REVIEW: V/A: Where The Fun Never Sets 3

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Cabana 1 Records brings us the compilation release ‘Where The Fun Never Sets 3′. As you may have guessed this is the third in the ‘Where The Fun Never Sets’ series. All songs are Previously Unreleased and Exclusive to this compilation, so if you see a band listed here don’t wait around to get this, because chances are you’ve never heard it before! And even if you don’t see anyone you know it’ll do you some good to pick this up, because comps are always fun and this one is pretty good. You get twenty seven songs, which means twenty seven songs featured on here all coming in at just under the hour long mark. If you can’t find something you like in twenty seven songs here you might want to move on to a different style of music. Not every song on here is great but there’s enough quality stuff to make it worth having around. So fear not punk rockers and buy away! Highlights on this include songs from The Sheckies, Murderburgers, Los Kamikaze, The Zits, The Meeps!, Parasite Diet, Rocket Jocks, Colin Farrell, and Sizemores.

‘Don’t Go’ A big reason I was excited for this comp was that it had a J Prozac song. This is not even close to what I expected, being from the Prozacs I expected a pop punk song. Instead we get an acoustic song, it took a little mood adjusting to get into but it’s a good, a little haunting, I’d buy a whole album of stuff like this.
‘Sweet Baby’ A decent song from Promdates, but it’s lacking some energy.
‘Then She Got Married’ The Sheckies pick up the energy level with their song. It’s a catchy fast pop punk song that’s sure to get stuck in your head.
‘Quarter To Three’ Hairlips are in for a fast punk rock song, I don’t care for this one a whole lot. It could be some background party music and work though.
‘Drifting Apart’ More fast catchy pop punk here from the Murderburgers. They slightly suffer from the generic bug but it’s a good song.
‘Miss You’ The Biffers from Italy are in for the next song, it’s a good song for the middle, catchy though somewhat repetitive.
‘Waiting (You+Me)’ Spider Lane brings a song that fans of rock punk might be into but I wasn’t really feeling this one.
‘Upside Down’ I’ve always been on the fence about Joe Jitsu, but this is a really good song from the pop punkers.
‘Llora Sin Saber’ Los Kamikaze here with one of the best songs on the comp. It’s fast, catchy, everything that’s great about pop punk songs.
‘Love Me The Way I Am’ Photogenics bring a fast punk song, it’s not bad but it doesn’t really jump out at you either.
‘Don’t Say No’ Kobanes are a band that has a decent following, but also their fair share of anti-fans. But I don’t really care about any of that; I’m just here for the song, here they give us a slow pop punk song. It’s not bad but seems low on energy and inspiration.
‘Jenny’s Not A Punk’ The Zits come in, and leave, fast with this one. It’s under a minute long and is an acoustic pop punk song that’s great. Jenny hates punk and here’s why, Jenny sounds like a drag. One of my favorite songs on here.
‘Chasing The Dragon’ An instrumental track, decent but I don’t think instrumentals work in a comp situation.
‘Beach Party’ The Mcflys are in with a good pop punk song about, you guessed it, a beach party!
‘Golden Coast’ The Visitors are in with a pretty cool song. It’s alright on the comp but I think it’d fit in a lot better with a whole album around it.
‘Lost Weekend’ I’m not a big fan of this Riccobellis song, the singer sounds like he’s half asleep. The band is pretty tight though.
‘Camaro’ A kick ass little pop punk jam from The Meeps! here, another one of the best songs on this whole thing. Pop songs about cars and girls never go wrong.
‘Mosquito’ Parasite Diet has been putting out some great tunes and this song just continues that trend of solid pop punk songs from the group.
‘Night Of The Bee Girls’ Fans of things like the White Wires and Mean Jeans should be into this Rocket Jocks song, it’s a catchy rock tune that’s pretty damn great.
‘Yankee Fuckin’ Blue Jeans’ A pretty decent punk songs from The Hung Ups here. It’s a standard affair but done well so it’s not something to be ignored.
‘FBI’ Colin Farrell is in with a fast punk rock song that’s another one of the best songs on this thing. These guys never fail to bring the good stuff. This might actually be one of their best songs.
‘Creepy Beauty’ Oddly named the Evil O’Brians are up for the next track it’s kind of in the same vein of the Hung Ups song in that it’s your standard type of catchy punk song but done well.
‘Chicks In Rehab’ Sizemores here with a fucking great song, about, as the name says Chicks in Rehab. It’s a pretty great snotty punk song.
‘You’Re Gonna Mutate’ Panic Beats have a song that I can see a lot of people liking but it’s just not for me. Kind of a Ramones style of punk, but the vocals just totally take me out of the song.
‘Say Goodbye’ Sprains do a great punk song that reminds me of something like Face to Face.
‘All The Same To Me’ The Annoyers have a style of punk that fourteen year old me would probably be into, but old lame me can’t get into it.
‘Get You’ Slartybarfast close out our compilation album in an underwhelming fashion. A quick rock song, that almost sounds like it wants to be a rockabilly song.

