Kicking Heroin (original art and stories) by Sam North Kickstarter

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I don’t normally post kickstarters and shit, at least not on the site but fuck it. Sam the guy that was behind Traffic Street Records kicked heroin and started doing art therapy, now he wants to do a book of his art and writings. He’s a good dude and this stuff rules, back it.

REVIEW: Rational Anthem: Bread Line

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Sarasota, Florida’s Rational Anthem is back with some new punk tunes for the world to enjoy, this time it’s a four song EP, their first non-split EP since their self titled a few years back. This is the follow-up to their split with Billy Raygun that came out last year, that split set the bar really fucking high, and was going to be a hard act to follow. I wasn’t sure if Rational Anthem could top what they did on that record, however I was wrong. I’m glad I bought this on CD and record (because I’m a giant Traffic Street Records nerd); because I was able to pop the CD in and listen to it on repeat driving in my car for two or three hours. With an EP that is just under ten minutes you’d think you would get tired of hearing it after that many times over and over, but nope, this doesn’t wear thin in the slightest. I’m not sure how many times I’ve listened to this thing at this point but it’s still just as incredible as it was the first time around. I have everything that this band has put out and they just keep getting better and better, the sound, the song writing, all of it is just some cream of the crop stuff. This very well may be the best EP you’ll hear this year. Rational Anthem makes me want to move to Florida in hopes that I’d be able to see them more than once a year. Out on one of my favorite labels ever, Traffic Street Records!

‘(The Weight of the World is) Shitting On My Shoulders’ This motherfucker will get stuck in my head for days on end, but it’ll be done without any complaint from me. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve listened to this song already. One of the best songs I’ve heard about how shitty life is.
‘Blackout Magic’ This song is almost my new favorite song by the band. There’s not anything I can say that would convey how great this one is, you just have to hear it for yourself. I fully expect them to play this every time I see the band from now on.
‘Idling’ Perfect middle song for this EP, but that doesn’t mean it’s a filler song this can stand on its own legs. The title sums up the song pretty well.
‘Customer Complaints’ The intro reminds me of a Pulley song, but that’s where the similarity ends, it quickly breaks into a Rational Anthem song, one that’s a fucking great bookend for this EP.

1. (The Weight of the World is) Shitting On My Shoulders
2. Blackout Magic
3. Idling
4. Customer Complaints

Get Bread Line from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: The Transgressions/The Credentials Split

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Traffic Street Records has released another split, which means the punk world has something to get excited to listen to. This time it’s for great reason because it’s two of the label’s best bands on one record. First up is really in the top ranks of Traffic Street’s stable, the Transgressions with three songs of what they do, gritty slimy fun pop punk. After that we’ve got Credentials with two songs to follow up their great album that came out earlier this year. Five fucking songs that you’re straight up retarded if you don’t own. Both sides of this record are fucking killer, it’s really hard to say which one is better, but I think the Transgressions might slide in by a dirty hair. Although they do have the advantage of having an extra song. This split is easily one of the top five best things that the label has put out to date.

‘Baby, I Love You (But I Need Someone to Talk to About The Ramones)’ What’s a pop punk band without a song about the Ramones? The sing title is long as fuck, just saying it is about half the time of the song, but that’s ok because even being under a minutes it’s a great pop punk song.
‘Sleazeball’ I think this is my favorite song on the record, about being, well a sleazeball. Being a dirty motherfucker sounds pretty great in song form.
‘I Don’t Even Care Anymore’ A very close second for best song on the record. Fuck it, who cares? I’m just going to listen to this song instead of doing anything.
‘Mark Reznik Takes 30 Guys to Beat Contra’ Despite the title this doesn’t seem to be about Contra at all! But that’s ok because it’s a fucking fast fucking awesome punk rock song.
‘Nametags & Hairnets’ Life’s shitty sometimes, a lot of times but somehow you get through it. Growing into it or just not caring. Another great damn song from these guys, I hope they put out more tunes soon.

1. Baby, I Love You (But I Need Someone to Talk to About The Ramones)
2. Sleazeball
3. I Don’t Even Care Anymore
4. Mark Reznik Takes 30 Guys to Beat Contra
5. Nametags & Hairnets

Get The Transgressions / The Credentials from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: V/A: Dangerous Intersections VII

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There are some compilations that are pretty good, mostly they suck and every once in a while you’ll get one that’s really good. However Traffic Street Records has done something great, they’ve consistently put out a great series of compilations, and the secret may be keeping these to four song, seven inch record installments. I’m not sure what the real secret to this is but I hope they keep it up. Here with the seventh installment of their Dangerous Intersections series is one of the best and maybe even the one I was personally most anticipating. With three of my favorite current pop punk bands on here, it has hit written all over it. I think the Transgressions win this installment with ‘17’, although the second best song is a three way tie. This thing is really too good, if you don’t own it don’t even talk to me. This one is just over seven minutes long so that means it’s a lean mean punk rock record.

