t into them at all. Female fronted punk rock is normally up my alley but I actually think the vocals were a big part of why I wasn’t into this one. They band seemed like good people though.

Deep Sleep – I’d seen Deep Sleep a few times before; they had a really good set, the best I had seen of theirs up to this point. This was the show that actually put them on a higher expectation level as far as live performances for me, it ruled.

The Ergs – The Ergs! Holy…fucking…shit. The Ergs are one of my favorite bands of all time; I’ve seen them many times. This was their last Maryland show and I was bummed about it but excited to see them again. I was pretty sure I was going to their last show at this point but it wasn’t 100% so I needed this. (I did end up going to the last show…it wasn’t even as good as this one! That’s how great this was!). To sum it up simply this is THE best set I’ve ever seen in my entire life (Not counting Iron Maiden). As soon as the first song his it was like “Oh shit these people are nuts”. It was one of those fight for your life to stay up front sets. By the second song I was out of oxygen but still hanging in there. Someone would stage dive, you’d catch them but right after a second person would jump onto you both then before you could get up in would come a third to add to the pile. My shoes came untied, which happened to be a good thing because they acted as an anchor when people stepped on them. About half the crowd got up on stage, people were crowd surfing on stage, over top of the band. I was waiting for someone to fall and get impaled on the drum set. I wish I could relive this set once a month; it was the best thing to ever happen. After the set people just stood around sucking air trying to get a grip on life again, I talked to Mikey and thanked the Ergs for being great, then was talked into leaving early.

Weekly Label Profile: Salinas Records

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Name: Salinas Records
Lifespan: 2003-Curent
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Thousandaires, Delay, The Measure [sa], Unwelcome Guests, Potboiler, The Ergs!, One Reason, North Lincoln
Salinas Records is a punk record label that’s been around for a little while. When I say punk label I don’t mean you can buy the newest Casualties album from them, but instead you’ll find something much better. They go more the indie/pop punk route of things, just over twenty five releases and most of them are pretty damn quality. They do a fair amount of splits along with EP’s as well as some full lengths, one way or another you’ll get your money’s worth out of them. If you’ve got a record in your hand you haven’t heard before and see the Salinas name on it, there’s a fair chance that you’re getting something good out of it.

Weekly Label Profile: Don Giovanni Records

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Name: Don Giovanni Records
Lifespan: 2003-Current
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Full of Fancy, The Measure [sa], Pregnant, Dustheads, The Ergs!, For Science, The Steinways
Don Giovanni Records has been around about eight years, in that time they’ve pumped out almost forty releases. Some people might not think that sounds like a lot but when you look at the products they’ve brought forth to the world you can tell it’s very much a case of quality over quaintly. And while everything they put out might not be the greatest they’ve released some of my favorite pop punk albums of all time. They’ve branched from that pop punk bubble to some harder straight punk and rock titles but I think they’re best stuff has always been their pop releases. Full of Fancy’s latest album marked their latest and 36th release, another top notch notch in their belt. Hopefully we see a continued line of great things from Don Giovanni, because when I hear they’ve got something new coming out I always take note, and you should too.

REVIEW: Ergquist: 42,069 Seconds With

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Great music in a very simple form, that’s pretty much what Ergquist is. The band has very few ingredients but takes it to some next level quality. Making up the band is Mikey Erg (from The Ergs! and a million other bands) on guitar and Marisa Bergquist (from the Besties) on keyboard. This four song CD snuck in under the radar all quiet like but is one of the best things put out this year. If you don’t own this you need to, it basically sounds exactly how you’d expect it to, the Ergs mixed with the Besties, and it’s phenomenal. You can order it through their myspace page, self put out CD that is pretty awesome, mine came with a note and shark paper (Thanks Marisa!).

‘Breaker’ This song features both Mikey and Marisa equally doing vocals, a great little pop rock song, probably my second favorite on the EP, I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to this song.
‘Song Against Ian Raymond’ After Insubordination Fest I saw a Mikey Erg solo performance, he played this song, holy shit it was like a lost Ergs song. This song is ridiculously amazing, maybe the best song I’ve heard (from anyone) since the Ergs broke up.
‘Old Books’ Marisa on lead vocals, Mikey doing backup on this super catchy indie pop song. It’s got a bouncy upbeat feel to it, but the lyrics aren’t so upbeat. About this time I’m REALLY wishing there was an entire Ergquist album instead of just an EP, because I want so much more of it!
‘Your Star Is Killing Me’ Ending it is a Chisel Cover, I’m not familiar with Chisel, so I looked up the song to compare the original and this cover. Turns out Chisel is pretty great and this is a really good song. Now being that I just looked it up after hearing the cover I may be bias but Ergquist version slays the original, and I really dug the original version. This is a pretty great song. Mikey and Marisa are sharing vocal duties pretty equally again here.

1. Breaker
2. Song Against Ian Raymond
3. Old Books
4. Your Star Is Killing Me (Chisel Cover)

Get it from No Breaks Records HERE

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