1. Don’t Go (J Prozac)
2. Sweet Baby (The Promdates)
3. Then She Got Married (The Sheckies)
4. Quarter To Three (The Hairlips)
5. Drifting Apart (The Murderburgers)
6. Miss You (The Biffers)
7. Waiting (You+Me) (Spider Lane)
8. Upside Down (Joe Jitsu)
9. Llora Sin Saber (Los Kamikaze)
10. Love Me The Way I Am (The Photogenics)
11. Don’t Say No (The Kobanes)
12. Jenny’s Not A Punk (The Zits)
13. Chasing The Dragon (The Scutches)
14. Beach Party (The McFlys)
15. Golden Coast (The Visitors)
16. Lost Weekend (The Riccobellis)
17. Camaro (The Meeps!)
18. Mosquito (Parasite Diet)
19. Night Of The Bee Girls (The Rocket Jocks)
20. Yankee Fuckin’ Blue Jeans (The Hung Ups)
21. FBI (Colin Farrell)
22. Creepy Beauty (The Evil O’Brians)
23. Chicks In Rehab (The Sizemores)
24. You’Re Gonna Mutate (The Panic Beats)
25. Say Goodbye (The Sprains)
26. All The Same To Me (The Annoyers)
27. Get You (Slartybartfast)

REVIEW: Monkey Clit Records Presents: Punk Rock Vol. 1


Monkey Clit records is a new kid in town when it comes to record labels. Their first release is a compilation by the name of Punk Rock vol. 1. If this is a peak into the future of thinks to come from Monkey Clit I think they’ll do alright. We’ve got a span of some pretty good bands, thirty in all so there should be something in here that you like, most of this seems to go more toward the pop side of punk rock, but that’s more than fine with me. There are really only two things I don’t like about this compilation. First, thirty songs is a bit much for a compilation album, it’s a lot to make it through, not that this is a bad lineup, it’s just too much. And second, this is a CD-R, I’m not trying to criticize because I know running a label is insanely hard, but I don’t know if I’d have chosen to make my first release a CD-R. However that being said it is a nice CD-R, printed cover and all, it’s not just some marker job. A handful of these bands I’ve heard of before but most of them are new to me, which is something I’m generally a fan of in compilations, new mixed with known. It’s got a few not too good things, a lot of good stuff and some great stuff, overall it’s a pretty damn good compilation album. Personally I think the cream of the crop highlights are The Absolute Zero, Super White Garlic, Out of Tune, The Sentiments, The Hung Ups, The Zits, Regal Beagle, The Unreleasables, The Barroom Angels, and The Putz.

