REVIEW: Pity Party: Do A Little Dance

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pity_largePity Party is a pretty new band, this is their first solo EP and it’s out on Bloated Kat Records. It reminds me a bit of a more pop punk version of The Measure or Unwelcome Guests. That makes a lot of sense though since it’s made up of members of the Measure [sa], Sexy Crimes and Mikey Erg. This EP is really fucking great, like every song you think ‘this song is really great’ then the next song is even better. It’s a hit machine but on one seven inch slab of vinyl. This really is the first must own 7″ of the year. Stop fucking around and go buy it right now.

1. Dead By Dawn
2. Dishwashers
3. Fortification
4. Joel’s Dream
5. New Butts
6. You Lock Just Us
7. Lost Friends

Get it from Bloated Kat Records HERE

REVIEW: V/A: Kind of Like A Comp

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At the Fest 9 last year Kind of Like Records gave away sunglasses with a link to download this compilation. Now that they’ve got a download section on their website they’re offering it up on a digital plate to us all to enjoy. And enjoy I did, out of these twenty two songs there’s very few in here that aren’t top quality. I’m not sure who picked out these songs but they deserve a high five, they managed to pick out some of the best songs by these groups to put together a great compilation here. If you’re looking for something that’ll give you a good spread of some new punk and pop punk bands that are around this is a great place to start that search.


‘Crushed By Milwaukee’s Best’ Starting things out with a great band and a great song, with a slow easy intro going into a song with some energy to it they ease you into this compilation with some harmonies and catchiness.

‘Hey That’s My Blood!’ The O Pioneers!!! Have always been a hit or miss band for me, with a lot more misses than hits. But this is a pretty good song by the band. More of a straight rock song than a lot of their stuff.

‘John Shoe’ A pretty fun song from Bangers, I’m not very familiar with this band but this is a decent showing from them. A pretty awesome punk song, though it makes me want to go listen to Kid Dynamite.

‘Powerlines’ I’m a big big fan of The Measure [sa] and this is one of their best songs, great choice for this. I always liked their faster slight more pop punk stuff the best and this is one of those songs.

‘Woke Up in Grappler School’ Back to back great picks, this is one of the best Timeshares songs there is. This song pretty much has everything that’s great about the Timeshares in it. A great display of the almost Hot Water Music like vocals, great hooks, and a really fucking catchy song that you can sing along to.

‘Foxhole’ I have no clue who the Nightlights are but after hearing this song I think I should be clued in, because it’s damn good. Some catchy punk rock, I hope they have more songs like this.

‘What I’ve Missed’ The Riot Before is another band I’ve never heard, but this song kind of rules; I will be looking more into these guys too. A fast punk song, probably the furthest thing from pop punk at this point on here but it still has those hooks that will keep you glued to your speakers.

‘Those Punks are Dancing in the Boneyard’ Another band I don’t know, this song is pretty alright. It’s good but it doesn’t really send me into a frenzy of greatness. Still though, good enough that I’ll be looking into them. Some fast punk rock, almost Bad Religion like.

‘Phrases and Logos’ Again, I don’t know these guys, but I don’t really care for this song either. Somewhere between noise rock and hardcore, I’ll pass on this one.

‘Tiny Rooms and Broken Tunes’ I’m not sure who Calvinball is, but I’m not really impressed with this song either. It’s not bad, but is a pretty generic punk song.

‘Spinning in Circles is a Gateway Drug’ I think I’ve heard one song by Red City Radio before, it was pretty good; this song is also pretty good. Not amazing but its good, some catchy punk for you all to enjoy.

‘Title Track’ Back to some bands I know, the Restorations are pretty good but I’m not too crazy about this song. Some of that folk punk type stuff, but with a band and some power instead of just a guitar, almost in the country rock vein.

‘Time Tables’ The Menzingers are a band who have some decent songs and a handful of great ones. This one is one of the better ones; dudes voice still annoys me a little though here. Pop punk with a lot on the punk end of things.

‘Roads? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads.’ Back to the bands I don’t know with Junior Battles, before the song even starts though I fucking love the Back to the Future song title. The song hooks you in well enough, I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of these guys.

‘It’s Alive (10-4 Eleanor Cover)’ The Sandwiches are in with a cover song, and a pretty damn awesome one at that.

