SHOWS I SEEN: Insubordination Fest ’10 – June 19th-26th 2010 – Ottobar and Sonar – Baltimore, MD

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Insubordination Fest ’10 – Ottobar and Sonar – Baltimore, MD

June 24th – 26th, 2010

It’s been a long fucking weekend, starting Thursday and going until Sunday. Most of this is due to Insubordination Fest 2010. It was great, but I’m not sure how I’m still standing. All of this in the great Baltimore, MD. Thursday pre-show happened at the Ottobar, it was fun but I only stayed for half. Friday and Saturday were at the shitty Sonar.
Why is sonar shitty? Well first off it was not the fault of the people that put on the event at all. They fought tooth and nail to get things right so everyone could have a good time and not die but fucking Sonar won out in the end. First off their beer was super expensive, I mean $5 for PBR, and they raised the prices just for the event. Then rumor is some car windows got broke Friday night (people suspect this is the club’s front for ‘we’re mad because we didn’t sell as much beer as we wanted’). So Saturday they lock it down. No re-entry, and to top it off they started charging $3-$4 for water. And a side note the bathroom was a fucking nightmare. So yeah, don’t go to Sonar. On the positive side the event was a total blast. I spent most of my time between the smaller 2nd and 3rd stages because they had the best stuff going on, here’s a little what it looked like. (Pretty sure I got the stages and order right, sorry if I screwed up)


The Quarantines – Your average Quarantines set, and by that I mean they were really great. Solid too, I only have 2 complaints. The set started a few minutes early so I missed a little bit of it, and the vocals could have been better, but that’s no fault of the bands, all sound system.

Firecrackers – I saw them last year at the pre-show, they were pretty good. This year they were really good as well, they were a lot more polished then they were last year.

The Proteens – A great set, super fun, I will see them as many times as I can.
Friday – Day 1
PG-13’s (2nd Stage) – Pretty good set, I’ve never seen these guys before but they were really good, great way to start the day.

PETS (3rd Stage) – I only got to see 2 songs, but it was quite good, they had big blow up PETS letters too.

Old Wives (2nd Stage) – Ruled, I only caught about half the set but they were great.

The Sandworms (3rd Stage) – One of the best sets of the fest, I figured the Sandworms were going to be good but goddamn they blew me away, could have listened to them all night.

The Visitors (2nd Stage) – They were ok, didn’t much care for them but pretty good filler.

Dear Landlord (3rd Stage) – A great set as always, another one of the tops of the fest, everybody was really into it.

Full Of Fancy (3rd Stage) – This was my 3rd time seeing Full of Fancy, and it was the best set I’ve ever seen, they covered Marriage too, fucking awesome.

The Hamiltons (2nd Stage) – The Hamiltons won Insub fest. These guys looked a lot like the Ergs for some reason. They had an opener that told some jokes, played a couple of Ramones covers, all their best stuff and a new song, fucking super amazing set.

Iron Chic (3rd Stage) – Great, another band that was better than I expected, and I expected them to be good. They busted out a great cover of Green Day’s ‘She’ too.

The Prozacs (3rd Stage) – While everybody was watching the copyrights the Prozacs were bringing the fun in full fucking force on the 3rd stage, super fun set.

The Hextalls (2nd Stage) – Ah holy shit the Hextalls rule every time, I wished they’d played Ramones T-shirt, but besides that no complaints, they were fucking great.

The Queers (Main Stage) – I’ve seen the Queers about 5 times, this was the 2nd or 3rd best set I’ve seen them do. Very pop heavy, they skipped out on 2 of my favorite songs but Wimpy was there and Kepi came out and did Rockaway Beach with them, it was great.
Saturday – Day 2

Cell Mates (3rd Stage) – Cell Mates always put on a quality show and this was no exception, these guys are on point.

House Boat (2nd Stage) – Fun set, I wished I could have made it up front for this but it was already jam packed by the time I got there, jerks started a little early too.

The Jetty Boys (Main Stage) – Sounded great, I’d love to see them again, hopefully in a better venue (aka better sound quality).

Dead Mechanical (2nd Stage) – Rocked it like always, jerks also started a few min early.

Be My Doppelganger (Main Stage) – One of the most fun sets of the day maybe. They had a beach theme complete with backdrops and blow up beach balls and palm trees (which were going around in the crowd)

Head Home (3rd Stage) – Quality set from these guy, solid as fuck.

Deep Sleep (3rd Stage) – One of the best Deep Sleep sets I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot). I was glad to see a good crowd for them finally.

The Dopamines (2nd Stage) – Holy shit, one of the best sets of the weekend, no surprise. I was so wore out after this. Also they were awesome and took their money they made from the fest and bought everyone beers (until it ran out, which was probably quick because beers were expensive as fuck).

The Beatnik Termites (Main Stage) – Solid set as always, played some new stuff, the album is gonna rule.

Baracuda McMurder/Steinways (2nd Stage) – Baracuda McMurder had this spot, I got to stage, see Michelle up there and I think “hm that looks like Michelle, she’s not in this band” about that time they say “We’re the Steinways” SUPRISE STEINWAYS REUNION SET! Another of the most fun, best, ware me the fuck out sets of the weekend. I’m not sure how I was still standing after this was over. And it was hilarious.

