Tim Barry and Josh Small October Tour

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10/1/2010 Virginia Beach, VA @ Jewish Mother w/ Josh Small

10/2/2010 Roanoke, VA @ Highland Park w/ Josh Small (“En Plein Air” Festival, music from 4 to 6pm)

10/8/2010 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar (Upstairs) w/ Josh Small

10/9/2010 Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st Street Pub w/ Josh Small

10/15/2010 Charlotte, NC @ Milestone w/ Josh Small

10/16/2010 Richmond, VA @ The Camel w/ Josh Small

10/30/2010 Gainesville, FL @ the Fest w/ Josh Small and a million other acts

via Tour: Tim Barry and Josh Small’s October Weekend Dates Start Tonight | Vinyl Collective.

REVIEW: Tim Barry: 28th & Stonewall

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Since putting Avail on the back burner Tim Barry has shifted his attention to country music. He’s put out album after album of great stuff. This is his third full length album and he continues to bring great country music to the masses. “Alt-country” seems to be the new wave of real country music as Nashville seems to be more interested in shitty pop country, and guys like Tim Barry seem to be happy to keep that old spirit alive. While I think this is his third best album out of the three it is by no means bad, he’s just put himself at a high standard already.

‘Thing of the Past’ The intro song, a great tune, exactly what you’d expect from Tim about living simple instead of worrying about everything material.
‘Bozeman’ Things slow way down with this one there’s a full band here but this could easily be an acoustic song and you wouldn’t notice a decline in the quality of the song at all.
‘Gabriel Intro’+’Prosser’s Gabriel’ This one is an acoustic piece about slavery, freedom, war. This one is great.
‘Walk 500 Miles’ Another acoustic song, about loneliness.
‘No BS warm up’ Some random trumpets and such warming up.
‘Will Travel’ Full band, piano, trumpets, everything, this song is sounds like a hobo music party, and that’s a high compliment from this guy.
‘Moving on Blue’ A somber piano song here, this one’s just a damn good song.
‘Downtown VCU’ The tempo picks back up here, this one would fit in perfectly on Tim’s first album. This is my favorite songs on the album, a workin man’s song.
‘Short G’Bye’ A great one about movin on, and trying to do what you can acoustics are a plenty here again.
’11/7′ This song is pretty depressing, but Tim still makes it a great song.
‘With Ease I Leave’ A slow country tune, you’d think the album is winding down to a slow end until…
‘Memento Mori’ The beat picks up here, this one is one of the best songs on the album too, Tim and a guitar with some hints of help from some other instruments in the background, very subtle.
‘Bus Driver’ A fun little song to close it up about callin it quits.

1. Thing of the Past
2. Bozeman
3. Gabriel Intro
4. Prosser’s Gabriel
5. Walk 500 Miles
6. No BS warm up
7. Will Travel
8. Moving on Blue
9. Downtown VCU
10. Short G’Bye
11. 11/7
12. With Ease I Leave
13. Memento Mori
14. Bus Driver

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Weekly Band Profile: Tim Barry

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Name: Tim Barry
From: Richmond, Virginia
Web Site: http://www.timbarryrva.com/
Lifespan(musically): 1990-present
Genre: Folk, Country, alt-country
Best Release: Rivanna Junction
Tim Barry/Frank Turner
Tim Barry    Live at Munford Elementary
Laurel Street Demo
Rivanna Junction
28th & Stonewall
Tim Barry, known to most in the punk rock community from hardcore band Avail. Well after a while Tim stopped doing Avail and started doing his own thing. His own thing it turns out is very very different from his former band. Tim brings his guitar and busts out some country folk tunes for us to enjoy, and he seems like he’s enjoying it as well. He’s got three solid album releases under his belt, a demo you can still get pretty easy a split with Frank Turner and a great live 7″ from an elementary school. If you’re into any of the folk country stuff that seems to be floating around now a days you have to check this guy’s out, it’s some of the best around.

Releases worth getting Jan 26, 2010

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Troma’s War
The Toolbox Murders [Blu-ray]
Bad Biology
Louis Armstrong: Good Evening Ev’rybody
Motorhead: The Early Years:- Live 1982-2002

Tim Barry: 28th & Stonewall
Exodus: Shovel Headed Tour Machine
Venom: At War With Satan (Vinyl)

REVIEW: Tim Barry Live At Munford Elementary

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Tim Barry was awesome enough to play an elementary school not too long ago, the performance was never intended to be released he was just there doing his thing. apparently it was recorded, found it’s way out and around and Suburban Home Records ended up bringing us this 7″ record. Josh Small helps out Tim here with some guitar work, listening to this record really made me smile. The kids in the classroom are on here as much as Tim and everybody really seems like they’re having fun. I wish something close to this cool happened when I was in elementary school. The first is more of a Tim Barry style record, with a kid’s touch, the second side he drops a cover of “This Land Is Your Land” which I haven’t heard is fucking years. This is one of the coolest short live records ever. If Tim Barry ever decides to bring us a live album I hope it’s close to as fun as this one is, he’s a class act (pun intended!), and this record will be in heavy rotation in my turn table.

A1: Hey Lolly
A2: Shouda Oughta (Munford Style)
B: This Land Is Your Land

REVIEW: Tim Barry: Manchester

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timbarry_manchesterYou may know Tim Barry’s band, Avail, his solo stuff sounds NOTHING like that. If you’re seeking out his solo albums searching for some hardcore punk rock, search elsewhere. I like some Avail, but I’m glad Tim Barry started doing some solo stuff and that it sounds like it does. People who search out Tim’s stuff and will enjoy it are country music fans, people who are into Drag the River and Lucero; this is most likely his fan base. This is his second album, third release (his demo is available); Manchester may not be as good as the first album, Rivanna Junction this is still a goddamn good album. He’s got some great songs on here including “South Hill” which is a song about a man who signs up for the army based on false promises by the government that it’ll be a cakewalk and an easy way to provide for his family, however in the end he takes a bullet to the spine and realizes the people back home don’t exactly support the war effort. Out on Suburban Home Records this is a solid country album anyone who’s into the alt-country scene or just some good tunes that’ll have you reaching for the bottle should check this one out.

1. Texas Cops
2. On And On
3. South Hill
4. 5 Twenty 5
5. This November
6. Sagacity Gone
7. Ronnie Song
8. C.R.F. (Retired)
9. Tacoma
10. Tile Work
11. “222”
12. Raised And Grown

Get it from Chunksaah Records HERE

Get Manchester from Amazon HERE


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