REVIEW: I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed: Reworking the Body Politic from the Bottom up

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jesseventuraDespite what people might think this book might be, or even think about Jesse Ventura personally, this is a great book. Jesse the Body Ventura makes good use of these pages half biography half political book half wrestling book (yes I know that’s three halfs), and all great. Political wise, it’s a pretty interesting read, Jesse has a lot of ideas, whether you think they’re good or bad ones he outlines them here, and in a way you can hang with and don’t just lose interest because he’s talking politics. Besides that Jesse talks about everything from his personal life to getting into and out of the wrestling business and making movies. Where else but in this book are you going to hear about Navy Seal training, hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, being in a motor cycle gang, wanting to be “Superstar” Billy Graham, getting a hooker to pay for sex with you, becoming governor and having Hulk Hogan rat you out in your plans to unionize the wrestling business? No where. This book really has it all. Weather you like or hate Jesse Ventura this book is bound to have something for you. I highly recommend reading this one, it’s a good time all around. The former Governor, ex-wrestler, actor filled 304 pages, this is the only one of his books that I’ve read but I’m more than ready and willing to check out some of the many others he’s written.

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REVIEW: The Wrestler

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wrestlerSo this year we got to see what everybody calls Mickey Rourke’s big comeback with the Wrestler. Initially you’d think this would just get seen by wrestling fans, and maybe like the die hard Rourke fan. But instead it seems like everyone has seen this movie and the general feeling is they like it, a lot. Rourke who we haven’t seen more or less sense Marv was throwing cops around in Sin City is back this time donning some wrestling tights and flying through the air to drop ‘The Ram Jam’. Penned by Robert Siegel who hasn’t really written anything except ‘The Onion Movie’ and directed by Darren Aronofsky who’s given us stuff like ‘Requiem for a Dream’ and ‘Pi’. We’ve got Mickey Rourke as Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson a super star wrestler from the 80’s now trying to make it by wrestling in the indie feds of today. (the movie features CZW (blah) and the great Ring of Honor for some of the wrestling scenes). He’s not quite as young as he use to be and seems to taken the way as some of the guys allegedly do today by downing various drugs to keep going and stay in shape. All this leads to a near fatal heart attack which forces him to seemly give up wrestling. During his endeavor back to normal life he’s trying to get a relationship going with Cassidy/Pam, a local stripper who he appears to be friends with (played by the still sexy Marisa Tomei). Getting shot down by her multiple times he also tries to fix a crumbling relationship with his daughter Stephanie (a delicious looking Evan Rachel Wood fills this role quite well), who apparently hates him. Neither of these appears to be going too well, he gets a tough time in his neighborhood too being locked out of his own mansion of a trailer and having the local neighborhood kids blowing him off to play Call of Duty 4 instead of hanging out with The Ram. Randy finally gets fed up with this lack luster norm life and decides to throw medical caution to the wind and climb back into the ring to being fans his 20th anniversary rematch with his rival of the 80’s The Ayatollah (Ernest Miller). This movie has been getting a ton of praise from just about everyone, which really kind of surprises me because it can be pretty slow praise in places. And now a days with ADD spread through the land like free weed some people can’t stand to have a movie slow down for more than five seconds. Regardless I liked this film a lot, I caution to call it overrated because I really really liked it but it’s getting a lot of acclaim right now. I’d say you should check this out if you get a chance but try not to overhype yourself. It’s definitely worth your time. Seems this might be getting easier to see soon too as it appears the DVD release is coming up in April. Oh yeah and not only does this movie have Todd Barry in it as a great surprise if wrestling fans keep their eyes open they’ll see a few familiar faces too.

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