‘Dick Simmons’ The Dopamines may be the best band on this thing and this is one of the best songs off of their new album. Pop punk that people will claim is ripped off of Screeching Weasel and the Copyrights, but we all know it’s just ripped from too many nights of drinking.

‘Werewolf Shame’ I’ve been digging everything I’ve heard from Direct Hit! These guys have a bright future and this might be my favorite song by them. Pop punk that you won’t get tired of listening to.

‘Anymore Amen’ The Tattle Tales took a while to grow on me and this is one of the songs that helped them take root. A pretty quality power pop song that’ll get stuck in your head for a while.

‘I Was a Teenage Poltergeist’ Mixtapes are great this is one of their faster pop punk songs, also one of their best songs.

‘In a World of Ghosts’ Lemuria is the last song on the compilation that I know, here we’ve got a song that’s easiest found on their ‘The First Collection’ LP. When I think of Lemuria this is one of the songs I think of. Catch, fast but still mellow as hell, and some of the best female vocals going today.

‘Sayonara’ A pretty catchy punk song but it’s almost too slow, feels like its being dragged through the mud. Still though from it I’m willing to bet this band has some quality songs.

‘More Ian Mackaye, Less Ron Jeremy’ I’m not quite sure how I feel about this song, even after a few listens. There are parts of it that are really awesome, but then flashes up a small bit that I hate. It’s a punk rock tune that has some folk sound to it. I’d check more of these guys out if I get the chance, but I’m not sure if I’ll go out of my way to do so.


  1. Captain, We’re Sinking – Crushed By Milwaukee’s Best
  2. O Pioneers!!! – Hey That’s My Blood!
  3. Bangers – John Shoe
  4. The Measure [SA] – Powerlines
  5. Timeshares – Woke Up in Grappler School
  6. Nightlights – Foxhole
  7. The Riot Before – What I’ve Missed
  8. Rain Over Battle – Those Punks are Dancing in the Boneyard
  9. The Great Explainer – Phrases and Logos
  10. Calvinball – Tiny Rooms and Broken Tunes
  11. Red City Radio – Spinning in Circles is a Gateway Drug
  12. Restorations – Title Track
  13. The Menzingers – Time Tables
  14. Junior Battles – Roads? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads.
  15. The Sandwiches – It’s Alive (10-4 Eleanor Cover)
  16. The Dopamines – Dick Simmons
  17. Direct Hit! – Werewolf Shame
  18. The Tattle Tales – Anymore Amen
  19. Mixtapes – I Was a Teenage Poltergeist
  20. Lemuria – In a World of Ghosts
  21. Kadets – Sayonara
  22. Glory Bound – More Ian Mackaye, Less Ron Jeremy

The Measure [sa] – R.I.P.

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The Measure (sa) have made a public announcement about 2011 being the end of the band. Guitarist/ Vocalist, Lauren Denitzio, had the following to say about why the band will soon be calling it a day, their final shows, and future releases from the band.

“After a number of lineup changes, the Measure increasingly became Fid and I finding ways to continue making music together.  For a while, that was working, but this Fall I made the decision that I can’t continue with the band.  There were a lot of personal reasons behind that and I realized that my heart just wasn’t in the project anymore.  It’s not fair to anyone to try to keep going after that, especially when you’re expected to tour and write music and play shows and look like you’re having a good time.  As far as parting ways goes, it’s a fairly amicable event and I’m glad that we’re ending the band on good terms and as friends.

We started the band when I was 20, and if you had told me then that I would get to travel around the country, put out over 18 records and play with some of my favorite bands because of it, I’d think you were out of your mind.  It’s been a great privilege and I hope those experiences don’t end here.  Fid and I will certainly be putting out music in other bands soon, so stay tuned.

We’re planning on releasing the next collection record of the more recent 7”s later in 2011 and intend on playing Fest 10 (Oct 28,29,30-2011)  for one final show.  There’s a possibility of another couple 7”s as well. Locally, we’ll be playing our last shows during the second weekend in April in Brooklyn and New Brunswick.  Details to be announced soon.

We want to thank everyone who has been so helpful and supportive over the years.  Especially those who have set up shows, given us places to stay and put out records for us (Don Giovanni, Kiss of Death, Salinas, Chunksaah, Ernest Jenning, Art of the Underground, Los Diaper, Team Science, Snuffy Smiles and No Idea) .  We’re incredibly grateful to the awesome folks at No Idea who have both distro’d our records and put out a split 7” and LP for us, getting our music out there to a larger audience than we were able to do on our own.  They’ve been one of our favorite labels for a long time and it was an honor to get to work with them so closely both as a label and as friends.

