REVIEW: The Brokedowns / Vacation Bible School

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CoverThe Brokedowns have always been a band that’s super hit or miss for me. This record, not surprisingly is much the same. The first song on their side ‘This Future Sucks’ I don’t care for at all, not even a little. But then the band comes back with the great song ‘Sean, Bless This Shit’ and totally redeems themselves. Luckily this time around they come out on top of things because the song they close their side out with ‘The Same Mistakes Endlessly Repeated (On Repeat)’ is also awesome. A good job by the Brokedowns this time out. Vacation Bible School is a band I’ve loved from the first time I heard them back a few years ago when they did a split with The God Damn Doo Wop Band on Traffic Street Records. I don’t think this band has put out a release or a song that I haven’t liked. They continue that streak by starting off with ‘All To Blame’ a great fast song that’s a really good opener. But the shining star on this entire record comes next with ‘Middle Son(g)’ this song is just fucking incredible, holy shit its good. I’d put this among some of the band’s best songs. Closing out they’ve got ‘Left Behind (The Kirk Cameron Story)’ another great fast song. It’s catchy as hell and the perfect way to end a record like this. If you haven’t bought this record yet head on over to It’s Alive Records and scoop up a copy.

The Brokedowns
1. This Future Sucks
2. Sean, Bless This Shit
3. The Same Mistakes Endlessly Repeated (On Repeat)

Vacation Bible School
4. All To Blame
5. Middle Son(g)
6. Left Behind (The Kirk Cameron Story)

Get it from It’s Alive Records HERE

Top Music of the first half of 2010

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June June June, half way through the year. So where do we stand music wise? There’s already been a ton of good stuff come out this year so we’ve already got two top ten lists here.

Top 10 albums – First half of 2010

Notes I feel should be mentioned but no one cares about:
Tim Barry barely
got knocked off the end by Clint Maul.
Rumspringer and The Dopamines were tied for 2nd for a long time, I almost gave them both 2nd. The tie was broken by listening to both albums back to back 5 times.

1. Leatherface: The Stormy Petrel
2. Rumspringer: Empty Towers
3. The Dopamines: Expect The Worst
4. The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton
5. The Hextalls: Get Smashed
6. Ken Yokoyama: Four
7. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: I Learned the Hard Way
8. Louis Logic: Me and Everyone You Know
9. Tit Patrol: Hate Speech
10. Clint Maul: Know You Know

Top 10 splits, EP’s, Singles and Demos – First half of 2010

1. The Transgressions/The Side Project: Stop Wasting My Time
2. The Zits: Electrified! EP
3. Like Bats: Look on the Bright Side
4. The Ergs!: Thrash Compactor
5. The Slow Death: S/T EP
6. House Boat: Processing Complaints
7. The God Damn Doo Wop Band/Vacation Bible School: Covered
8.  New Creases: About Last Night
9. Mean Jeans: Tears In My Beers
10. Cell Mates: Demo

Weekly Band Profile: Republican Dick Army

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Name: Republican Dick Army
From: MSN, CHI, MPLS United States
Web Site: Myspace Facebook
Lifespan: 2010-Current
Members: John, Ben, Kat, Andy
Genre: Punk
They haven’t been around long, hell I’m pretty sure they don’t even have anything actually out yet, but I’m already a fan. Consisting of members of The Transgressions, Vacation Bible School and The Strait A’s you can probably guess this is a combination to make something great. And that’s exactly what it seems like they’re going to be, fucking goddamn great. Gritty maybe depressing but always good punk about booze, drugs, girls and pizza…basically the only good things in life. Until they get something out you can head over to myspace and listen to some fucked up songs, do it. Now.

REVIEW: Vacation Bible School/The God Damn Doo Wop Band: Covered

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Traffic Street Records brings us another great split. This time from Vacation Bible School and The God Damn Doo Wop Band. Two bands that sound pretty different but fit pretty well together. The ONLY thing I don’t like about this record is the layout. I hate when a split record alternates bands, drives me nuts. But that’s only a minor complaint. I imagine this is because both bands cover one of the other’s song and both have one original song. This is my introduction to both bands so I apologize in advance for not having a comparison point for the covers.

‘The Swarming’ Great song here, my favorite song by Vacation Bible School on the record, catchy as fuck, kind of a ‘classic’ pop punk sound.
‘Menage a Prom’ Such a classic doo wop sound, as it says in the band name. Don’t let you’re girl see you dancing with another.
‘You’ll Always Be My Girl’ This one has a slightly different tempo than their previous song, and a totally great song, it’s already stuck in my head. It’s got some Whoa oh’s, and it’s about not giving up the girl. A recipe for an excellent song.
‘Leaving Town’ The slowest song on the record, also my favorite song.

1. Vacation Bible School – The Swarming
2. The God Damn Doo Wop Band – Menage a Prom
3. Vacation Bible School – You’ll Always Be My Girl (Vacation Bible School cover)
4. The God Damn Doo Wop Band – Leaving Town (The God Damn Doo Wop Band cover)

2 New Traffic Street Records/Pre-orders

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It looks like Traffic Street Records has a couple new records up for pre-order. One I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever – The Transgressions / The Side Project – Stop Wasting My Time 7″  and  Vacation Bible School / The God Damn Doo Wop Band – Covered 7″.

Expected to be ready to ship sometime between 3/28 and 4/5


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