Top Music the first half of 2014

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Top 10 Albums – First half of 2014:

1. Rational Anthem: Emotinally Unavaiable
2. BraceFace: BraceFace
3. Candy Hearts: All The Ways You Let Me Down
4. Now People: Love, Sex, Death & the Weather
5. Zero Boys: Monkey
6. Caffiends: S/T
7. Unwelcome Guests: Wavering
8. Johnny Cash: Out Among The Stars
9. Exmortus: Slave to the Sword
10. Banner Pilot: Souvenir
Top 10 EPs – First half of 2014:

1. The Turkletons: Fur Frontal
2. Neighborhood Brats: Total Dementia
3. Beach Slang: Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?
4. Unfun: Shores of Lake Erie
5. The Sci-Fi Nightmares: Hold On To Your Heart
6. Maiden Mars: Goth Through This EP
7. Invitational: Composite
8. Night Birds: Monster Surf
9. Clint Maul: Sow EP
10. Iron Reagan: Spoiled Identity ep

Best split (hasn’t been many yet) – First half of 2014:

1. Trashkanistan/The Quarantines

Top 5 Demos – First half of 2014:

1. Lucifer’s Hammer: Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXIII)
2. The Rushmore Inciodent: Demo 2014
3. Earth Girls: Demo 2014
4. SLEEVES: Sex is Stupid
5. Fucko: Demo

Top 15 Splits of 2011

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I love split records, you get two bands for the price of one. There’s a lot of really great records on this list.


  1. Jetty Boys/Be My Doppelganger
  2. Direct Hit/Tit Patrol
  3. Candy Hearts/Sister Kisser
  4. Billy Raygun/Lipstick Homicide
  5. Spraynard/Sundials
  6. Iron Chic/Pacer
  7. Dopamines/Dear Landlord
  8. The Queers & Killtime
  9. Caffiends/Rock N Roll Television
  10. Prozacs/No Intention
  11. Shang-A-Lang/Rumspringer
  12. The Wild/Run, Forever
  13. Wax Phantom/Criminal Culture
  14. Unwelcome Guests/255’s
  15. Teenage Gluesniffers/Geoff Useless

REVIEW: Unwelcome Guests/Orphan Choir Split

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Salinas Records is here to give us a dose of Unwelcome Guests with an added bonus of Orphan Choir. The two sides of this record just three songs but you get two bands out of it. I know that’s a lot of numbers but it all adds up pretty well. The Unwelcome Guests side is the better side here but they have the unfair advantage of having two songs to Orphan Choir’s one. But don’t sell Orphan Choir short, they bring plenty to the table, if you like either of these bands or melodic punk in general feel safe picking this one up.

‘I Wanna Be Inspired’ Unwelcome Guests give us one of their melodic punk songs here, vaguely reminds me of a slowed down Hot Water Music, without the raspy dual vocals.
‘I Wanna Get Drunk Tonight’ A rock song, about getting drunk. What more do you really want? Sounds like a great idea to me.
‘Burning Ash Again’ The Melodic punk continues with this side, just one song but it fits the record perfectly. A slow heavy song that I’ll be listening to a lot.

1. I Wanna Be Inspired (Unwelcome Guests)
2. I Wanna Get Drunk Tonight (Unwelcome Guests)
3. Burning Ash Again (Orphan Choir)

REVIEW: Unwelcome Guests/Annie Saunders: Colonel Mustard Versus Bluey

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Art of the Underground is here to hook up with a pretty rad split from Unwelcome Guests and Annie Saunders. The Unwelcome Guests side of things is, as always, great. I can’t get enough of listening to them now a days, they do everything great.

‘Stumbling Onto The Truth’ A fucking great pop rock song from the Unwelcome Guests open things up here, this song is so good I’m not sure if it was good to open with, it may be hard to top this.
‘Just Around The Corner’ Well how do you follow up a melodic pop rock song? Unwelcome Guests do it with a fast loud almost country song. This will rock your face all and make you wanna drink whiskey while you pick it up off the floor.
‘Awww Shit’ An acoustic song that rules pretty fucking hard.
‘I Ain’t Marching Anymore’ More acoustic good stuff. This song is a little less rock and a little more folk but still really good.