‘The Sheckies – Cut Marks’ Some snotty sounding pop punk, like the Beatnik Termites with a bad attitude, I dig it.
‘The Locals – Watch Your Back’ This sounds kind of like it was recorded in a basement or something. Despite the low/muddy quality its a pretty good punk song.
‘The Absolute Zero – Teenage Love’ The guy in here sounds a little like Kevin Aper. The song itself is great, I’d look into an Absolute Zero album.
‘The Intruders – Lost Boy’ I don’t really care for the vocals here, sounds like a drunk Tom Petty, everything else is pretty good though.
‘The Beldings – Butt Rock Queen’ I love the song title, and the band name. The song is pretty sweet too, total punk fun.
‘Super White Garlic – Fuck You Dawson’ Super White Garlic I recently came across for the first time with the Prozacs split, I really like these guy, this is another really good song by them.
‘Porna and the Trendy Kids – Fast Lane’ It’s like the Sex Pistols teamed up with the Offspring. I’m still on the fence about this song, I can see where a lot of people would dig it though.
‘Out of Tune – She’s The Queen’ Total Queers worship, this is great stuff.
‘The Sentiments – Victim’ Heading back towards more pop punk, or at least like a Screeching Weasel pop era, this song is awesome, I will be looking for more Setiments.
‘The Spoiled Brats – Pushover’ Here’s the punk in the punk rock compilation, I don’t really care for this song though.
‘The Lolligaggers – Fucked Me Up’ A pretty generic pop punk song, fans of Squirtgun will most likely be into this.
‘Kill That Girl – Back To The Future’ As the song title say, this starts out with a Back To The Future sample, I already love it before the song starts. The song itself is pretty good, a quick fun punk song.
‘The Varmints – Punk Girl’ Musically this song is super generic, vocally the song is really annoying. I won’t judge a band on just one song but this doesn’t have me running out to get more.
‘The Hung Ups – Get A Life’ Snotty punk brings things back to the fun side. A song about a shitty girlfriend, fucking great!
‘The Zits – Gosh, I Need A Vacation’ The Zits are a band I knew before coming into this album, and this is one of my favorite Zits song. Great choice, awesome quick catchy bubblegum pop punk. You can also find this song on The Zits Electrified EP.
‘Regal Beagle – You’re Too Shrewed’ Regal Beagle is another band I knew before getting here, I believe this is an unreleased song of theirs. I’m glad they threw an unreleased song on here (or at least this one) because this is pretty damn good. Total Queers type pop punk.
‘The FabHabs – Giving It Up’ There’s a little Green Day quality here, at least in the vocals. Overall a pretty good song, but not the best on here.
‘The Murderburgers – Eyes On Her’ I’ve heard some Murderburgers before, this seems to be their pretty standard song, fast fun pop punk. A quality song right here.
‘DeeCracks – Monkey Boy’ Not a fan of this song, it gets on my nerves a little, I can only hope it’s like a B side of theirs or something.
‘The Unreleasables – I Wanna Kill Myself’ The band’s name is kind of clever, the band sounds like one that Wimpy Rutherford would be in. Digging this a lot.
‘The Griswalds – Hate Your Guts’ Another great band name, the band itself is your standard punk angry band, which isn’t bad.
‘The Write Offs – Gotta Let Me Go’ Not a fan of this one, I think the recording really hurts it more than anything else.
‘The Sedations – Abductee’ Slide this right in with late 90’s pop punk, you should get the idea of what it sounds like.
‘Flaming Nosebleed – Mommy & Daddy’ Vocals are weak here but he’s trying really hard, the band is punk for sure. What we’ve got isn’t too bad here. I bet they’ve got a ‘A Day Late and a Dollar Short’ cover album, or wished they did.
‘He-Man Woman Haters – Half Gone’ In the wake of all these good band names, here’s a pretty terrible one. The song isn’t bad, but forgettable punk. It’s pretty good but it won’t jump out at you.
‘Kobanes – New Boyfriend’ Kobanes had some shit luck this year getting kicked off of Insubordination Fest, some say it was justified, some don’t. Either way with songs like this they’d have fit right in if they had played, but I wouldn’t have been too bummed if I was watching someone else during their set.
‘The Barroom Angels – Too Many Problems’ The first forty seconds is an acoustic number, then we get plugged in and turned up. I don’t think the combination mixes too well for this song, but the part of the song that’s not acoustic is pretty awesome.
‘The Putz – Your Spaceship’s Taking Off’ I’d heard the Putz before but wasn’t too impressed, however this song is really good. I’m really going to take another look at these guys. Also songs about spaceships and aliens are always a plus.
‘Spider Lane – We Are’ This voice is really high and takes a minute to get used to, but even when you do the song is still kinda weak.
‘Batfoot! – Utsukushii’ Ending things are a fast punk song, shit’s pretty catch, it’s a good way to go out.

1. The Sheckies – Cut Marks
2. The Locals – Watch Your Back
3. The Absolute Zero – Teenage Love
4. The Intruders – Lost Boy
5. The Beldings – Butt Rock Queen
6. Super White Garlic – Fuck You Dawson
7. Porna and the Trendy Kids – Fast Lane
8. Out of Tune – She’s The Queen
9. The Sentiments – Victim
10. The Spoiled Brats – Pushover
11. The Lolligaggers – Fucked Me Up
12. Kill That Girl – Back To The Future
13. The Varmints – Punk Girl
14. The Hung Ups – Get A Life
15. The Zits – Gosh, I Need A Vacation
16. Regal Beagle – You’re Too Shrewed
17. The FabHabs – Giving It Up
18. The Murderburgers – Eyes On Her
19. DeeCracks – Monkey Boy
20. The Unreleasables – I Wanna Kill Myself
21. The Griswalds – Hate Your Guts
22. The Write Offs – Gotta Let Me Go
23. The Sedations – Abductee
24. Flaming Nosebleed – Mommy & Daddy
25. He-Man Woman Haters – Half Gone
26. Kobanes – New Boyfriend
27. The Barroom Angels – Too Many Problems
28. The Putz – Your Spaceship’s Taking Off
29. Spider Lane – We Are
30. Batfoot! – Utsukushii


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