REVIEW: Archie Meets the Punisher

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Punisher Archie1994 gave birth to one of the strangest crossovers that comics has seen…Archie Meets the Punisher. Red is a drug dealer on the run, he goes to Riverdale to hide out, this turns out to be great for Red but bad for Archie because they look almost identical. The Punisher is tracking Red and of course mistakes Archie for him. Eventually Punisher realizes they’re not the same person and everything gets put on the right track. I wouldn’t say this is required reading for either Archie or Punisher fans since it really isn’t that good of a book. But if you’re just looking for something strange to read this might satisfy you.

REVIEW: Space: Punisher

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2458274-prv12905_covA four part series from 2012 Space Punisher features our old friend Frank Castle in space. The book is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; it’s the Punisher….in space. A little shooting people in the face and a little sci-fi movie. Written by Frank Tieri and drawn by Mark Texeira this alternative universe telling of the Punisher has a lot of things we know and love but with a lot of weird differences. There features a lot of the marvel characters you already know but with some pretty cool sci-fi redesigns. This tale of the Punisher also has Frank with a robot sidekick that can do a good amount of destruction too. I’m pretty much going to stop here because to go into more detail would give away some cool stuff that you might not see coming but I’ll just say if you like the Punisher you’ll like this. And if you like the Punisher and Sci-fi movies, then you’ll love it.

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REVIEW: The Punisher: War Zone

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PunsiherWZThe 90’s are when the Punisher was at his best and War Zone is a perfect example of that. This is a collection of the first six issues of Punisher War Zone and it’s a great way to kick it off. In order to take down some pretty bad dudes the Punisher goes undercover in an organized crime family. He doesn’t make this easy on himself because he’s still the Punisher while he does this so one night he’s setting up some deal, the next he’s busting it up, then he’s got to avoid suspicion from the family. All in all it’s a pretty great Punisher story; it’s basically got everything you could want from the Punisher. Highly recommended for any Punisher fans and a great starting point if you’re not familiar with the Punisher too.

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REVIEW: Punisher: War Zone (2012)

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punisherwarzoneteaserMost Punisher fans will know the War Zone title and will back it as being great. This particular one is about the five issue series in 2012-2013. It’s a little confusing that they named it this, it seems they’re calling the trade paperback Punisher: Enter the War Zone, which is kind of better. It’s written by Greg Rucka with art by Marco Checchetto and Carmine Di Giandomenico. The series is kind of a fallout from the last Punisher series arc, Spider-Man is hunting down the Punisher because he’s rumored to have killed two cops…and he stole one of Spidey’s web shooters. After a brief fight between the two Spider-Man goes to the Avengers for help with bringing the Punisher down. What follows from here is basically the Punisher vs. The Avengers; Frank systematically takes on just about all of the members of the team. The only exception seems to be Wolverine who appears to be on Castle’s side in this whole war on criminals. This is probably my favorite Punisher arc or book or whatever you want to refer to it as since the last Punisher MAX series came to an end. The book is great fun and is full of the Punisher being badass as usual. It also sheds some light on what happened to Rachel Cole-Alves, the woman that basically was his sidekick in the last run. It shows her going through the justice system, the trial and what happens after. For Punisher fans, especially ones that have been keeping up with him recently I highly recommend this book. If you haven’t read the Punisher in a while though, or never have, you won’t be lost if you just pick up this series and give it a read, it’s self contained enough for that to work.

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New Comics – Part 1 (IDW and Marvel)

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Recently DC did a total reboot/relaunch, it annoyed a lot of people and a lot of people were excited. I’m a big fan of comics, personally I was pretty annoyed but now we’re about five issues in so I figured I’d weigh in on it. However I don’t just read DC so I figured I’d mention some other new books that have come out recently (some the same time as the DC relaunch, X-Men I’m looking at you).


IDW Publishing

G.I. Joe (All titles) – IDW has a few G.I. Joe books going right now, all of them are incredible. I highly highly recommend them. These titles are some of my most anticipated to read every time a new one is coming.

Ghostbusters – A new Ghostbusters series started, it’s on issue five now. A lot of people like it but personally I wasn’t super big on it. It’s alright but a real letdown. So far I’m still sticking with it but not too excited about new issues.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Ninja Turtles did a relaunch, much like G.I. Joe I’ve been a big fan since I was a kid. The new title is a little weird with some minor changes but it’s good enough that I can just go with it. It’s a great book that I’m always stoked to read. It starts at the beginning with an origin story, right now it seems like that has just about finished and it looks like they’re going to get into some adventures soon.


(Favorite IDW titles, G.I. Joe (ALL), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)




Scarlet Spider – Scarlet Spider came around during the whole Spider-Man clone saga deal. I thought it was one of the few good things to come out of all that so I happy to see it come back in some form. The Scarlet Spider is a Parker clone, Kaine. Not a lot happens in the first issue, in fact nothing at all does, he doesn’t even put on the spider suit, but I’m still looking forward to what’s going to happen.

Wolverine & The X-Men Alpha & Omega  – I don’t know why they didn’t just fit this into the ‘Wolverine & The X-Men’ title; it’s basically a side story. It was a really good read, I’m not sure where they’re going with this or how many issues but I’ll be reading.

Avengers: X-Sanction – Not much to say about this, Cable is back and he’s fighting the Avengers in order to save his daughter. Only two issues in and it’s pretty awesome so far.      

Carnage, U.S.A.  – Another return to the Marvel universe, this time Carnage is back and he’s taken over an entire town. The first issue was great, the second was a lot of build-up, I’m happy this is around; it looks like it’s going to be great.

Avenging Spider-Man – I have no clue why this book was launched, they didn’t need another Spider-Man title, but I’m not going to complain if they want to give me more Spider-Man either.