The Side Project (3rd Stage) – Threw in a solid set here, so glad they got added, they deserved it. Anyone who was watching OWTH during this missed the fuck out.

Sick Sick Birds (3rd Stage) – One of the best SSB set’s I’ve seen, (another band I’ve seen a lot), they were great and played their asses off.

The Slow Death (3rd Stage) – I would have never guessed this was the same band I was hearing from their CD. Dropped was all the country sound from their songs and replaced with good old punk. Great set by these dudes too, way too many people missed out.

Teenage Bottlerocket (Main Stage) – A little underwhelming, but maybe because I’ve seen them a bunch too. But a good set, average for them, which is still good. It was fun.

The Tattle Tales (2nd Stage) – I was really really surprised by how good the Tattle Tales were. Not that they’re a bad band at all (in fact they’re quite good), but wow, they were good live.

Like Bats (2nd Stage) – Maybe the biggest injustice of Insub Fest (band wise). Like Bats jumped on last minute to fill a spot for the Sidekicks. They played the same time as the Smoking Popes. There were not many people watching. Still they brought it like a headlining act. And I mean fucking brought it, they were fucking great, one of the best sets of the weekend. They’re weren’t many people there but that didn’t stop a few from attempting to crowd surf.

Top Music of the first half of 2010

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June June June, half way through the year. So where do we stand music wise? There’s already been a ton of good stuff come out this year so we’ve already got two top ten lists here.

Top 10 albums – First half of 2010

Notes I feel should be mentioned but no one cares about:
Tim Barry barely
got knocked off the end by Clint Maul.
Rumspringer and The Dopamines were tied for 2nd for a long time, I almost gave them both 2nd. The tie was broken by listening to both albums back to back 5 times.

1. Leatherface: The Stormy Petrel
2. Rumspringer: Empty Towers
3. The Dopamines: Expect The Worst
4. The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton
5. The Hextalls: Get Smashed
6. Ken Yokoyama: Four
7. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: I Learned the Hard Way
8. Louis Logic: Me and Everyone You Know
9. Tit Patrol: Hate Speech
10. Clint Maul: Know You Know

Top 10 splits, EP’s, Singles and Demos – First half of 2010

1. The Transgressions/The Side Project: Stop Wasting My Time
2. The Zits: Electrified! EP
3. Like Bats: Look on the Bright Side
4. The Ergs!: Thrash Compactor
5. The Slow Death: S/T EP
6. House Boat: Processing Complaints
7. The God Damn Doo Wop Band/Vacation Bible School: Covered
8.  New Creases: About Last Night
9. Mean Jeans: Tears In My Beers
10. Cell Mates: Demo

REVIEW: The Transgressions/The Side Project: Stop Wasting My Time

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Traffic Street Records put out this one which was my most anticipated 7″ of the year, it finally came out and it did not disappoint. Two great bands, two different sounds, one fucking great record. First three songs come from The Transgressions, a band so good I always listen to them on repeat. Short fast songs, out of this world vocals, drugs, drinking, what more could you want in a band? The other three songs on this come from The Side Project. The Side Project had a really fun 7″ ‘Get a New Brain’ come out back in February, it was really good but this is the best stuff from the band yet, they just took things to a whole new level.

‘Drunk and Depressed’ From the title you might guess what this one’s about, we’ve all been there. Second best song on this side.
‘Kidney Stones’ You fall apart if you take enough drugs, and it sucks. I normally lie to my doctor too. Best song on the record. I haven’t had this record long but I’ve probably already listened to this song close to 200 times.
‘Living Hell’ Another great Transgressions song. Other women don’t really matter when you’ve got your brain suck on one.
’20/200′ Sometimes life sucks, you do what you gotta do to crawl through it. Fortunately this song doesn’t suck at all, it’s pretty great actually.
‘Gotta Kill It’ This might be the best song about ending it I’ve ever heard, if you don’t pay attention to the lyrics it sounds pretty upbeat, the dark shit in this sneaks up on you.
‘Giving Up on Love’ Getting fucked up to get through the shitty times, again we’ve all been there. Best Side Project song, ever.

The Transgressions
1. Drunk and Depressed
2. Kidney Stones
3. Living Hell

The Side Project
4. 20/200
5. Gotta Kill It
6. Giving Up on Love

REVIEW: The Side Project: New Brain

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Having a hard time finding some straight up pop punk, the fast catchy fun stuff you use to know and love? Head on over to Traffic Street Records’s site and pick up The Side Project New Brain EP. Four songs that will restore the faith you had in pop punk that may be fading since the loss of so many great bands in the past few years. The Side Project is like your favorite blanket you can curl up with and feel safe in the knowledge that there’s simple straight forward pop punk songs still being put out. This record gets six thumbs up as soon as I can find out how that’s possible.

1. Get a New Brain
2. That’s What She Said
3. I Don’t Think So
4. Caffeine and Nicotine

Get New Brain from Amazon HERE

2 New Traffic Street Records/Pre-orders

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It looks like Traffic Street Records has a couple new records up for pre-order. One I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever – The Transgressions / The Side Project – Stop Wasting My Time 7″  and  Vacation Bible School / The God Damn Doo Wop Band – Covered 7″.

Expected to be ready to ship sometime between 3/28 and 4/5


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