  1. Stumbling Onto The Truth (Unwelcome Guests)
  2. Just Around The Corner (Unwelcome Guests)
  3. Awww Shit (Annie Saunders)
  4. I Ain’t Marching Anymore (Phil Ochs) (Annie Saunders)

Get Annie Sanders / Unwelcome Guests from Amazon HERE

Top Movies and Music of the first half of 2011


Well June is here, and you know what that means? It’s time for the first half of the year lists. It’s been a fucking great year for music so far in 2011. The top music list I already hate myself for having to knock so many great releases so far down the list but it’s just been stellar release after stellar release. On the movie side of things though it’s been a pretty slow year, so instead of the standard top five for the half I’m only going to do a top three. So let’s go ahead and get this underway!

Top 3 movies – First half of 2011

1. Green Hornet
2. Hangover 2
3. Thor

And the worst movie of the year so far is…

No Strings Attached

Now on to the music, normally I split these into a few posts but because it was a short movie list I’m just cramming everything here. If you didn’t make the list, fear not, there’s still half a year for things to get moved and you’re probably on the list somewhere anyway (if it’s good). I’m also splitting things up a little different this year so there’s actually more lists, you’ll see.

Top 10 albums – First half of 2011

1. Motorhead: The World Is Yours
2. Deep Sleep: Turn Me Off
3. Sundials: Never Settle
4. Raphael Saadiq: Stone Rollin’
5. Rendondo Beat: Meet Rendondo Beat
6. Power Quest: Blood Alliance
7. Mind Spiders: Mind Spiders
8. The Underground Railroad to Candyland: Knows Your Sins
9. The Dwarves: Are Born Again
10. Spraynard: Funtitled

Top 10 EP’s – First half of 2011

1. Rational Anthem: Bread Line
2. Night Birds: Midnight Movies
3. The Fucking Cops: Fuck You Up With Some Truth
4. Cell Mates: Shoulda Kept That Quarter!
5. The Slow Death: Turnstile Comix #1
6. Chixdiggit!: Safeways Here We Come
7. Teenage Bottlerocket: Mutilate Me
8. The Typos: The Typos
9. The Zits: Summer Pop Dreams EP
10. Clint Maul: Great Dividing EP

Top 5 splits – First half of 2011

1. Direct Hit/Tit Patrol
2. Dopamines/Dear Landlord
3. The Queers & Killtime
4. Wax Phantom/Criminal Culture
5. Unwelcome Guests/255’s

Top 3 Singles – First half of 2011

1. Mikey Erg: Heart Shaped 12″
2. Brain F: So Dim
3. Big Eyes: Why Can’t I

And I’ll just throw this in for now since there hasn’t been too many demo’s I’ve come across this year (less than 5!!), I hope the second half picks up on this front.

The best Demo of the year so far:

The Masked Intruder: Demo

REVIEW: Unwelcome Guests/255’s – split

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Kiss of Death Records puts out yet another great record. A split with a band that I really like and one I’ve never heard of. A three song split is a little weird and uneven, but that’s ok, I’ll take any new Unwelcome Guests tunes any way I can get them.  Turns out this is a great record all the way around, the Unwelcome Guests songs are up to snuff, and by that I mean they’re really great, this band is just too good. And the song by The 255’s is really good; it kind of surprised me how good it is actually. If you’re a fan of pop punk, indie rock, brit pop, Samiam, Superchunk, Mega City Four, Weakerthans or any of that type of stuff you should be picking this one up.

‘Just The One’ This song reminds me of the bands ‘The Painter EP’, which rules because that record is fucking awesome. Needless to say this song is too, another quality indie punk rock song from this band.
‘Patience’ A high energy pop rock song that rules almost as much as the first song
‘Caffeine’ I’d never heard of The 255’s before this, I enjoyed the hell out of this song. A lot the same style of the Unwelcome Guests, which makes this a great split. This song is catchy, a little poppy, almost like a good brit pop song. Which makes since because I believe they are from over there, or so I think I heard. You can be assured I went on a hunt for more 255’s after hearing this.

Unwelcome Guests
1. Just The One
2. Patience

The 255’s
1. Caffeine

Weekly Label Profile: Salinas Records

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Name: Salinas Records
Lifespan: 2003-Curent
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Thousandaires, Delay, The Measure [sa], Unwelcome Guests, Potboiler, The Ergs!, One Reason, North Lincoln
Salinas Records is a punk record label that’s been around for a little while. When I say punk label I don’t mean you can buy the newest Casualties album from them, but instead you’ll find something much better. They go more the indie/pop punk route of things, just over twenty five releases and most of them are pretty damn quality. They do a fair amount of splits along with EP’s as well as some full lengths, one way or another you’ll get your money’s worth out of them. If you’ve got a record in your hand you haven’t heard before and see the Salinas name on it, there’s a fair chance that you’re getting something good out of it.

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