’17’ Opening it up is one of my current favorite bands, the Transgressions. I’m always up for more Transgressions songs; this forty five second gem is everything that I could hope for. No one does songs about wasting your life and being lazy like the Transgressions do. Just because you’re a lazy slob doesn’t mean you’re a good for nothing.

‘Flashlight’ Billy Raygun is a great band that just continues to get better; this song continues their incline to being better and better. The longest song on here almost reaching three minutes is a great punk pop song.

‘Heterosexual Lion’ Vacation is a band I’ve only heard a few things from but so far I’m into them, they definitely lean more on the punk side of pop punk than the other bands on here. “I don’t care cause in my head I am a lion” I think the opening line sums it up better than I could.

‘No Spark’ New Creases is one of the best bands on Traffic Street, like the Transgressions I’m always excited to hear something new from them. This song doesn’t disappoint, it’s actually one of the band’s best songs.

  1. The Transgressions – 17
  2. Billy Raygun – Flashlight
  3. Vacation – Heterosexual Lion
  4. New Creases – No Spark

Get Dangerous Intersections VII from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Jonesin': The Dream is Dead

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Traffic Street, Dirt Cult, Muy Autentico, and No Breaks teamed up to put out what should have been Jonesin’s last record. I say should have been because somewhere down the line the band decided not to break up. So what we have here instead of Jonesin’s final 7″ is the band’s debut EP, put out by, yes four labels. Not only four labels but four great ones. Each one has a different variation color of the record so be a nerd and go get ‘em all. As for the contents of the record all four songs are fucking awesome, start to finish this record shreds. I’m really decided the band decided not to break up and not to let this record slip into the never released abyss.

”Lone’ A pretty good thirty second build until the heavy vocals drop in on you. It’s hard to keep punk down dirty and still be catchy, this song pulls it off well.
‘Nothing At All’ Even better than the last song, it’s even got some background whoa-oh’s. Actually, best song on here.
‘Just So You Know’ Slightly slower, like an angry gritty Hot Water Music, without as much duel vocals.
‘(Take Me to the) Antique Roadshow’ Another one sort of reminds me of Hot Water Music, or at least Gainsville, but with more of a punk attude to it.

1. ‘Lone
2. Nothing At All
3. Just So You Know
4. (Take Me to the) Antique Roadshow

Get The Dream is Dead from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Unwelcome Guests: 4 Songs

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Here comes somewhat of an odd release from Unwelcome Guests, odd because it’s a compilation of an unreleased track mixed with three previously released tracks then frankensteined as a digital only four song ep. I’m mostly a fan of this, although if this was on record I’d buy it because I’m a nerd like that, but since it’s not I gladly hand over my money for some mp3s’ from the band. Make sure you head on over to their bandcamp page and do the same, it’s a steal at $3!

‘In This Song’ The first track here is a totally unreleased one. And I think it’s my favorite on here (ok second favorite). It’s got a total Buzzcocks intro guitar type thing going mixed with what reminds me of some Mega City Four lyrics and vocals. Fucking love this song so much.
‘Diddle’ this is from the split the band with Saint Sweetheart, which I’ve reviewed before. Previously I said the song seemed weak but had some charm. Well I’ve given that a giant upgrade, this is a great song. Part of this I think is the new recording, it gives the song a lot of added energy, and in part the song just grew on me more and more.
‘Waiting’ Also from that same split on Traffic Street Records, I loved it then, I still love it. I still think this is my favorite song by the band.
‘Colors of Fall’ Last we’ve got this that previously came way via a Dirt Cult Records mixed tape. This is a remastered version, I can’t speak for the original that I never heard but I really like this song. It busts out the acoustic and is just a damn good tune.

1. In This Song
2. Diddle
3. Waiting
4. Colors of Fall

Get it from Unwelcome Guests HERE

Weekly Band Profile: Rational Anthem

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Name: Rational Anthem
From: Minocqua, WI
Web Site:
Lifespan: 2007-Current
Genre: Punk
Best Release: Rational Anthem/Billy Raygun split
Broadcast to Thousands, Heard By None
Self-Titeld EP
Split with Billy Raygun
Split with Apocalypse Meow
Use Your Delusion: Split with The Strait A’s
Originally from Wisconsin, the band moved to Florida, always a better choice to go where it’s warm. From there they’ve continued to pump out their punk rock jams, successfully combining a midwest and Gainesville sound into something raw and enjoyable. They’ve made their label home at Traffic Street records releasing three splits, a tape and an EP. They’ve also one of those bands that just get better with time, their most recent release is by far their best yet, I’m looking forward to what they do next.

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