Magneto: Not a Hero – Magneto is getting blamed for acting like the old villainess Magneto even though he claims he isn’t up to his old tricks. Turns out the Magneto clone, Joseph is back.

Deadpool Max 2 – I hated the first Deadpool Max run; it was in part responsible for me no longer liking Deadpool after being with him from day 1. But this new run is actually pretty good, it along with the stuff they’ve been doing in the regular Deadpool title has brought me back on board the Deadpool train.

Legion of Monsters – This book is kind of fun but is really seems like Marvel’s answer to DC’s Frankenstein, Agent Of S.H.A.D.E.. And I’d really just rather read that instead.

The Incredible Hulk – This is another one of Marvel’s best going titles. Bruce Banner and the Hulk have separated. Hulk is trying to lead a quiet life and Bruce…well he’s turned into a mad scientist. It’s incredible.

Wolverine & the X-Men – So the X-Men split up, Wolverine took one team and Cyclops took one. The first issue of Wolverine & the X-Men was awesome, the second was pretty meh which really worried me but since then it’s been smooth sailing. This title is really fun and interesting to read. Best thing out of the X-Men in quite some time.

Avengers 1959 – For some reason I really wanted to like this title, even though I really don’t care for the Avengers. But this, much like any other Avengers book, just kind of bored me.

Uncanny X-Men – This is Cyclops’ X-Men team, and it’s pretty much exactly what it is, Cyclops’ X-Men. It’s really not that good, pretty boring. The only reason I keep reading it is in hopes that it gets better and the fact that he does have a few people on the team I really like.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man – Spider-Man was the only thing about the Ultimate universe that I liked…and they killed him. They fucking killed Spider-Man! In his place they put some new kid that got bit by a spider in a slightly different way and he has different spider powers. I don’t like this but I keep reading it to see where it goes. Mostly I just hate all the spider powers they gave him, I mean he can turn invisible! Where is the challenge going to be in fighting bad guys when you’re invisible?? I’ll continue to hate-read it until something breaks me and I stop or it actually gets good.

Ultimate Comics X-Men – The big pull for this was ‘look we’ve got a Wolverine again’, too bad it’s not really Wolverine, and it’s like the bootleg B-team Wolverine. The book itself doesn’t really help things either, it’s not really that entertaining or anything. Pretty much your standard Ultimate universe bullshit.

Captain America – Captain America is another comic hero that everyone seemed to love that I just never gave a fuck about. His books were never great to me or anything. When they started this new run I decided to check it out, just because I’m a damn comic nerd. Oddly enough, I’m really enjoying the hell out of this. I won’t say it’s turned me into a Captain America fan, but I will tell people I read this comic.

Fear Itself: The Fearless – Fear Itself is another Marvel big event, it seems like they just go from one to another, and most of them suck. Well if you thought the last three big events sucked, you haven’t seen anything yet. Fear Itself is awful, and this is as well. The new issue at least had a pretty fun Wolverine fight.

The Punisher – I’ve always liked the Punisher, he seemed to be in a slump for a while but with this new run (and the new Punisher Max) he really seems to have pulled out of the dive. This is a great title; I enjoy the hell out of it.

Ghost Rider – A new Ghost Rider is on the scene, no longer the one we’ve known for years, now there’s a woman in the bike seat. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a new Ghost Rider, but I was pretty sure I’d hate it. Turns out it’s not that bad, this run started out pretty strong, recently it’s started to go to a meh slump, but overall this isn’t a bad title. It’s got its good and its bad issues but I guess that’s what happens with Ghost Rider anyway.

Moon Knight – Moon Knight is a character that flew under the radar for me for a long time. He was kind of just there; I liked him alright but never really followed him. Until the last run, it was fucking incredible; it turned me into a giant Moon Knight fan. When I heard he was getting another title I was pretty stoked. We’re nine issues in and it isn’t as good as the last series but it’s still pretty awesome. You’ve got Moon Knight being insane and taking care of business, it’s a great read.

Venom – A new spin on an old character. Flash Thompson (now with no legs) has the Venom suit. It’s being used as a military weapon. Basically they put it on him, he goes on black-op missions, and it’s pretty fucking cool. The whole look of Venom is different, with a more soldier look thanks to Flash, but as he loses control sometimes you can see the old Venom for a second. I love the fuck out of this book.

FF – Once the Human Torch died they renamed the Fantastic Four; however it didn’t do much for the title. This is one of those titles where I like the people involved but it just doesn’t come together as a very interesting read.

Daken: Dark Wolverine – Daken is another Wolverine spin-off character, I never really cared for him until I started reading this title. It fleshed out the character more than just ‘bad guy Wolverine’ and now I really enjoy him and the book.

Uncanny X-Force – This is, without a doubt the best book that Marvel has. Twenty issues in and every one of them has been incredible. Uncanny X-Force is pretty much as black-ops X team that goes out and permanently eliminates any problems that they need to. The team is Archangel, Deadpool, Fantomex, Psylocke, and Wolverine, so as you can imagine, it’s pretty badass. I can’t recommend this book enough; it’s one of the best comics out there right now.

X-23 – I’ve always liked the character of X-23, even though she was another ‘Wolverine spin-off’ she was at least interesting. I’ve read all the mini-series and everything and was happy to hear she finally got her own book. It’s been great, except the last few issues have kind of gone in a slump, which is a real shame especially since I hear it’s coming to an end very soon.

Punisher Max – This book is incredible, it’s exactly what the Punisher should be. Violent, angry and awesome. The stories are very well written too so it’s not just the insane over the top violence that pulls you in, you need to keep reading to find out where things are going. This is the best the Punisher has been in years.


(Favorite Marvel titles Incredible Hulk, Venom, Uncanny X-Force, Punisher Max, All Spider-Man books)


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