Weekly Label Profile: Salinas Records

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Name: Salinas Records
Lifespan: 2003-Curent
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Thousandaires, Delay, The Measure [sa], Unwelcome Guests, Potboiler, The Ergs!, One Reason, North Lincoln
Salinas Records is a punk record label that’s been around for a little while. When I say punk label I don’t mean you can buy the newest Casualties album from them, but instead you’ll find something much better. They go more the indie/pop punk route of things, just over twenty five releases and most of them are pretty damn quality. They do a fair amount of splits along with EP’s as well as some full lengths, one way or another you’ll get your money’s worth out of them. If you’ve got a record in your hand you haven’t heard before and see the Salinas name on it, there’s a fair chance that you’re getting something good out of it.

Weekly Label Profile: Don Giovanni Records

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Name: Don Giovanni Records
Lifespan: 2003-Current
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Full of Fancy, The Measure [sa], Pregnant, Dustheads, The Ergs!, For Science, The Steinways
Don Giovanni Records has been around about eight years, in that time they’ve pumped out almost forty releases. Some people might not think that sounds like a lot but when you look at the products they’ve brought forth to the world you can tell it’s very much a case of quality over quaintly. And while everything they put out might not be the greatest they’ve released some of my favorite pop punk albums of all time. They’ve branched from that pop punk bubble to some harder straight punk and rock titles but I think they’re best stuff has always been their pop releases. Full of Fancy’s latest album marked their latest and 36th release, another top notch notch in their belt. Hopefully we see a continued line of great things from Don Giovanni, because when I hear they’ve got something new coming out I always take note, and you should too.

The Measure [sa] East Coast tour Dates

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October 23 – Philadelphia, PA @ Dad’s House

October 24 – Washington, DC @ TBA #

October 25 – Asheville, NC @ Edge Frat

October 26 – Chattanooga, TN @ TBA #

October 27 – Gainesville, FL @ TBA

October 28 – Tampa, FL @ Transitions

October 30 – THE FEST 9

November 1 – Tallahassee, FL @ The Farside * #

November 2 – Valdosta, GA @ Bleu Pub * #

November 3 – Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar *

November 4 – Charlotte, NC @ Lunchbox Records * #

November 5 – Richmond, VA @ Exit 76 * #

November 6 – Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space * #

November 7 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire * #

November 8 – New Brunswick, NJ @ House show * # (also w/ the Outsiders)

November 9 – Brooklyn, NY @ Coco66 * # (also w/ the Outsiders)

via East Coast tour «.

REVIEW: The Measure [sa] & New Bruises Split

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Kiss of Death Records brings together The Measure [sa] & New Bruises for a split 7″. Four songs by The Measure [sa] and three by New Bruises. The Measure [sa]’s side is full of good stuff but slightly different from most of their previous releases, but not by much you can still tell it’s them even by a casual listen. This is the first time I’ve heard New Bruises and holy shit was I in for a surprise, these guys are incredible. This is two great bands doing one great split, go buy it, now.

‘Powerlines’ You’re classic Measure song, upbeat, quick, it’s a damn good song. And a great intro for this, makes me want more.
‘Ruby is a Punk’ Woah this song is way faster than they should be. Pretty much a hardcore song, I was pretty offput at first but it grew on my pretty fast. By the end of the song I was a fan.
‘Do The Hustle II’ This might be my favorite Measure song on the record, I’m going to be listening to it a lot.
‘Response’ More of that speed injected into the band, but this is more of a hard rock song than their previous hardcore venture. Also a great song though, I have a lotta fun listening to it.
‘The New Black’ First song I’ve ever heard by this band, and I like it, a lot. This song is so good I was looking up other stuff to buy from them before it was even over. Possibly my favorite song on the record.
‘Grasping At Straws’ More good stuff from these guys, this song sounds like it’s straight out of Gainesville.
‘More Metal (MCFNJ)’ This is the third best song on the New Bruises side, and note I say third best, not the worst, because it, like the rest of the record is fucking great. Everyone should go buy this right now.

The Measure [sa]
1. Powerlines
2. Ruby is a Punk
3. Do The Hustle II
4. Response

New Bruises
5. The New Black
6. Grasping At Straws
7. More Metal (MCFNJ)

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